Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Major Catch up!

So, Jeff made it home from being gone for 10 days. That week in February is always my worst week of the year. (one of his annual conference's) I don't know how I survived so many years of him working so much and never being around because 24 hours without him and I turn into mush.
We opted for a Staycation for President's weekend and started it off with a dinner at the "diner". They have smiley face french fries, thank goodness I think they are gross, so I never eat them. But I loved this photo taken with my iphone (love that thing by the way) you can see Jeff's eye coming through the hole.
On a recent Goodwill trip Annie Kate found this dress and screamed, "Mom you have got to buy this, it has Caroline's monogram on it" I laughed and told her that I brought that to Goodwill a few days before and hoped someone else would have those initials. She asked me if you are bringing things here then why do you keep buying more junk - "it is the circle of life, my dear Annie Kate"
Sunday was an absolutely miserable day. I am sure the fact that Jeff had been gone and I was coming off of a week of sick kids had something to do with it, but I was a mess. I had another early 7:15 am meeting for Young Women's and the group voted to even start earlier next time. (yea! thanks Shauna for your Elaine Dalton 6:00 am suggestion) We are in the thick of getting girls camp stuff on the move and already planning events for the seniors. I think I have started to feel myself getting spread thin.
I sat in Sunday School and just cried, seriously alligator tear drops going down my face. I wanted to get up and run out of the room. I gave myself the self talk that the next time someone asks me to do something I am going to say No - no matter what it was. (note to self: don't ever do that again)
I walk out of the chapel to go into YW's and get a happy face on and run into the YM president who tells me the Bishop has asked us to coordinate a temple night for the youth soon. I looked at him and said, "No, not going to do it" The Young Men's president looked at me with a little bit of shock and then I think could tell I was not budging. His very kind words of "don't worry it is no big deal, I will do all the planning" still did not seem to change my stubborn mind. I could feel the tears coming back to the surface and knew I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom but then turned and there was the Bishop asking, "Did you get the message about youth temple night?" I felt like there was a million people in the foyer and talking everywhere and I wanted to lay down on the floor right there and curl into fetal position.
The YM president made me laugh so hard because he told the Bishop I needed to go back to bed, which was so true. I then had the guts (or should I say nerve) to look at my Bishop and say I was too tired to plan that and with all that was going on with camp it was not going to happen.
*** Oh my what has happened to me? I know that he knows that I know that temple is incredibly important and I was looking my Bishop in the eyes and saying no! I was in a sad state of affairs***
Because my Bishop is so awesome he looked at me and pretty much said, "ok lets get that planned" and then was off to do a million other things that I am sure he had on his plate. He knew that what I needed was just a hard "press on" type of comment.
I then went into the YW room and opening exercises was beginning. This is the blessing of teaching the girls to do everything on their own - it wouldn't matter if any leader showed up those girls run the show and do a great job. So as the opening song began the tears came back like a faucet had been turned on. I quietly excused myself and went into the bathroom to clean any remaining make up off my face. ( I need to pick a new day of the week to wear makeup because I do most of my crying on Sunday's) I looked in the mirror and thought "What do I do?" do I go back into YW and have everyone think, What is up with Kristi or do I just not come back- ARGH! I decided to go get Jeff and get some more "get over it advice" He has a way with listening but then not letting me hide under the covers.
Jeff was substituting in Primary so I went down to Sharing time and asked for someone to send him to the hall. He then followed me outside and I lost it. Poor Jeff who I am sure is thinking, "are you hurt? did someone die?" I just cried on his shoulder for a few minutes and then he asked what was wrong. I no great reason other than I felt like world war 3 was going on inside my heart. He walked me through the normal calm down steps he usually does and I felt a ton better. I seriously considered getting in my car to drive the three blocks home (way too cold to walk to church for my New Mexican blood) but deiced instead to suck it up and go into Laurels.
The lesson was on how to make ourselves happy. It was awesome and just what I needed. The teacher (who is amazing) had us make a list which all of us girls said we were going to post on our blog (yep all my Laurels now have blogs). Too bad I lost my list because it was fun to make and would have been great to write down.
After church I went straight home, fed the family and then crawled into bed and took a 4 hour nap! What is so amazing to me is that some of my best days of the week are on Sunday and most of my worst days of the week are on Sunday. It seems to be such an emotional day for me and I feel the need to learn how to even this out some bit. At church I feel motivated and guilty all at the same time.
But the beauty of Sunday (thus the photo above this long story) was taking the time to read the Senior Missionary Opportunities for our church. Jeff and I really hope of going on a mission together some day when our kids are grown and I am realizing more and more this is just not going to happen on it's own. Reading this list sure does make me rethink some of the financial choices we will be making pretty soon. It makes me want to take Spanish lessons, really prepare for the future and stay in good shape. Here were my top two favorite that I would pick if we were going now.

