Friday, July 11, 2008

Sally Jane tonight at the pool

Too Much Pink

Is it possible to have too much good in your life? I have felt just a rush of goodness come my way recently and the crazy thing is it seems like there is so much that I don't even have the time to write about it all. I am hesitant to even say that because I am afraid I will jinx it and a tree will fall on me or something tomorrow.

The good things are simple not grandiose.
  • The weather has been incredible and not humid and even cooler at night
  • my nails are getting longer and stronger every day and I still can't believe I have not taken a nibble on them for a year and a half.
  • my pink hydrangea's are just growing leaps and bounds more than last year
  • my kids get to go swimming twice a day and it takes us 45 seconds to get to the pool
  • the blessings of this incredible swim team
  • the amazing feelings I had about girls camp are still rushing through me
  • I have been able to see so much of Jeff recently and am almost forgetting our resident life (can't believe i am saying that)
  • finally having a computer where I can make slide shows to music in a jiffy (i have waited so long to do that)
  • I can afford groceries, utilities and have great health insurance
  • I get to speak in church on Sunday - how weird is that to be excited for, but I have done some great soul searching in preparing for the talk
  • I have an awesome Chaco tan on my feet (even my brother Adam would be jealous)
It is a weird thing I said to someone recently but I almost feel guilty for all the good in my life, almost like it should be going to someone else. I have found myself trying to diminish the exciting and good in my life on my blog because I don't want to make anyone feel bad. But then I think what will I do when everything is not so pink and I will have wished I wrote it all down?
So I hope I can muster up the guts to just write it all down and not worry about holding back.

I got one of my favorite emails of the year today and have to share a bit of it, although it seems mighty braggy, it really meant a lot to me. I have always tried to love most of the things around me and this really made my day! (i hope my friend forgives me for putting on my blog)

" My husband and I were discussing where the perfect place was to raise a family would be and after talking about several places He said "You know, there is a job in DC and after reading about where Kristi lives with the swim teams and all the fun community stuff, It sounds like a great place to live". I thought about it and said, you know Kristi could move to Tijuana Mexico and after a year of reading her blog we would be saying "maybe we should move to Mexico... the great food, culture, there is so much to see and do there..." Then He said "good point" Your positive perspective is definitely one of your blessings/ talents and one of the reasons I love you!

Don't worry I have plenty of not so pink things in my life and if it makes anyone feel better here are some of them.

  • I am signed up to run a marathon in 2 1/2 months and I am acting like I am not
  • I deleted some photos from me in NYC because I didn't like the way I looked in them
  • I have crumbs in between the cushions of my couch and it doesn't really bother me
  • After being in NYC I wish I had way more style and wonder why it doesn't bother me to not do my hair or wear makeup
  • I seem to have missed every major event in my families life for the past month and have a pile of things to send to them
  • I drank a diet coke at girls camp and have fallen off the wagon and pick one up anytime i have the chance (kidney stone here I come!)
  • I have the hardest time feeling like I can put myself first and really want to fix that part of me
  • I feel like most my friends (and who am I kidding family too) think I am a flaky
  • I am not getting enough sleep
  • Something really sad happened to me in the past few weeks that I won't write about but trust me it is sad.
So like I have said before not Everything is always Pink - but I just love focusing on the good stuff it is so much more fun!

I am off to bed to change the not getting enough sleep and hope to find some quality time to document all the good in my life and get over the not so pink stuff.

Do you ever hold back good on your blog or in your journal?
Have you had times in your life where it has been extra pink?
Is there something to be said for looking for the positive in your own life?


thetramfam said...
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thetramfam said...

You're the best Kristi! I am so glad to have you as my sister-in-law. I love your positive pink attitude. I have TONS of flaws...just ask my kids. I love you!

Jennalee said...

I love your pink-ness, I've seen a few blogs lately adding 'pink' to their blogs..."three happy things" at the top of the blog...and others like it...this is a great way to go! we all have the non-pinkness, but "be of good cheer" isn't a request as far as I know...

Kristy said...

You can never have too much pink in your life!!! Enjoy the times with too much pink because you know the blue ones will come too! I love to read your brightens my day/night!

I don't blog about a lot of things for various reasons....I am really careful of what I say due to something that happened a few months ago. I guess I don't want to go there again. Have a super weekend.

Someday the blogger moms will be showing up on your doorstep for a vacation!!!

Ashley said...

Great post, you made me happy just reading it. Your friend's email was so true. I live in the bay area now and I'm always thinking "Kristi would be treking off to see Alcatraz" or something while I am home doing laundry or watching tv. Your life is fun for the rest of us to read about and I'm glad it's extra pink these days!

Linda said...

Thank you for this entry Kristi. I was feeling "blue" because I saw a photo of myself last night and I looked so fat that I changed my mind about going to my family renuion today as planned and I was going to call my friend and cancel our planned get together on Monday. All because I don't like the way I look. Thank God I read your blog this morning. You have really lifted me into the "Pink" as usual. Linda

Jessica said...

i am feeling the exact same way about life right now. and that worry of what other people may think is what has held me back from blogging for the last month and half since we've moved! thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. perhaps i just might blog this weekend...

tootie said...

I love when you talk about the good things in your life! It is uplifting and inspiring, so don't hold back!

I can relate to how you feel, though. I sometimes think - how did I get this lucky? But thankfully we have a God who blesses us in abundance!

Keep up with the marathon training! You are a huge reason that I decided to train for mine :) I did 12 miles yesterday - my longest run EVER! :)

patsy said...

