Friday, July 25, 2008

Shopping... yuck!

This past week I feel like I have been trying to get not only a few things ready for our trip but also get a few things for school so I don't want to do any of that last minute school shopping (ha-i crack myself up - last minute it is 10:30 pm we still don't know when we are leaving and the suitcases are not fully packed)
I have decided I don't really enjoy shopping (for new items that is, I could spend all day in a junk store) I have to almost force myself to go to a mall.
This past week I went to get a iphone from the Mac store. My 1980's phone needs an update.
When I went to the mall this was the scene out front. Lawn chairs everywhere.
Then even further down more and more people. I walked into the store and asked the lady what was going on. She explained that if I got in line I would get a phone that day but it would be a 9 hour wait. She looked at my kids and the stroller and said,"just order one from the at&t store" No kidding! When I asked the 3 guys in the front of the line how long they had been there they explained they had been waiting since 7:00 am - it was noon.
I want a new phone but not that bad. I will wait till the rush slows down.
We went to Target to do the fun school supply shopping. Annie Kate has been looking everywhere for Foohy erasers. It is all the rage at her school and we have been looking everywhere for them. Has anyone heard of such a thing? I think I will just have to order them online.We happened upon the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - all of my kids were wearing shoes almost two sizes too small. So, we tried on over a dozen pair of shoes to find shoes for school and our trip. HUGE sale and I am glad I found it.
They all got a pair of Keens and guess who got yellow?
Yep you guess it!
The same day we went to the mall in Virginia, we also went to the border of Pennsylvania to pick up boxes of blueberries. Someone at my church had recommended this place that have yummy and inexpensive blueberries. And they sure were. The kids were troopers in the car (lots of driving that day)

It was down a small farm town road an hour away. In the families garage were boxes of these amazing blueberries. 20lbs for $36. You had to reserve them and if your name was not on the list you did not get a box. The family also had two tables of baked goods. Lemon bars, snickerdoodles, Shoo fly pie and mini whoopee pies.
Oh my I knew I needed to buy one of everything. Everything was like $1.25 for half a dozen. The family were Mennonites and I know anything they make is amazing. We opted for the Whoopee pies and sat under a tree to indulge. I also bought a Shoo fly pie, because how can you not buy a Shoo fly pie. I have never had one, I have never seen one for sale and it was just to fun to add to our list that we got blueberries and a shoo fly pie. (4 days later the pie still sits on my counter and I have not tried it)

I had finally found my small camera after weeks of it hiding in the drawer I left it in. So it is easier to carry around and take a Self Portrait to remember the crazy day of shopping. Poor Sally Jane was not up for a photo!

Do you buy the prepackaged school supplies or
do you enjoy filling your cart from the school list?

How long would you wait in line for a cell phone?

Have you heard of Foohy Erasers?
(i guess the monkey ones are the ones the kids love)

What would you do with 20 lbs of blueberries?

Have you ever eaten a Shoo fly pie?
Do you want mine sitting on my counter?


dani said...

Well Kristi, I was planning on calling you tonight or tomorrow to ask your advice on something, but looks like you've got your hands way full & a long to do list before your trip! Let's talk soon though! Jealous of your Nordstrom finds! & i've never had a shoo fly pie either.

Autumn said...


I wouldn't have waited in that line either! I dread going to the cell phone store! I don't like shopping much either and I used to love it! I've never had shoo fly pie but you are going to have to try it so you can let the rest of us know how it was!

I love to school supply shop though but i haven't seen those erasers! My oldest dd would love them i'm sure! Is AK going into the 5th grade? I think I remember my daughter being the same age as her!

have a great trip!

momof3crazykids-Val said...

No, I don't buy the prepackaged school supplies. I always seem to think I can get a better deal and I actually love to buy that kind of stuff. No go on the standing in line for an iPhone either. Yikes. My husband just ordered his the other day because none of the stores around here are getting them fast enough. He said I will have to wait until next month for mine. If you do get one post about it. I have a blackberry and love it, but I take what the husband buys since his company pays for it.

Melinda said...

