Monday, February 23, 2009

Surprises popping up everywhere!

Today I sat in line for the last time to try to get the perfect spot for my kids for preschool. Yea -Sally Jane made it in. Only one more year.
This note is outside the door everyday when I pick up the girls. I don't know why it never crossed my mind to take a photo of it everyday to keep with their journaling of the year. (next year for sure!)
I snapped a iphone shot of Caroline's class in their Dr. Suess hats.

This photo to me is just the JOY of childhood!
I took a photo of the gas station by my house
and the gas station on base. That is $.40 a gallon cheaper (duh you can do math)
love that military id card! (not to mention how many speeding tickets it has gotten me out of)

I had a nice good mail surprise pop up in my mailbox from Michelle today.
Mighty cheery don't you think. The damask stick on flags are to die for!
This little bulb coming out of the brown, dry ground is just an answer to prayer. Spring is just right around the corner, hurry soon!
This is the first year I am not saying, "Darn I wish I would have planted bulbs in the fall." I finally did it.

Sunday was such a better day (except having a photo of me after 3 hours of church and a crying fest I had in sacrament meeting feeling so proud for the awesome talk one of the Laurels gave) and I need quality time to write what I learned and tell you about the mystery person that was visiting in my ward from the dorms, for all my freshman friends you will love it!! It is always scary when someone comes up to you and says, "Is your name Kristi? Kristi Buchanan?" That can only mean one thing it is someone from my past and I spend the next 25 seconds thinking oh no what will they remember???

Jill, Michelle, Jen, Kelly or anyone else from the dorms want to make a guess???


Doodle Bugs Paper said...

I love the note from the teacher to let you know what happened each day! Such a treat for parents :o)

michelle said...

My guess is Leslie Bates!

Can you believe those post-its are from Walmart??

Jill said...

I'm too curious to even guess, my mind is racing...who is it???

michelle said...

So who IS it??!