PEF Full-time missionary couples are needed in many areas of the world to help accomplish the purpose of the Perpetual Education Fund. Couples will worth with and under the direction of area priesthood leaders and administrators. In addition to program administration, assignments may include conducting firesides, attending institute activities and one on one visits with PEF participants and their leaders. Prospective couples should have an interest in the welfare and success of young adults. Basic computer skills are needed. The PEF is moving forward with great success and missionary couples are an essential part of the work and organization of PEF. Both Computer skills and Spanish are required for this assignment.

Omaha, Nebraska (Winter Quarters)

This is a wonderful opportunity for a missionary couple to provide much needed assistance to the Facilities Management Group in maintaining Historic Winter Quarters sites and area meeting houses. Work includes mainly flower care and grounds care, but also some building maintenance. Trade and mechanical skill are helpful but not necessary.

Do you want to see where you could serve someday check it out here.

I have officially retired my Turkey Artichoke Sandwich from Panera and couldn't even eat it this week after ordering it. I am looking for a new favorite as new one is opening just walking distance from my house. Any suggestions?
( I must add that I did bring home a trail mix bagel that was amazing!)

I got this very timely Valentines gift from my friend that I serve with in Young Women's. It is her grandmothers fudge recipe that we have all been dying for along with three hearts made out of fudge. Good thing I had my phone with me to take a photo because they didn't last even to my car.

I tried to return some DVD's to the red box the other day and it was too full and could not accept them. I was sad because I didn't have a chance to go back for 2 more days which means they made four more dollars off of me, those stinkers. Yet, Red Box I still love you.
I loved this t-shirt I saw in a store window the other day and snatched a shotSo for our staycation for President's day we went to the newly reopened National Museum of American History. It was only open a few months when we first moved here and has been totally redone.

On the drive there Jeff handed me a map of the United States (it is sitting on the dash in this photo) He asked me to mark every state that I would like to live in. We are on the mad beginnings of deciding where to live the rest of our life. So for the drive downtown we talked about each state in the entire US and where do we want to live. We feel incredibly blessed that we actually have a choice to do some state hoping. I feel some stressful/exciting months coming on but unfortunately will have to keep most of it to myself until we decide. Feel free to call me if you want the nitty, gritty scoop.
Don't you just love this photo of the Lincoln and Washington monument on President's day with our map making decisions on the dash?

Picking President's day to go visit the newly redone museum was not the best choice we have ever made. We opted to not fight any crowds. So we just saw a few things.
The Steven Colbert print
This has a hilarious story if you don't know it.

Oscar the grouch
Sally Jane the grouch
(photo taken in November but it could have been taken on Monday)
The power of wind
and each girl got some new marbles to take home from the gift shop.
I loved this photo I took while we were searching 26 minutes for a parking spot on the mall. Look how cool all those people posing for a group shot.good thing we went back and decided to find a spot by the museum because we found one right across the street and for free - yea!
We have this family tradition of getting good luck to find a parking spot. Feel free to try it I swear it works. (but I do have good parking Karma)
  1. the entire family slaps their hands together like Mr. Miaggi in Karate Kid
  2. Then you rub your hands together as fast as you can
  3. do this until you find a magic parking spot that opens up right before your eyes.
Yesterday I got to have lunch with one of my best friends here in Maryland. (of course she doesn't know she is one of my best friends but she is) Her name is Lisa and she is my cousin Elisa's sister in law. Lisa has the most soothing voice of anyone I know. She makes me feel like a winner and is all knowing of everything cool in Maryland (she is my ribbon outlet source)
We met at this great BBQ place that was so yummy and this was our own personal drink. Yes it is a mini pitcher that is not that mini! Oh my, my new favorite place.
I of course gave her some of my Sunday woes and she listened and then gave me great advice. I need to go to lunch more often with friends. This makes a great regular spot because next door is a clothing and furniture consignment shop.
I got my hair cut and colored the day before I went to lunch but felt it looked weird so I wore a hat. How crazy is that to spend so much money to get your hair done and then to wear a hat! I fear I will never be happy with my hair until I find someone to give me a perm.