Kristi~ I love your pink attitude!

If it makes you feel any better... I have had FIVE kidney stones & diet coke had nothing to do with it. Mine were all pregnancy related- I didn't drink diet coke then I do now & haven't had one.
My sisters have had them too- all pregnancy related. just drink water too.

Okay- I LOVE to hear about the good things in yours/others lives!! That email was RIGHT ON- you're an inspiration & I can't wait to hear how great your talk goes tomorrow. :)

Sharon C. said...

A pink attitude is good --beats the heck out of feeling blue!! I enjoyed your post and if I could type with two hands would do a "Pink" list -- for now I will make "Pink" notes in my head. Love you!!

Marnie said...

I found your blog through a friends blog and I think seeing the good in life is the only way to get through it. We just recently moved to a new state, and after reading your advice on moving it has really helped. Thanks for your positive attitude.

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

I love your blog. Do you get tired of hearing that?
I think its difficult to find a balance with my posts sometimes. I make life sound so good here in Costa Rica (and it is beautiful!) then I hit my friends and family with a "complaint" post. I don{t think they know what hit them. I guess it cant all be perfect! :]
Good luck with your talk.

Jill said...

I wish you didn't feel like you had to apologize for being happy and having good things in your life. We all experience our fair share of highs and lows and it's a blessing to everyone if we document both. I'm glad things are so pink for you right now!! What a blessing. That email you shared is wonderful. Receiving a compliment like that via email or good mail is such a boost, I wish everyone would take the time to write those things down and send them to each other. We'd all feel much pinker!

Natasha said...

There is alot to be said about looking for the positive in your life. Living like that and being thankful for what I had is one thing that got me through an unexpected divorce in my 20's, with an infant and a 3 year old to care for. Otherwise, I would've fallen apart!

Thanks for sharing the pink and the not-so-pink!

Lauralee said...

loved your post... thanks for sharing.. life isn't always "pink" so we just have to enjoy it while it is!

that pink hydrangea is beautiful! I Love the color! I just planted a pink and white one, and I love the blueish/ purplish ones too.. LOVE those flowers!

Missy :o) said...

You are a great example to many of how to look at all the good around us and not focus on the bad all the time. I love blogging and reading all the good things people have to say. And thank you for being honest enough to also admit that life ain't perfect either. And I don't think you are bragging, if something makes you feel good, then your true friends will know you are not bragging and will most likely agree with it. I don't even know you, but I totally understood what she was saying in that email. :o)

Julia said...

Kristi, I loved this post and your honesty. I sometimes look at my life and think that I could brag about so much, or I could whine and make people feel really sorry for me. So much is how you look at it, but where is the balance between counting our blessings and trying to improve ourselves? You have found it! I love reading your blog because you are so positive, but honest about not being perfect.

I loved it.

I also remember a long phone conversation we had over a year ago. I really appreciate your insight and honesty. I think about it all the time when things get rough, or when I wonder why I got so lucky.

You are awesome, and I appreciate that you are willing to blog about it all!

sweetfunkyvintage said...

Don't hold back the pink! Please feel free to relish the goodness of God's grace (as we all should!!) and know that you are blessing others and encouraging all of us to see the pink that is right in front of us!
Love, love, love the slideshows!!

Shauna said...

Yes, I hold back constantly in life, my blog, etc. I am always dimming my light for the comfort of others. It has been on my mind A LOT lately.
I have been trying to figure out the balance between using my gifts and talents and not making others feel inadequate or envious (that does not sound right, but I hope you know what I mean)
I love to serve and give while doing it the very best I can, sometimes when I shine too brightly, others try to pull me back.
President Monson recently spoke about not dimming our lights for the comfort of others.

Talk about the good, do good, and dont' be afraid to be PINK!!!! You are not bragging. You are blessed and many others are blessed through you!
I will try take my own advice.
Thank you for your Pinkness!

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

Hey Kristi~

I love all the pink. It was a much needed reminder of all the fabulous things to be thankful for.... which I was in need of more this week then possibly ever before in my life. So which race are you doing? Could it be St. George? :) If so I would love to know cause I am heading that way too and like you I seem to be kind of putting off my real training!

Barb said...

Oh, please I totally edit/censor my own blog for content, but I think that it is mostly good that I write my journal for someone to read because then when my great grandchildren read it, I can trust that I wrote what I want to share.

Rachel said...

I just read a great money book recently and one of my favorite quotes in it is something along the lines of, "You become an automatic CRAP MAGNET when you are complaining all the time." How great is that? So, I think you've got this whole thing figured out! I know I need to be better at this. The more we focus on the good (every one has sad and bad stuff) the more god will come to you! :)

Sorry about the really sad thing.

Claudissima said...

oh Kristi being older than you I can honestly say that you should never hold back, even the thought of ddoing so, does a deservice to everyone. I think most of the people that come to your blog feel inspired to do go forth and continue. I am sure all of us have downs, my life has been pretty gray for a while, I just think it is better to be positive than not, although i am struggling in this deparment but I tend to choose and want to choose postiive things, they make you have faith and look forward. So chin up my dear friend and continue to be you! as pink as you can get! the pinker the better, and don't forget that we know that we all go through a lot of the same things. I do have crumbs in my sofa, but i sweep every day, and somehow these two little rascals I have continue to make me!

*MILLY* said...

you can NEVER have too much pink in your life!! I have pink hair and love it. Pink is a happy, spunky, feminine color. Everyone should have some pink in their life!