Friday, January 16, 2009

don't you love Jeff's creative candle arrangement

So I just turned 38 and started a new year. I almost excited to turn 40 in two years because I kind of feel like it is the beginning of a new life for me. By then my kids will all be in school (which surprisingly makes me kind of sad) and we will have just moved.

Last year I did not make 100 list and regretted it all year. I promised myself I would make one this year and it has taken me 2 weeks to finish it. I tired to do 138 things but only came up with 126. So Here is is 126 things about little old me!

126 things about me
  1. My favorite dessert is probably mint brownies, I love them
  2. I taped the movie the Holiday this Christmas and probably watched it 10 times
  3. I am still not biting my nails, yea me!
  4. I fell off the diet coke wagon at girls camp after I found some hidden in the fridge and have probably had at least one a day since June
  5. I love listening to Radio Disney
  6. I took a last minute trip to southern Spain this summer with my little family - it was amazing
  7. I collected sea glass and broken bit of pottery on the beach
  8. My parents gave me the most awesome Brighton Charm bracelet for my birthday with a charm for all the states I have lived in - I love it!
  9. I already bought my plane tickets for Women's Conference in May and I can't wait
  10. I am going to the blog party - are you?? First weekend in May
  11. I am still teetering between 2 words to pick one for my word of the year, can't decide
  12. Since being in Young Women's I have been prompted by the spirit to do things that don't make any sense but I have done them and watched MIRACLES take place - it has been very humbling for me.
  13. I am leaving town for the Inauguration - I was really disappointed that I couldn't get tickets, (sha right free to the public, the rich public) Photo of me at my own Inauguration on Thursday.
  14. Jake Jillenhall and Mark Walberg just may be my two favorite actors
  15. I started directing my creative mind to
  16. Jeff gave me this great book for my birthday and I read it every night!!
  17. still suffer from depression... grrr!
  18. sometimes when I am having a bad day I will go to the Etsy home page and just watch the rotating vendors photos and it puts me in a better mood to just see how creative people in this world are
  19. Caroline and I have become great friends this year, we seem to be understanding each other better, she is so funny
  20. Being in Young Women's keeps me techno Savvy
  21. I found my face on facebook
  22. I still have no fashion sense and hope someday I can learn how to buy clothes
  23. My favorite thing I got for Christmas was my toothbrush sanitizer
  24. My favorite gift I gave was running a marathon for someone and giving them my medal
  25. I am horrible at returning borrowed items
  26. I often need to remind myself that I look horrible in bangs and not to cut them again
  27. My favorite shoes when I was a kid were my Kangaroos and my gray Nike's with the pink swoosh
  28. I love documentaries
  29. I could not live in a city this big without my GPS system in my car
  30. I dream almost every night really intense dreams
  31. I love juice called Naked and have that Sam's club has it for the best price, I chose to drink it with my clothes on.
  32. I Turkey trotted this year
  33. I often visit Goodwill twice a week
  34. This year I went to Utah, Virginia Beach, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Morocco
  35. My 2oth High school reunion is this year
  36. Mornings are so hard for me - my kids are so cranky in the mornings and I feel like a need a nap by 8:30 am.
  37. I am too cheap to be an adventurous eater ($50.00 tapas in Spain, we didn't eat any of it)
  38. We have a jar in our kitchen for the kids to save money to go to Disney World this year - they have some awesome military discounts this year
  39. I am signed up to run my 4th marathon in October
  40. I wish I knew how to throw a baseball and not look like a goof
  41. I still want a perm
  42. Cellophane and ribbon can make any gift special
  43. I would love to learn Spanish and the art of origami
  44. I often say the sentence, "it changed my life" I think it kind of looses it's meaning when I say it for so many things, but really I always mean it.
  45. I spent an amazing weekend in Chicago this year. I made lots of friends.
  46. My two favorite were Nora and Pam.
  47. I get totally panicked flying except for the planes that don't have windows (C5, KC10)
  48. I got a letter in the mail telling me I had unclaimed money from Louisiana
  49. It was the exact amount of a iphone
  50. I got the iphone
  51. It has changed my life
  52. I take lots of feet photos
  53. We are moving in 18 months
  54. we have know idea to where
  55. Housecleaning is not my greatest skill
  56. I have sleepless nights thinking about my Young Women
  57. I got my first piece of cashmere for Christmas this year, ahhhhh!
  58. This is embarrassing to admit but I told Jeff that the next time we travel I am bringing my own sheets
  59. I am a sheet snob (this does not apply to homes for friends or family)
  60. I rode on the back of my youngest brother's mo-ped on his way to college graduation screaming, "My brother is graduating!!" that was one of my best days of the year
  61. I also got to hear the prophet of my church speak a few hours later at Women's Conference