Whew! all done from my week.

Feel free to comment on any of the above or in case you need a recap

  • is it hard for you when your husband is out of town?
  • have you ever eaten smiley face french fries
  • what did you do for your last staycation?
  • have you ever seen something at Goodwill that you donated?
  • Do you have plans to do community service with your spouse when you get old and wrinkly?
  • Can Sunday's be hard for you too?
  • any good thoughts for my next trip to Panera Bread
  • Do you use Redbox?
  • Do you love where you live and any suggestions on picking a place to live?
  • Did you know Steven Colbert had a Portrait in the Smithsonian?
  • Could you drink a mug of Diet Coke like me?
  • Any lucky tricks you have as a family to find a good parking spot?
  • Is wearing a hat after a hair appointment a bad sign?


Engrained Emotions said...

I can so relate to your emotion overload on Sunday. I too have the highs and lows on Sunday, but at the end of the day feel so grateful for the day.

I read this post and thought for a moment I was reading out of my own journal.

Hang in there.

Jessica said...

Well....I agree, you should have lunch with friends more. My hubby actually "commutes" to the other side of the country each week (comes home on weekends), and I know that without my close friends I would never survive.

I have to put a plug in for living in Austin. It is such a cool city to live in. It doesn't get too cold here, lots of sunshine, lots of fun things to see, plus you're close enough to Houston and San Antonio, and even Dallas. And lots of secondhand shops!

Jill said...

Wow, that was a seriously emotional Sunday for you! I don't really have days like that. I have been teary from happiness and feeling the Spirit, but haven't had any freak-out sobs at church though. I think I'm mellower than you are, and possibly more medicated. Hee.

I WISH Randy had to go out of town sometimes because I would enjoy the change of scene around here.

My version of a Staycation is to actually stay home.

I have never found anything at a Goodwill type place that I've donated before, but think it would be funny if I did. I don't shop them enough to run into the stuff I give.

I'm so glad you went out to lunch with Lisa. I think girlfriend outings are so therapeutic and help remind us that we're normal women and not just moms!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Hmmm. Not thinking a hat is a great sign about your haircut, unless of course you got a new hat.

I like my state. I think you would be a great asset to it. But our little town doesn't have much in the good Goodwill department. However, we do have great corn on the cob and potatoes.

Sunday meltdowns are hard because so many people witness them.

Anita K. said...

I don't know which bread you have on your Turkey Artichoke sandwich, but you might want to check out the calorie count for your next fav.

Elizabeth said...

I think those smiley face fries are gross too. And I am a lover of french fries.
How exciting to pick where you will live for the rest of your lives. That is amazing to have so many options open to you!

LJ and DC said...

ugh, Sundays like that are exhausting. And ps, that is an EARLY EARLY morning meeting, really you like them that early? I'd be a total grouch, but you're a much better woman than I clearly. Sundays are the days I feel the most blessed on a good day and the most jealous and freaky on a bad one.
I'm dying to see your hair!!! Jules and I have a great hair dresser out here. . . so of course you should move out here too! :) haha, if only things were that simple!

LJ and DC said...

Oooh and I almost forgot. . . how awesome is that pic of SJ?! I love it.

Kristy said...

I have felt overwhelmed before at church, too. I can usually keep it in until someone notices something is up and asks if I'm ok. This happened a couple weeks ago and I lost it. I'm fine as long as nobody asks.

You should try the frontega chicken sandwich at Panera. That is one of my favorites (along with turkey artichoke).

