Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everything Pink's Day Off
Chicago day two
Day two of Chicago was just a me day. I am a girl stuck in the 80's and would pick watching an old 80's flick any day over a new movie. Ferris Bueller's Day off was one of my favorite for sure. I had always dreamed of having a day like that, no cares in the world and just exploring and this became day two of my weekend off.
I got dressed, gave my hair a little curl so it could have bounce for about 3 min. (darn my stick straight hair) put on my new sunglasses a little lipstick and walked out of the Drake for a fun day off. (Since I have been home I finally figured out why the Drake sounds so familiar. This is where Julia Roberts stayed in My Best Friends wedding, room 721. If I would have remembered that I would have gotten a memorable photo for sure. So if you go visit Chicago it would be a fun stop - of course only if you totally love that movie as much as I)
My walk down the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Ave.
I have no idea what church this was on Michigan Ave but it was beautiful and reminded me of the ones we would discover in Europe.

They had a service going on and you could hear the singing outside.
They don't have any kind of smoothie place where I live and I love Jamaba juice. So I was excited to find one and have one for breakfast. I also got this over indulgent croissant egg sand which. (hey I deserved it, I ran the day before)The first door I went into of many that day (i didn't count but I bet I went into 75 different stores) Was American Girl Doll Place.
What a turn around I have had with this place. We went for the first time this summer in New York and got all the girls a doll. In the past few months I have watched them play with them more than any other toy they have, even Annie Kate. Caroline is the most drawn and gets hers dressed every day.
Before I left Caroline had marked all the things she wanted me to bring her home from the store. (like that was going to happen) She loves this concession stand, so I had to take a photo for her, because this is the closest thing she will get to having one.

I could not believe how much fun I had in the store - I have always thought it was kind of silly. But this summer my friend Jen said to me at Girls camp - "you have three girls. enjoy it. Treasure the little girl stuff with them" Her advice was wonderful (Jeff and his wallet disagree)
I got the girls some little things for Christmas and each a new outfit. I got Annie Kate this witch outfit, which I had not seen in the catalog. She is going to be a witch for Halloween so she was thrilled.
I still don't know what I think about the doll parlor, it kind of makes me laugh. But the girls are excited to find out that now you can get your dolls ears pierced. You can get it done in New York and the new store in Chicago will be opening soon and you can do it there.
I went into the gigantic Gap and told myself I was not buying one thing! Ha.They had all of their Junk Food t-shirts on sale. My kids love these shirts but at $25 a pop, we enjoy them on the shelf. (yet I did get one the other day at Goodwill for $2.00) I got each of the girls a birthday shirt. The Mr. Men and Little Ms. people are kind of popular with Annie Kate's age group.
Nike town was fun and I was hoping to fun some great running clothes, but no such luck. I enjoyed just poking around. I did find one of the last two Olympic windbreakers in AK's size for her for Christmas. She is swimming year round now and it will be the perfect thing for to wear to the pool in the winter.
This day there was a White Sox, Cubs and Chicago Bears game all going on at the same time. The streets were packed with fans. Parents and kids head to toe supporting their team. I again have team envy as I don't have a team that I love and brag about.
I walked across the river and again fell in love with this city and love that it is on the water.
I was not sure how close I was to Millennium Park and went into the info booth to find out and the lady giggled at me and pointed up at the sign "You are here"
The Cloud Gate (I always called it the mirror bean) was really awesome. Something I knew I didn't want to miss.
Here is a little info about it. Don't miss it if you go.

Cloud Gate is British artist Anish Kapoor's first public outdoor work installed in the United States. The 110-ton elliptical sculpture is forged of a seamless series of highly polished stainless steel plates, which reflect the city's famous skyline and the clouds above. A 12-foot-high arch provides a "gate" to the concave chamber beneath the sculpture, inviting visitors to touch its mirror-like surface and see their image reflected back from a variety of perspectives.

Inspired by liquid mercury, the sculpture is among the largest of its kind in the world, measuring 66-feet long by 33-feet high.

What I wanted to do in Millennium Park is make something that would engage the Chicago skyline…so that one will see the clouds kind of floating in, with those very tall buildings reflected in the work. And then, since it is in the form of a gate, the participant, the viewer, will be able to enter into this very deep chamber that does, in a way, the same thing to one's reflection as the exterior of the piece is doing to the reflection of the city around.
-Anish Kapoor

I am sure there were a million cool photos to take of yourself in the mirror. I only took a few. Here is one
and here is the other.

Then I walked around the bean (oops cloud gate) and I got a bunch of free hugs from the nicest people. I was not sure what this was, but the sign said free and i am a gal who likes a deal. I asked them what the heck they are doing out here doing this and they said, "because it makes everyone feel good" and you know what they were right. I had been alone all day and could use a good hug from 12 different strangers. Thanks Free Hug people!