  62. This year I wish I would have blogged about, My birthday, Sally Jane's birthday, our trip to Europe, being at both my brother's graduations, Virginia beach, our day to day in New York City, the change I have seen in myself while serving in Young Women's, Caroline's and Annie Kate's birthday,Christmas and New Years and the Richmond Marathon.
  63. Ok so if i didn't' blog about all that what did I blog about!
  64. I wish I didn't talk so much
  65. I love $2.00 bills
  66. I feel the need to prepare for emergencies
  67. The cold is really hard for me
  68. I don't have a problem with road rage
  69. My ears are pierced by I have not worn earrings in about 3 years
  70. I sent my watch in to get a new battery and it has been a month without it, boy I really miss my watch
  71. I taught Annie Kate how to make purses this Christmas, it was really fun
  72. My 4th grade teacher was the best!
  73. This was my favorite book I read this year - The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
  74. My favorite lipstick remains, Lo'real - Mica
  75. Lip liner - Wet'n'Wild 666
  76. I read all the Twilight books
  77. I saw the movie twice and loved it and would watch it 10 more times if I had to the time and money to do so.
  78. Young Women's keep me trendy
  79. I would love to meet Thomas Jefferson
  80. I probably dress my kids too matchy-matchy
  81. My favorite shape is a scalloped circle
  82. I have a memory of singing "Cat and the cradle and the silver spoon" to our 8 track in our families Buick as a kid
  83. I love a good deal
  84. I sleep with a fan on in my room year round
  85. I have too many freckles
  86. I sold my old digital camera to Annie Kate for $10.00, that is kind of pathetic
  87. our grapefruit knife from Crate and Barrel is one of my favorite kitchen tools
  88. The chair and a half that my friend dug out of the trash will not fit in our house or in the garage - anyone want it, i am actually serious
  89. I sent a Christmas letter this year in our Christmas card. I wrote it as if it was written by our mailman. I am already thinking about who will write next years
  90. I wish I had more self discipline
  91. Sitting in Portugal at the "end of the earth" (the southern most tip of Europe) watching the sun set with crowds of people and then hearing them all clap was one of my other great days last year. I hope to go back and do that someday.
  92. I would love to be a political photographer
  93. I love to decorate for every holiday
  94. I went to Phoenix in December and got a tan at my brothers graduation. (Ryan thanks for not getting your MBA in North Dakota)
  95. I have a great neighbor who has seriously helped me in raising my kids
  96. I buy slime, floam, finger paint and play dough for my kids
  97. I usually always regret it
  98. Saying goodbye to our ward downtown was really hard this year
  99. Of all my bags I think my new $5.00 Coach bag (thank you Goodwill) is my favorite, I refinished it with shoe polish and it almost looks brand new
  100. Taking my Christmas cards down off of my kitchen cupboards is always a sad day, but it makes my house look so clean.
  101. This year we are planning to go to Italy for 2 weeks but who knows maybe we will end up in Korea
  102. Being in the military has been a wonderful experience
  103. Grocery shopping totally stresses me out
  104. My Young Women notebook is bright Pink
  105. I framed a few of my friends Christmas card photos and plan on keeping them up year round from now on
  106. I like sharing my ideas
  107. I like keeping a few to myself too
  108. I wish there was something athletically speaking that I could do better than my husband
  109. Being married to an awesome guy can sometimes be hard (just kidding Jeff!)
  110. I currently have a Wii Injury on my right leg - darn that advanced step aerobics
  111. My doorbell has now been broken for over a hear and a half
  112. I love my monogram
  113. There is a tie for my favorite D.C. monument - The Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial
  114. I have gained a whole new appreciation for the artist Jackson Pollock. And when I was downtown by myself the other day, I ran into the Smithsonian Art Museum just to look at his painting again for about 15 minutes and then left.
  115. This year I want to push myself to sing in the church choir but am so NERVOUS
  116. I sang in sacrament meeting with the young women last month and I think that was maybe my third time ever singing in church as an adult (they have no idea how scared I was to do that)
  117. I wear Brooks running shoes and love them
  118. This fall our family took family tennis lessons a few times a week. The coach was so awesome and cute too. He has gray hair, braces and cute freckles. Lucky me!
  119. I wonder if I will ever be able to spend real money on real furniture and not just buy junk to spray paint from Goodwill. I kind of hope not
  120. I would wear elastic waist pants every day for the rest of my life if it was socially acceptable.
  121. in 2007 my #130 of my 136 list was, "someday I want to run a marathon" I swear writing that on my public list is a huge reason why I actually did it.
  122. I rode a camel in Morocco this past summer
  123. I made the most awesome apple pie last year and am so proud of it
  124. I have missed blogging on Everything Pink
  125. I have felt missed
  126. I am coming back!!!


melanie said...

