Monday, November 17, 2008

October came and went and I never wrote anything about the month of Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness month.
I had to share this awesome creative item on ETSY.
It is a woman's hat with an embroidered ribbon that says,
“and the hair of his head began to grow again”
taken from the story of Solomon. It is a hopeful verse that reminds the patient that as her hair begins to grow she will also grow in strength, health and vigor.

I thought this was a brilliant idea and loved how much meaning it had to the gift. I am always a huge fan of embroidery but then to have a witty words of wisdom I just had to share.

The gal who makes these also makes these aprons that would be perfect if you family is planning on working in a soup kitchen for the holidays.
Words of Wisdom Embroidery - good luck with your new Etsy shop!


Jill said...

What a cute idea for a hat!

shawna b. said...

Such a clever hat.

Congrats on running Richmond! I love that race! The best part is when you get to the James River, don't you think? Didn't love the bridge part so much, but the river is awesome. Those marathons are addicting, aren't they? Way to go on another great race!

michelle said...

Clever! Embroidery is even better when it includes words of wisdom.

carlo said...

now that is a great idea.