Lauralee said...

I could drink that pitcher too..and probably more..

I dont' know who that guy is in the picture.. so I probably need to click on the link.

my parents just got called to serve a humaitarian mission in the singapore, malaysia mission.. they sent all their kids out on missions and have always wanted to go.. I kinda never thought it would, but long story.. they are young, healthy and financially able and those are all key to going.. they are super excited and leave next month.. I still get teary just thinking about it..
and love that you mentioned winter quarters.. I served my mission in omaha! :)

the emotional sunday.. oh man... I feel for you.. I am sure you are doing an amazing job..that is a tough calling.. lots of demands.. sounds like you are training those girls so good, and they sound like good girls as well!

good thing you have jeff! :) and a best friend to listen... makes all the difference..

too funny that ak found that dress of yours.. I have seen that before, at our di in federal way.. clothes that I have recognize, and I am hoping my kids don't recognize them! :)

Holly said...

I'm sure it took a lot of guts to say no to planning that event. It sounds like you have a LOT on your plate, so if you do end up doing it, I hope you have PLENTY of help. Hope that nap helped and gave you new perspective.

Have you tried the Frontega Chicken sandwich? (if they still have it, I hate when they rotate things in and out, just when I fins something I like)

I could so drink that Diet Coke. Right now.

Glad you had some time for a lunch with a friend--and hope you will pencil in some more time to do that.

Was that the beat the bridge from the MCM?

I'm having hair woes and feeling quite fragile about it.

Can I put in a plug for TX??? :)

michelle said...

How hilarious that AK found the dress you had recently donated! I love that story and love even more that you got a photo of it.

Sunday meltdowns are the worst in that you either have to hide, go home, or have other people witness it. Glad you got a long nap!

I do use Redbox sometimes, but it seems I never return the movie the next day.

How exciting that you get to think about where you want to live! Of course I would love it if you were out West somewhere. But I also love Seattle (too bad it's so expensive) and North Carolina is very nice too.

wende said...

my hubby doesn't travel very often so when he does, the kids and i eat cereal for dinner and watch movies. it feels more like a mini-vacation.

the smiley face french fry kind of freaks me out too - that's just not natural. but i DO love that photo.

our last staycation was a day at the children's museum. fun, but i would rather be in hawaii.

i see stuff that i donate to the DI all the time. we also see ethan's hand me downs on cousins all the time - i love that feeling.

i hope some day i can serve a mission with rich, if he can ever get his butt in gear and get active!

sundays are my hardest days - even when they are great, they're still hard. i feel exhausted by them completely.

i love redbox but hubby hates it because i can never return anything on time, ever.

i love utah, i would love utah even more if YOU lived here! - truthfully, your future neighbors are SO lucky. i would live in north carolina in about a second though. if you moved there instead, i would understand.

i could drink three of those pitchers of diet coke by myself. sad, but true. we call it the "dark master" at my house.

if you figure out any lucky tricks for parking spaces, let me know!

if you are wearing a hat after your hair appts, it's time to find a new hair dresser.

Kristi said...

Yep, going on a mission when the kids are all growed up, don't drink diet coke, Sundays are hard, but now that I teach early morning seminary- 6 am is hard. red box? panerra bread? not in Canada. love the parking trick. must try it. you are so cute. I want to get my hair cut, but fear I will then have to wear a hat too.

everything pink said...

Engrained Emotions - -

thanks for your kind comments - it is true I do learn so much from those kind of Sundays.

everything pink said...

Jessica --
we were looking at Austin this week and actually called a Realtor to ask them about this one house I found because I could not understand why it was so cheap and she said, that is just Texas!

everything pink said...

I don't know if this gives me hope to think I could live a life like that or if it depresses me more to think that people actually can go sundays without feeling that way.
i may need to up the meds.

everything pink said...

Jane --
you made me laugh. it was not a new hat. i went hatless today so that is a good sign.

everything pink said...

Anita -
ok that site scares me! that sandwich is 720 calories. good thing i didn't eat the whole thing.

yikes! thanks for the tip. i may be going for a salad next time.

everything pink said...

good i am not the only one who gets sicked out by them

everything pink said...