I was getting down to the wire to fit in everything that I wanted to fit in. One of the last things I had planned to do was make it to The Art Institute of Chicago.
I am a true 80's gal and the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off probably had too big affect on me. My favorite scene by far was when they went to the art museum. I remember when I saw this movie telling myself, some day I am going there and I want to see those prints!!! (I never felt any of this in any art class)
In case you missed the scene here it is.... ( I will say that if any of my young women see this on my blog - close your eyes during the kissing part - don't get any ideas)

So I raced in and only had about 20 min before I had to get back to the hotel
My first stop was
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte - Georges Seurat
of course I hit it when there was a tour group getting a special history lesson and it was so crowded this was all I could see. Rats - this was not I envisioned all these years. In the movie Cameron got to stand in the room all by himself. So I mad a mad dash to get to the other side of the museum to see...
The Child's bath
Mary Cassatt
American Gothic
Grant Wood
But guess who was swamped around the painting, she same group from A Sunday afternoon. (Grrr!)
So I decided to run back to A Sunday Afternoon hoping to get a quiet moment. Just then Jeff called and said he was on his way up to the Hotel. I told him to come into the museum and meet me. All Active Military get in for free so it was no big deal he was coming in 30 min before it closed.

We then met back up at Sunday Afternoon and I got my few Cameron minutes.

coming out of the Museum was full of war protesters.
These photos are quite a piece of history and always interesting to me. Even though I won't have honked if I had a car, it sure does capture issues of our country.
Jeff and I raced back to the hotel, changed and took a cab up to get to our showing of the Blue Man Group. I had gotten surprised tickets for Jeff on the front row center. The first 10 rows you have to wear a poncho because of the chance of splattered paint, jello, twinkies, marshmallows and such. We definately needed the poncho!

Jeff even came out with a little pink paint left on his face. Good thing it didn't get on his shirt, he would have freaked!
I was lucky to get a photo of one of the blue men from the show afterwards. Even though in this photo he does not even look real. I didn't crop out the guy next to us because I thought it totally added to the photo.
The show was good and fun. My favorite part was the 4 seconds they played the Devo song. It was a little bit weirder than I expected. I wish we would have gone to Mama Mia instead, but such is life. But being on the front row was fun and at the end when the yards and yards (thousands of yards) of paper came rolling up to the front and they are all sitting on you, was quite an experience
We took a cab back to the hotel and walked to Gino's Pizza.Sitting at the table with Jeff. Alone. No kids jumping on us. No hurry to be anywhere.
Talking about our future, jobs etc. It was wonderful and great.
The pizza was pretty amazing too!
We had a ton left over and had it boxed up for a late night snack. But we ended up giving it to someone outside the resturant who was pretty hungry, that felt good.

We then met some new friends for dessert at Ghiradelli. Jeff and I shared some yummy, peanut butter chocolate, tall, oversized treat.

Wow, it was a great day. Great food. Great sights. Great Memories.
I can't wait to go back some day with the girls

Have you ever been to Blue Man Group? What did you think?
What is your favorite thing you have done in Chicago?
Anyone up for a blogger party, Chicago style??


Laurie said...

I KNOW I would LOVE Chicago! But until I get there, thanks for the vicarious tour.

We saw the Blue Men at the Stadium of Fire, but I'm sure they're more entertaining in a proper theater.

Erin said...

You already know that I would be up for it!!!

Erin said...

I would meet you there just to run around that beautiful water!

Liz said...

I Love Chicago. Ben grew up there, so I've had the opportunity to go there 3-4 times, which was never enough time to see it all. THen his parents moved to San Diego, so now we have no reason to go at all. We saw a U2 concert there though! That was fun!

Amy said...

The Art Institute and Gino's East-- day of bliss!

carlo said...

you hit one of my fave cities. love, love, love it and you let me know if there is a blogger party there! wahoo!

you hit the good spots, for sure. ginos? so jealous!

my fave visit was a trip cass and i took for her 9 bday-- no little sister and no daddy.just the big girls!

we flew in for 2 days, did everything we could and just had a ball.

AGP moving to the new location makes me sad. they took out the theatre, which crushed me. the revue was top notch and very professional. i cried when i found out.

i will take ellie on the same trip this summer or next. she is already counting down the days!

Kelly said...

Oh, this looks like an outstanding day. I'm so jealous -- we lived there for 4 years for dental school and I haven't had the chance to go back yet. Chicago is a great city -- The Art Institute is one of my favorite spots. And Gino's, oh my!

Sharon C. said...

Loved the Art Institute as well as the Museum of Natural History (not sure that is the proper name). I also loved walking down the Magnificent Mile. I would love to go to an American Girl store -- such fun. Sounds like a great couple of days for a very deserving couple.

katherine said...

