Friday, January 30, 2009

At the gym.
63 minutes.
1.3 miles left to go
Can't wait till the sun comes back and all the ice goes away.
iPhone I heart you!


michelle said...

How funny that you can blog from the gym!

Jill said...

You've taken blogging to a whole new level if you're doing it from the bike!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Does that bike always say 'pedal faster' or does it say other things as well?
I wish the equipment would say things like "great job" "I know you can do it" "Look how fast you are going!! You are smokin!"
Good for you for hitting the gym!

carlo said...

i am afraid to get an iphone! i think i would love it TOO much.


Tasha said...

Good for you! 63 minutes on the bike makes me sore just thinking about it!

I am getting a blackberry storm with my bday money and I can't wait!

Claudissima said...

wow....pedal faster...that is insane! I would be soo slow...I did 45 min the other day and it is not my favorite, my butt is too big for the bike, maybe I should stay on the bike until it is comfortable.