Fabulous list Kristi. I love it so much, I might just go reread it. This is you, the real you and I love that you are back! Yeah!

You've mentioned it for so long, I actually want to give you a perm! If you end up out here... :).

I love your photography. Your dedication to your family, your calling and your bargain shopping. Happy late Birthday and here's to a great year at 38!

everything pink said...

THANKS Melanie. i dream of you giving me that perm

Jill said...

Wow, what a list! I can't believe how much traveling you were able to do last year, that's so cool.

I really wish I'd get a letter telling me I had unclaimed money!

Carrie said...

Oh Kristi, I loved loved loved your list! And I am so so so glad you are coming back to blog! There were so much of your list I wanted to comment on but now I can't remember it all. Except now I so badly want to go to the end of the earth and ride a camel! Oh, and Charlie's company makes those grapefruit knives. They are great, huh? I love mine too. Thanks for blogging again. I hope you really know how good you are at it!

eve said...


I know I don't know know you but you are so inspiring. Seriously, that story you shared about getting the mechanic a sandwich, I will never forget and it has inspired me. I love your passion for life and the way you do things! Keep on!

I loved your list and hope to do amazing things like that in my lifetime.

tootie said...

I love your list! It's always fun to hear about your adventures. And this makes me want to write my own list, too!

Anonymous said...

Love this list Kristi. So very you! You live life so vividly, it is inspiring.

Nora from Chicago said...

With your wonderful, warm "gift of gab" and infectuous smile, it can be said that you have never met a stranger.

Here's an idea for your Christmas card - written from the perspective of the Goodwill store! Various pieces of merchandise could speak of you and your's and how they want to be chosen to be part of your wonderful household!

Thank you for introducing an "old dinosaur" to all the wonderful, enterprising things that the "young'ins", "thirty-somethings" are doing today! Nora from Chicago

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Wonderful to read, Kristi, wonderful!

Lauralee said...

I am glad you are coming back! loved your list.. what a fun one! seriously unclaimed money? how lucky are you?

Washington is calling your name!

The Trammell's said...

Love your 100 list, Kristi, and it makes me think that I ought to do the same. It is great!!! I have missed your blogging, and hope you will be able to "come back". You are greatly loved!!!

Charity said...

I love everything about you! Thanks for sharing :) Too bad I'll be in Hawaii this year instead of at the Blog Party or Womens Conference....sacrifices...sacrifices...

Elisa said...


Miriam adores her cousin Madison, who is 6 years older than her (when she was picking out her Christmas ornament this year she said "which one would Madison pick?") Darin made the observation the other day that it is a lot like how I was with you. It's good to have amazing cousins around.

In my opinion, no one can be too matchy matchy.

Em-Cat said...

Love the list...I've been a lurker for a little while, but I just want to say Happy Birthday and I love both your blogs. You're inspiring me to be more creative and maybe I'll run a marathon or two before I die!

Marla said...

I love your list...and love reading your blog. It was the first one I ever read. Thank you!

BTW...there is no such thing as #80 :)

Liz said...

Loved your list! I am so glad you are back! I've really missed your posts!

When are you going to be in Connecticut??? You really need to add that to your list of places to go! :)

Traci said...

Loved your list!!!
I too heart the movie The Holiday!!!
My doorbell is broken as well.
Awesome that you rode an elephant!

Jordan said...

Kristi, this was so fun to read. It makes me want to make a list, too--but that makes me tired (: You are a maz ing! I am inspired to take my family on a trip abroad because of you. I can't wait to hear where you're moving to? How about NOrth Carolina??

Claudissima said...

Great list Kristi! I miss getting a christmas card from you! I can you give a nonpermanent perm. Seriously. I used to do it all the time. You cut rags in little strings....and then you buy that onion paper thing...and make rectangles...and then you wash your hair and towel dry it, and the you roll up little chuncks of hair in each rectangle with the little rag string, like the string is parallel to the paper and roll it up all the way to the head, and then you tie it once...hard. There must be a name for these proceedure...if I find my photo when i went to monaco and did this, you could not believe it was just TEMPORARY....I will look (this was pre-digital era....). OHHH let me finish. You wake up in the morning...and hopefully all the head is dry...(oh you sleep with this all night) and then you probably get the blow dryer like 5 min. Then you start unrolling them/unwrapping them...and voila! You will have a very tight PERM! tRY IT...i USED TO DO IT ALL THE TIME!. gREAT LIST...i am sure I can give you more things about you, to complete the 38!