LJ --
maybe i need to just make a visit for the hair appt. i may end up spending the same for the plane ticket, but it could be pretty crazy spensive there too.

everything pink said...


isn't that funny how we are often fine until someone reaches out to us. this is a good lesson because when sometimes when i ask my YW how they are they have the same reaction of letting it all go.

everything pink said...

lauralee --
as sad as it will be to say goodbye to your parents what a wonderful gift they are giving your grandchildren. wow! i look forward to updates and things you learn from them serving!

everything pink said...


no need to plug TX the housing prices are doing a pretty dang good job on that - wow!
that is memorial bridge, i think the bridge you were thinking of was key bridge, but i am not sure. how wonderful to have run that marathon and think of all those memories everytime you see a memorial!

everything pink said...

michelle -
i love the hide or go home- oh how true that is for me.

everything pink said...

wende -
you are right about the hair dresser i just don't have the energy to invest in someone new, i will have to start my life story from scatch. is that so crazy? thanks for the wake up call, you are right.

everything pink said...

Kristi --
6 am every morning is sure different than once a month my hat goes off to you!! keep up that great work!

Autumn said...


I completely understand your overwhelming-ness from church and the duties there. I have taken 2 weeks off from church~the first week b/c I needed a break from life and the 2nd b/c we were out of town but it was a good break & I am actually looking forward to going back on Sunday. :)

I have never found anything I've donated to Goodwill but when my Caroline was out growing the baby stuff I donated it then I wouldn't go to goodwill for a good long while b/c I was afraid I would get emotional and want to buy it back when I saw it!

I vote for Texas too~I have a cousin that lives in Austin if you need a local's help!:) Of course I'm in the PineyWoods of East Texas and it's great here too!

everything pink said...

next time i donate something that says caroline i will see if you want it first!

Katherine said...

I'm a blog stalker(grew up in Issaquah too, but in the 1st Ward) I just had to comment and tell you how much I LOVE reading your blog. I love your honesty, openess, sense of humor, and generosity. (I have had several of my own crying days at church by the way) I think you're amazing. I came across your blog a few years ago and immediately became a fan. Thank you!

Claudissima said...

oh my it is really late or early....but I would share a jug like that with a panera sandwich any day! I forgot all that you asked....but I know they were good questions....ahh yes, you should move to so. california. and I am with Jill on having your husband go out of town...he never leaves anywhere...wished we did...go on BUSINESS TRIPS LIKE YOU DID AND MY MOTHER DID...AHHHHH this is the reverse flip side of that.......oh well.

everything pink said...

Oh wow another Issaquahian - I am quite fond of people from there, obviously.

thanks for your kind words.feel free to comment any time

everything pink said...

thanks for reminding me the good side of having change when someone travels. i guess i just wish i was stronger to handle such situations!

Beckie said...

What a great post! It was fun to get to know you better.
I felt like you were writing for me when you talking about Sundays. So true!
You know the phrase, "If you want something done, give it to a busy person." It is so true, but busy people need a break too.
I have a VERY hard time saying, "No" too. I always feel a little guilt BUT a LOT of relief!
Don't be afraid to say, "No". Most people don't realize how busy you are until you tell them (especially men) ;)

Shauna said...

Sundays can be just a wild roller coaster of are not alone!!!! Trust me!!!!

I'll think of you at 6am during your meeting.If I lived close by, I would bring Bagels or muffins...really, I would!

I LOVE the Goodwill story. My kids always end up wanting to buy the stuff we donate to Church Rummage Sales, etc.

Great Catch-Up!

elshmobelsh said...

I always feel honored when I make the blog. :) Sundays use to be my most dreaded day of the week. It was just so OVERWELMING for our family- the responisibility of our callings. I've had days where I have driven away from the church and found a parking lot to just ball in. But I always go back... cuz I KNOW its all true. I covenanted to give my everything and sometimes that is a real sacrifice. But I know one day the rewards will be "out of this world." But don't forget we've been commanded to delegate as well. ;o) We are here to help lighten your burden and are happy to do that where we can. (though I don't know if we can do much for the sleepless nights) but where action is required, let us help you out. You are SUPERWOMAN and you are AMAZING. You go girl!

