Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blogging Recipe

I get asked all the time when people find out that I have a blog,
"how do you have the time to blog?"

It is usually followed by comments like, what a waste of time & why do you want everyone to know about your life. I never intended to set out to tell everyone about my life. It just kind of happened.
Tonight when I was putting the kids to bed a flood of posts and blogging memories came rushing to me and I thought this may be a good way to provide a recipe of why and how I blog.
I don't recommend doing all of the 18 steps if you don't have to

18 steps to start a blog
  1. get a Christmas card from a friend from the dorms in college (which at the time was 16 years later) and call her, have a great time talking to her, remember that time of your life and be grateful you are friends.
  2. find out that she has just started a blog and have her walk you through the steps of how to set it up, because you never think you will be able to figure it out.
  3. have your husband work 2 1/2 full time jobs, every major holiday and weekends so that you have many lonely free nights of no one to talk to.
  4. have a million ideas run though your head at all times and never be able to sleep because you wish you could just sit and sew all night long - then realize blogging helps get rid of the ideas and new ones come
  5. have 2 kids 17 months apart and then kind of freak out and think, "what have I done" so you start reading other mom blogs and realize you are not the only one going crazy
  6. live in New Orleans and make lots of friends, move away from them, miss them, get them to all start blogs so you can keep in touch.
  7. suffer from depression and think having a blog called Everything Pink will help you get up every morning and look at life as a wonderful thing
  8. prepare to move away from a place that you have lived for 6 years and absolutely love
  9. move from that place and cry your heart out
  10. move into a new town that costs twice as much money to live in and overwhelms you with all the traffic.
  11. take awhile to make friends and feel lonely and even sometimes sorry for yourself.
  12. make sure you don't get invited to birthday parties, baby showers and wedding receptions that everyone else is going to so you have lots of time to create and sew and then blog about it.
  13. make up for 10 years of your husband being busy with school and now you get to see him every single night, go on vacation as a family and spend all of Christmas day together.
  14. remember the time when you had a sewing business to help your husband through school and how you were desperate to sell anything that anyone would buy to make money. let those memories motivate you to brag about all the amazing creative women out there and promote their business on your blog
  15. decide to do something really daring that you thought you could never do and keep it a secret just because you think it will be so fun to share it on your blog if you do all 26.2 miles of it
  16. serve in your church and have it really touch your life to the point that you can't imagine keeping all these amazing experiences inside and feel like you have to shout them from the rooftops.
  17. miss your college friends so bad you that it motivates you to make your first girlfriend trip cross country to see them.
  18. have a great time. remember that wonderful time of your life and be grateful you are friends.
That's it. My simple recipe of why and how I blog


michelle said...

What a great recipe, Kristi! One that I don't think anyone can really duplicate, you and your blog are definitely one of a kind.

(I am SO glad you made that girlfriend trip!!)

Kim Sue said...

that is what I love about blogging - everyone has a story. some things that are familiar to you so you don't feel alone and some things that are different so you can discover and learn from them. great "recipe".

lelly said...

this is one of those journaling posts that you will be so glad you have!

Elisa said...

Blogging is certainly a journey of discovery isn't it? My motives for blogging have changed over the years.

I get the same comments about time from some non-bloggers. But...everything we choose to do takes time away from something else. People who blog get enough out of it to invest the time. I figure, if I am not going to scrapbook (which I am not) or write in a journal (which I am not) blogging is the best thing going!

Ashley said...

And look at how many your recipe serves!

Just K said...

You are a blogging hero! Don't listen to anyone that tells you this is a waste of time because you have influenced more people than you will know. It brightens my day to read your blog. Thank you.

Jenmomof4 said...

I love your 18 ways to blog! I am so glad you started blogging and that you left that comment on my blog so long ago and that I found Everything Pink.

Shauna said...

Great recipe! I have been asked those same questions recently. I love the way you answered!
I am so happy YOU blog!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing .... you are MY motivation!!! I find great inspiration from you and other great blogs like yours to reach out and try new things ... I don't know what I would do without it!!!

For instance .... I LOVE all the stuff about swim team with your girls .... so much ... Madison has joined one this year and LOVES it and begs to go to practice. THANKS!!!

Keep blogging ... I check everyday to see what's new!!

Amanda L. said...

Well written, and a great recipe to sum up your blogging journey.

So glad we can experience your achievements, ideas, etc. with you.

Thanks for letting us come along!

tootie said...

Great post! I'm so happy that you blog. Think of how many people you have inspired along the way! Keep blogging :)

Jennalee said...

and I'm so glad you do! I'll have to mark this as one of my favorite recipes :) thanks for sharing!!

Jill said...

I love your recipe for blogging and think all the ingredients are wonderful.

It bugs me that people can be so rude about blogging and question your time to do it...what in the world? Is there a time police monitoring everything THEY do during the day? Good grief.

Liz said...

Love the recipe! THat about sums it up, don't you think? It really makes you appreciate what you have!

The Pagleys said...

Everybody else's comments say what I would want to say. You have a gift and how can anyone think that you are wasting time by blogging! I dare say you would be wasting your talent if you DIDN'T blog. You reach everyone who finds you out there in blogland. And what an example you are to girls (think queen bees and wannabees) and what we should be: warm, compassionate, funny, caring and amazing. Love your blog and my world would be a little dimmer were your blog to go out. But, most of all, keep doing it for you! :)

The 5 Bickies said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing. I am so glad you have a blog. I love reading what you write.

Becky said...

Amen to Jill's comment. For a while I was bothered by people who made comments to me like that and then two things happened. One day out of the blue my husband mentioned how grateful HE was that I have a blog! In his words because it 1)helped me have a network of friends and support that I would otherwise be missing out on 2)journal with photos {he and the kids absolutely pore over the Blurb books I make from my blog) and 3) he sees it as such a great way for me to make a difference in the lives of others.

The second thing that firmed my resolve to keep on blogging was when I read the excerpt from Elder Ballard's talk at a BYU-Hawaii graduation (or some such meeting) where he encouraged all the students to use the new media (he specifically mentioned blogs) as a way to share the gospel and set an example for others...what better reason could we have?

I'm so grateful I found your blog one day while reading Jill's--it has touched my life in ways you will never know....

TX Girl said...

BRAVO Kristi! There are many times I've wanted to walk away, but I'm so happy I'm still around.

I've always gotten those comments and just figured they would never understand until they make an effort to keep their own blog. I think all of us, especially in these last few weeks with the Nie Nie Auction and whatnot, have seen the lasting effects that blogging can have. I'm thankful for the new friendships and the rekindling of old friendships from blogging. I'm also thankful for Pink Christmas.

Janae said...

What a terrific post! I love the vision of blogging and those that have caught that vision:)