I love Chicago! It was one of our temples we went to on Youth Temple trips. I love Jamba Juice as well and I found a place that is pretty good (it's like a Jamba Juice knock off) called Robeks--it was by the IKEA in College Park. Although when I mapped it (cause I couldn't remember the name of the place) I found out that there is a Jamba Juice in Silver Spring (I've never seen it though) and a Robeks on Rockville Pike. Addresses are:
Jamba Juice 833 Wayne Ave Silver Spring

1615 Rockville Pike

This might be too much info but my kids and I love our smoothies. :)

michelle said...

I love that you had Ferris Bueller's Day Off in your head all day! Great movie. So glad you got your few Cameron minutes in front of the painting.

It sounds like an idyllic day, and now I for sure want to go to Chicago.

Kim Sue said...

looks like a LOT of fun! Glad you got to get off with just Jeff for a couple of days!

Leslie said...

I absolutely LOVE Chicago! It is by far one of my most favorite cities. We went one year for the St. Patrick's Day parade. It was freezing, but so fun to see the river green! Also Christmas time is beautiful, and you have to see the amazing store window displays!

The Blue Man Group is great fun, too! We saw them in Las Vegas. Hard to describe to people, but amazing!

Holly said...

Sounds like a perfect day!!

Too bad you couldn't crash a parade and sing Danke Shoen too.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Ginos!!! We lived there for 18 months. There was much that I didn't get to do! Fun that you had a day to yourself! Looks like you had a grand time.
Take your time with easing back into the blogging world - but know that we love to read your adventures in life. No pressure! HA!

mimi said...

What a fun trip to Chicago. Remember when Dad and I went there in 1985? I loved walking Michigan Avenue and seeing the sights. I went on the greatest tour of art and architecture ever. I'm happy you bought the girls American Girl dolls. Now I can buy some cute outfits for them. Jeff looks particularly handsome in his blue and white shirt, and you are beautiful in your big glasses. Such fun times for you both.

Anna said...

Did you go to Garrett's popcorn on the Magnificent Mile? If not, it is a must next time. Mix the carmel corn with the cheddar cheese...good stuff. Also, Wicked in Chicago is pretty amazing.

Elaine said...

I love Chicago and it was neat to see your pics of some of the places I've been--and new places that now I want to visit. We took a really great architectual boat tour around the city which was a fun way to see the city. Navy Pier was also fun with the kids. I love Gino's!

The 5 Bickies said...

I surprised my husband with a trip to Chicago for his 40th. It was a midwestern baseball tour...I had tix to the White Sox, Cubs, and we drove to Milwaukee to see the Brewers. I LOVED Chicago. It was such fun and we both can't wait to go back. Thanks for sharing some of the places we need to go when we aren't so busy going to baseball games.

denise said...

I love your posts - you make me want to travel the world

JENNIFRO said...

Awesome post! You look super pretty and are way photogenic. Good job getting some of your back posts done--that's a great feeling. ; )

lelly said...

fun fun FUN!! gorgeous opening photo of you.

i'm so glad you got your cameron moment. that would have probably been a highlight for me.

momof3crazykids said...

Looks like you had a great time!

dani said...

great pictures! looks like tons of fun, I love Chicago! I would've had so much fun in that American Girl Doll store, haha!

Jennifer said...

I just got back on Sunday from Chicago. I took my daughter to the American Girl store. We stayed across the street from the Drake at the Knickerbocker. How fun!

Debbie said...

What fun! OK, I have to say...saw BMG in Las Vegas - I wasn't a fan, but my hubby loved it! I would whole heartedly recommend Mama Mia though. I LOVED it and so did my Hub. Do that next time - it is so fun fun fun - makes me smile just thinking about it. :-)


Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

What a fun trip Kristi! That pizza looks really good and your photos are awesome.

Elizabeth said...

This is getting me excited for when I go along with Kalani to San Francisco next month for a work conference.

SO I just have to put this out there in case it ever comes true. I had a dream that you and your family got transferred here to Oahu. And I bought pineapples at the farmers market to put on your doorstep to welcome you to Hawaii.

Mar5195 said...

Now I want to go to Chicago! Love the recap.

I saw Blue Man group in Vegas. And it was different and sorta interesting. The paper thing was by far my favorite part.

tarab said...

I'm a little behind apparently - commenting on something posted days ago, but I had to say that Jeff looks like the friend in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (I know I should remember his name, but it escapes me right now). Maybe that's part of the reason you like the movie so much... : )

crystal said...

Kristi: I love the photo with the Blue Man. You're right--the cigarette guy totally adds to it.

YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT YOUR WHITE T-SHIRT IN THE CLOUD GATE PHOTO. Please email me back & tell me when you get a sec! It's so cute.

Jill said...

I feel like I say this all the time, but I love how you embrace all the places you visit. You're so adventurous and full of energy. I want to be more like that!

I love Chicago and think it's a beautiful and interesting place to visit. I've been to the Art Institute and seen those paintings (it's surreal to see them in person isn't it?).

I haven't been to a Blue Man Group show and can't think of them without giggling because it reminds me of Tobias on Arrested Development.

I love it that you kept the smoker guy in your picture with the blue man!