Becky said...

I loved what your last commenter wrote...delegation is such a true principle. There are many times as the bishop's wife that I will counsel with my dear husband and let him know that some sister in our ward needs to be reminded of that principle before she has a nervous breakdown. It really is OK to tell the Bishop "no"...we have a saying at our house that "Inspiration is aided by information." Contrary to popular belief, our priesthood leaders do not know everything we are going through...tell him you are too busy and then delegate it to someone else in the ward :) OK, I'll let that topic go for now! :)

Loved the Goodwill story and the huge pitcher to drink from as a cup (that is my kind of cup!). I need some of your parking mojo :)

Sending hugs your way...

The monkey bunch said...

Wow, so sorry you had a bad week. Husbands being gone is no fun! My husband travels a ton, so when he went to Iraq we were fine for the first 6 weeks. I really needed a few more lunches out at that time, but it seems everyone forgets about you by then. Luckily, I had a few inspired people bring me some dinners and that made my bawl in front of them. I have a true appreciation for single Moms now!
My favorite state so far- Colorado. We lived on the west side across from the Moab desert. Loved it!! It is rural, but there is a big level two trauma center there.
I just told the counselor over me that I wanted to be released even though I love being in the primary, love, love the rest of my Presidency and don't want to go anywhere else. Sometimes I don't know what's up with us women! Ha ha.

The monkey bunch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anita K. said...

I gave you the site for the calorie count for your sandwich because that used to be my favorite. I about died when I saw the calorie count. Heck, that is almost a days worth in one sandwich and I ate the whole thing!!!! If you ever go to Arby's - don't think you are eating healthy by ordering the chicken salad sandwich!

Kath said...

I totally know how you feel about Sundays. The last few months have been so crazy with Young Women's and it can be so overwhelming that a good cry is sometimes the only comfort!
I love to see all of your DC excursions. It is one of my favorite cities and I can't wait to take my family there to experience it's amazing history.

Oh, and yes, I could definitely down a diet coke mug like that...bring it on!

Amanda L. said... a post!

1. Yes I have a hard time when Terry travels [for more than 3 days -we have done 10 and I always melt down after 3 days}. It is brutal.
2. Never eaten smiley face fries.
3. We went up to NH last week for February break, but before that we took our kids to a great, small museum less than 1 hour away to see a Walter Wick exhibit and they loved it.
4. Someone once called me because they got my old doll house [that my grandma made me and I had written my phone number in it} that had been donated before. Can't believe you donated that dress with the monogram! AK sounds just like Posey - why would you donate that and then buy more?
5. Absolutely want to serve a mission some day with T. I love looking through those fliers too..and it's made me think more about saving for it.
6. Sundays are very hard for me. I am the only Gospel Doctrine teacher in our ward and I stress a lot about the lessons, who comes to the class [and who sits in the hall] and how bored people look, etc.
7. Panera? Go with a salad! Insane calories on that sandwich..but it sure looks delish.
8. Love Redbox, but we never pay $1.00 for a movie. Just signed up for Netflix last week!
9. I've heard that Texas has low housing costs, but they DO HAVE TORNADOS! I hear that Connecticut is a nice place to live :) Wherever you go you'll make it great.
10. Didn't know about the portrait
11. Could totally drink that Diet Coke mug.
12. Love finding a good spot..but we have no tricks. We'll have to try yours.
Loved that shot with the memorial and a map! Best to you while making these big upcoming decisions!

melanie said...

I love Jane and her comment. We do have the best corn and potatoes (yes, better than Idaho). And we have Jane. And I would give you a perm.

I ached for you when I read about your seriously crazy Sunday. I react to stress and being overwhelmed with tears and oh yes, it's happened at church.

I hope you get more lunches out (I could down that Diet Coke, ha!) with girlfriends. It's a recharge most of us don't take often enough.

Kristi, you're amazing!!

Megan said...

I love the "Circle of Life" explanation at Goodwill. I'm stealing a lot of your parenting ideas. Thanks!