Oh, I need to hit nordstroms for the keens!! I love those. Jason has had a pain now for 4 years and they still look brand new. THey are perfect for hiking or anything. Score for you! No phone is worth that wait!

Jill said...

Um, I would NOT wait in line for a cell phone!

I have never had shoe fly pie and don't even know what it is.

I have no idea what I'd do with that many blueberries, I certainly don't have enough freezer space to preserve them.

I love buying school supplies!

Missy :o) said...

Hey, was that Tyson's Mall?? I used to work there in high school at a Hallmark store! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Mrs. Organic said...

The Walmart near us carries the monkey ones.

stacy{s} said...

Its tough call {no pun intended}....i LOVE my iphone almost enough to stand in line for it. {just not with 3 kids-haha} love the shoes too. good luck with it all!!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I'd love a new iPhone , but we don't get the service here ..wahhhh!

We have already finished our school supply shopping. Friends kiddos went back to school 2 weeks ago in Wilmington so we shopped with them..I LOVE NEW CRAYONS!! AND NOTEBOOKS!!

Not sure what kind of erasers that is though.

Blueberry muffins made by Mema .. YUMMY!


Mary Elizabeth said...

OH YEAH . we have a lady who meets us at our house when we get new cell phones ... SERIOUSLY!!!! She hooks us up!!!

patsy said...

I buy 20lbs of blueberries every summer!!! I freeze them on cookie sheets then transfer them 4 cups at a time into freezer bags- then make the world's best blueberry
and PIES all winter long...
they are amazing & worth all the trouble & freezer space. YUMMM
being so far away from a blueberry farm I have to wait until the or in season & buy them all at costco- so sad to be so far from a blueberry farm-
blueberries are so good for you- it doesn't matter if you're eating them with sugar & piecrust right?

I love school supplies!
happy trip!! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

Liz said...

I've never bought prepackaged supplies, although I was tempted this year, as our school was doing a pre-order at the end of the year for the new year. But I didn't, because I like to shop for that stuff and so do my girls!

I would definitely NOT wait in a line like that for a cell phone. There is nothing I would want that badly!

I have never heard of those erasers, but good luck finding them!

I would make blueberry pie, blueberry jam, blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, blueberry sauce for cheesecake, etc. I love blueberries!!!

I have never had a shoo fly pie, but I would try it!

Shauna said...

No way would I wait in that line!
Yes, My daughter loves Foohy erasers. I think we got them at Wal Mart.
Happy Travels!

Traci said...

I have had shoo fly pie. You can't visit or live in PA without trying it. so hopefully you finally did. Ok I will admit, it's notmy favorite pie, but worth a try.
My tykes and I hope to be picking blueberries this coming week. We freeze them as well. Like everyone has said great for pancakes, muffins, fresh, frozen, and in smoothies!
So enjoy yours!!!

Marla said...

I have never bought prepackaged school supplies...but hey, we are still in the preschool days...but I love shopping for that stuff!

I am not quite on the iphone bandwagon would have to be a die hard to wait in that kind of line!

I have never heard of Foohy erasers, but now I am curious!

I cannot even imagine 20lbs of berries...but what a wonderful farm...whoopi pies sound so yummy. I have never had a shoo fly pie, but I would have bought one too!

Have a wonderful trip!

michelle said...

No way in the world I would be waiting in that line for a phone! Are you really getting an iPhone?

I haven't had shoo fly pie, but I'm definitely intrigued. I love shopping. The only thing holding me back is the funding! I've never even seen pre-packaged school supplies. I loved seeing SJ with her yellow Keens. too cute.

After reading Patsy's comment about your blueberries, I want some too!

bradcarrie said...

We got the erasers yesterday at Walmart of course I live in Indiana so i have no idea if they have them where you live. My son picked them out, I had no idea they are so popular.

sweetfunkyvintage said...

I love buying school supplies. I could never just do the pre-packaged thing.
I would never wait in line for a cellphone either, I would just order one.
I got a great deal on blueberries last week and got more than we could eat, so the girls and I made blueberry turnovers! They were great and it was such a fun activity. I am going to go blog about it right now.
I have no idea what is even in a shoofly pie!!

Juli said...

What is a shoo fly pie?!