Tuesday, October 07, 2008

and the winner for the Emmie Cakes Halloween banner is....

"I had a hard time picking a winner (so much pressure) but my daughter and I decided on Kat's bathing beauty. I love original costumes and thought the nylons and shoes were awesome. I would love to see how she cut the bathtub out. There were so many great costumes and comments, I had a great time reading them and got some great ideas for future costumes. My husband and I both lived in Holland for a few years and one year I made traditional Dutch costumes for us to wear. We've won a couple costume contests with them and are a great standby when we need something quick. Thanks everyone for commenting."
Emmie Cakes

Kat email me at so I can send you your awesome handmade banner!


Lauralee said...

lucky for Kat! you're going to love it!

Kat said...

Thanks! I am so excited! I am doing my happy dance right now! :)