Saturday, September 06, 2008

Feeling the Flutter

Tropical Storm Hanna came to our town today and left us a bunch of water. My neighbors were hunkering down so we hoped the rest of the city was doing the same and took this opportunity to make a trip into D.C. for the first time since the summer crowds went home to start school.
We made a visit to the Marine PX near the Pentagon that is like a Nordstrom PX. It has my dream dishes and so I will be on the hunt for their twice a year sale. I just discovered they also make a Design Naif Christmas. It is beautiful.

Then after lunch on Capitol hill at our favorite Tortilla Coast we headed to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. They had a new butterfly exhibit in their bugs section.
We are embarking on a whole new world going strollerless. We have so many more options and don't have to wait for the elevator there anymore.
We had to buy tickets (bummer) to see the butterflies but it was worth it. (Locals - Tuesdays are free)
We waited in a holding room to hear all the do's and don'ts of being around the butterflies. To stealing, smashing or touching the butterflies. They also warned us they may land or fly on us and not to hit them if they do.
Annie Kate was the only one actually excited, Caroline freaked out and had to leave, Sally Jane just acted like they were flying bats and kept screaming.
I am sure this would be a real photographers dream. They were everywhere and so beautiful.
This butterfly had great taste as it matched it's flower
This one loved Jeff's orange hat
I put my camera to sports mode and got this photo of the top wings just fluttering away
I loved this butterfly how it liked to show off on its information signage
The lighting in there was incredible. It was like every photo you took was automatically photoshopped.
I have no idea how this photo had shadows around it but after getting a great comment from Take Out Photo* on my sunflower photo I no longer feel bad about using automatic mode (thanks Marc)
This little guy is so lucky that he gets to me darling in black and white spots.
It stopped raining by the time we got out and there were plenty of puddles on the mall for the kids. You have got to love crocs on days like this.
The ride home was spent finding new ways to use all the pull ups we have in the car because it is now official no one in our family wears diapers any more! Woo Hoo!! Over done - if feels great. I guess until Jeff and I get old and start wearing them.

*Take Out Photo is a wonderful site that not only displays great photos but teaches you all the tricks of the trade for FREE!!! Yes you can learn wonderful tricks to take and make great photos. Click here. I still have great intentions of doing June's challenge.


denise said...

What a fun outing - the pictures you took are beautiful. said...

Fun day!! Your pictures are great!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...


Amy said...

I LOVE the dishes!!! tell what brand.

Also, the close up of the flower was so great...lots of good photos but that one was nice with the darker lighting.

Kim Sue said...

beautiful butterfly photos! looks like a wonderful family outing.

Jill said...

You're so fun to be heading out when everyone else is hunkering down at home (I would have hunkered, I love rainy days at home). But you always have such great outings and experiences, I really must be more like you.

I love all your butterfly photos! That black, white and pink butterfly is stunning! I love picture of the butterfly sitting on it's signage.

pam said...

Those dishes brought back memories. I had bought my Mother in law a plate just like that one while My husband was station in Germany. Didn't think to buy one for me.

Sharon C. said...

Great photos, and it looks like you had a great day. Fun to do something that the masses are not doing!! Love the link to the photo place -- might be a good photo class for me, but I don't have the incredible camera like yours; however mine will do for a mind like mine....

Charity said...

I loved this exhibit when we drove through Seattle and saw it at the Pacific Science Center! What a great way to spend your weekend, even if it was cold and rainy!

I especially love the photo of Jeff and his butterfly friend! Nicely done!

Price Cream Parlor said...

I love that you headed out in the rain!
We had the best time while we lived in Florida. They had a place called Butterfly world - totally reminded me of your outing!
Stunning photos!
...loved the new use for pullups!

lelly said...

that is a fantastic photo of jeff in the orange hat w/ butterfly!!

Claudissima said...

ohhh i agree with fun, I just love the architecture of the building. How fun to have everyone potty trained...still on the works over here....still working on the challenge as well.....wished I had a camera like jill's...what brand is yours?

marc said...

Thanks for linking to my site! Now I've just got to get you to do one of the "Monthly Special" challenges.

michelle said...

I love all the butterfly photos! But particularly the one of the black/white/pink butterfly with its matching flower.

And completely done with potty training! You lucky lucky girl.

dani said...

You take such great pictures Kristi! The camera loves Caroline!

Deanna Payne said...

Great photos and what a fun day for the family. No Stroller or diapers! LUCKY!(said in my best Napolean D. voice) Thanks for sharing that site. Can't wait to learn from it.

wende said...

fantastic photos! i love that you went into the rain on purpose, you're so cute! those butterfly photos are fantastic, "a real photographer's dream" whatever! you ARE a real photographer!

plus, that pull up on the head photo will be awesome black mail some day! :)
ps you're right, ten miles IS amazing! (last post)

Missy :o) said...

cool pictures, way cool!