Thursday, February 26, 2009

SPT -- I am saying "I love you" when I....

  • Don't order mushrooms on our pizza (i love mushrooms)
  • Make you dinner ( i hate making dinner)
  • Stick to my budget (i am not very good at this)
  • only keep one program open at a time on the computer (i love having a million things going on at once)
  • let you have the first 13 years on the good side of the bed (the next 13 are mine, you will get it back in 2021)
  • don't put my feet on the dash board in your car
  • get the guts to call a baby sitter to watch the kids (we always rock- paper -scissors over this one)
  • brag about you and your accomplishments (even though you don't want anyone to know)
  • wear sunscreen because you know it is good for me but I desperately want to get as brown as I can!
  • talk to my friends about wanting to learn how to make bread for you (someday i promise)
  • suggest you get the free braces from the military even though in this pre-braces photo it does not look like you need them (hang in there I promise it will pay off)
  • hug you really tight!


michelle said...

So cute. I could say the one about the mushrooms too! Too funny about the good side of the bed.

Jill said...

This is very sweet Kristi. I haven't managed to do this post yet, I'm not feeling it.

Cecilia said...

What a sweet post! You guys are such a good looking couple!!!

The good side of the bed thing cracked me

Lene said...

cute post....I am with you on the mushroom thing.

Claudissima said...

I love love love mushrooms! great post...great husband, great wife!

Kim Sue said...

great list!