LJ and DC said...

I love this post Kristi. So awesome. Hope you're having a great time in Connecticut! You've started your travels early this year. :)

Ashley said...

I love the way your brain works and the fun things you put on your list! I use 666 lipliner too and have since middle school.

andrea said...

Loved your list. My doorbell hasn't worked for over 6 years and I don't know what I would do if we fixed it.

I've missed your blogging on everything pink but I am really enjoying reading 2 clever.

I am hoping Spokane is still on your list of places to move.

Price Cream Parlor said...

This is a fun list to read! You are one busy gal! I love that you love life and you just live it. That is a great example to me! How fun to get unclaimed money in the exact amount as an iphone?!! Hello! That is fantastic!
...I love "rode a camel in Morocco" - I can only dream... again, what a blessing that you two are so adventurous and take the time when you have that opportunity to do such fun things!

I am thinking the Pacific Northwest would be a great landing spot for you. You can get your perm from Melanie and hang out with me at Mt. Hood!....I'm just saying....

charlotte said...

I loved reading this! Even though I've never met you, I feel like I know to some extent. I love reading your blog, and I love seeing the passion you have for life. I'm glad you're back to the blog!

Amy said...

I love that you wrote that your doorbell has been broken for a "hear and a half" funny, was that a typo? It totally fits!

Happy Birthday!!!

Natasha said...

I am glad you are back too!

Elizabeth said...

I am still putting it out there that I had a dream you were moving here to Hawaii.
And wearing elastic waist pants every day is socially acceptable here, luckily for me!
And I have a great Savers!
Great list, Kristi!

michelle said...

I love this list!

I used to wear Mica lipstick too, I forgot about that! Maybe I should try it again...

I love that so many things are life-changing for you -- and that you share them with us!

The photo of the strawberries in cellophane is GORGEOUS.

lelly said...

great recap!!

wende said...

yay for your great list! i loved every word of it! i'm especially glad to know that you're coming to the blogger party again this year! it was such a fun night for me. happy birthday!

Kat said...

I love your list. Thank you so much for writing it. It makes me want to write all my things down that I would like to do, and have done. :) Thank you for being such a great person!

Rebecca said...

I rarely read these, probably have never finished a single one - but this was so much fun. Even gave me a few ideas. Quite clever.

Barb said...

I really enjoyed this list. The best deal I found recently was a gold, round tablecloth for $3 on clearance to add to our YW collection of value colored tablecloths.

Holly said...

I loved reading your list and peeking at more of your life adventures.

I used to wear Loreal Mica faithfully. I don't know why I stopped, because it was the perfect color that went with everything. Now I need to run to CVS...

dani said...

wow kristi! i don't think i could come up with 126 things about me if i had a year... This was entertaining :) Loved your Christmas card, your family is the best!

Nicole said...

Kristi! Wow you are so amazing, every time I read your blog I want to be just like you. I miss your darling girls, I still have their picture up on my magnet board from last years Christmas card. Thanks for being so inspiration and real it is refreshing! Love ya.

elshmobelsh said...

Thanks for the example list for me to share with the YW tonight!;o) I love that you are always discovering and defining who you are.

Francie said...

Yea for Kristi! The girl who inspires and strengthens so many!
Yea!....again :)

Shawna B. said...

Great list, Kristi! You are extraordinary. I was wondering if you were at the Inauguration today!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday and that this year will be as exciting as last year!

The 5 Bickies said...

What an awesome list!

My name is Andrea said...

You have been missed. I am a total stalker and I wish i could be more like you. Post more YW ideas...I just got called to be YW president and I would love to hear all the cute things you do for the girls. I bet you are awesome! Can't wait until yo are back...

Robyn said...

What a fun list to read Kristi. I can't even remember all the things I wanted to comment about. Thanks for sharing yourself through your blog. You're amazing!

Rachel said...

I have also been on a hiatus until today! What an awesome way to break back into blogging! LOVED, loved, loved this list and how incredibly and wonderfully honest you are! I appreciated your mention of struggling with depression. It's nice to not feel so alone in that area. Thank you for being so fabulously YOU!

Moody Family... said...

What?!?! We have way too many things in common - really??? Mica lipstick - me, too. sheet snob - uh ya!!! I will send you a link for my faves!!! and many more!

molly said...

you are seriously the best!
can you make over my life?
ha ha, love you!