Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wow What a crazy past 24 hours. Jeff calling and saying I want you to come to Denver with me. Finding a super nanny for the kids, getting my house in order to do so, doing laundry, scrubbing the house for Super Nanny, Organizing their items for school and such, having a wonderful night at YW's (if I have the energy I will post more at the bottom of this) getting packed at then racing to the airport. Because my trip was last minute and Jeff's trip had been planned for 3 months we could not get on the same flight. So we waited together at my gate and then a few hours later found each other in Colorado.

So here are a few thoughts on airports. I took this photo of the new sign saying "enjoy a beverage on board" but now you have to pay for it. I don't care as much about having to pay for the drinks as I think this is a total photo journaling of history in our economy. It makes me think what are some other things to take photos of that last time this year were not around - any ideas?We flew out of Dulles, one of the three airports in our area and hands down my least favorite. Oh my that place on a busy day must me a nightmare. It was pretty quiet but you know you are at gate z (which I was) you are at a huge airport. So one of the only things I really like about this airport is the bright pink soap they have in all their bathrooms, it reminds me of my grandmothers.
I took a photo of my parking ticket just in case I lose it and have to pay the maximum fee. I wonder if the guy at the booth would let a photo of it count, probably not but could not resist all the great technology that was sitting on my lap.

I think I am a semi opinionated person but when it comes to airports I feel like I could write a book. Most of you know I have this weird feeling about cell phones, one might even say I am anti cell phone. Every social rule for cell phone usage gets broken at the airports. (Stationery with Style Stefanie sent me some violation tickets for my birthday and how I wish I would have had them to use) I just crack up with three men sitting next to each other so close, they have to because they are all sharing the same plug for their laptops and all three of them are on the phone talking mergers, budget cuts, violations of codes and expediting everything they do ( I swear I overheard the word expedite 200 times in 2 hours) and with the three of them talking I can't even hear myself think.
I always crack up by the guy who stands in the middle of the walkway with his mini headset on so you can't tell he is on a phone and he is talking so loud and waving his arms but is in every ones way. I saw two of those yesterday, but one had a British accent so I didn't mind so much hearing his voice (ooh lala)
I always feel under dressed at an airport. Sitting next to so many women with beautiful luggage, wide leg pants that have the most beautiful shoes peaking out the top. And then when they stand up I realize the shoes are higher heals than I would wear at my most formal event (I guess that is not saying much since I got married in White leather Keds with white bows) These women always have the most wonderful collection of lipstick that they seem to pull out and apply right before the get on the plane. The are so put together, not a hair out of place and always head to toe in whatever the people magazine that is sitting on my lap, says is the latest to wear. Ahhh I wonder what that kind of life is like.
I flew through Charlotte North Carolina for the first time and boy that airport is so much bigger than I expected and it was like a shopping mall that happened to have a few planes coming to pick you up. I love airports like that. I seriously think they had more stores than in the mall I had growing up as a kid in New Mexico.
It was fun landing in Denver to find Jeff waiting at the gate to give me a reunion kiss. I look forward to these next few days to see what I discover and find in this city. I hope to find someone like Pam or Nora, but then realize they are both one of a kind and will have an open mind to who I meet or what I find today. I did see a Jamba Juice place as I was driving from the airport so that for sure is on my list.
For now I am going down to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then come back to bed and start trying to figure out what I should see and do on this wonderful day!

I think I am too hungry to write about Young Women's on Tuesday night and may save that for another time.

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Bahama Shores Mama said...

Have fun......and thanks for "taking" me along with you. I too can't wait to see what you discover and who you meet.

You've inspired me to travel with my husband more. I've been waiting until the kids were older before accompaning him on business trips........but having him occupied gives me freedom to explore MY interests and then we can do shared interests together. I don't have to wait! Duh!~Thanks!

Tasha said...

Have a great great time in Denver with Jeff!

Jill said...

Wow, how did you manage to throw everything together for this last minute trip? Perhaps the not-knowing ahead of time proved helpful eh? Who's watching the girls?

I find airports fascinating because it's crazy to see all of those people going to so many different places. It's hard to wrap my mind around it. That doesn't mean I like listening to people on their cell phones though. I have never been a stylish ever, and am especially NOT a stylish flyer. I like to be comfortable and am concerned about having something that I won't be too hot or too cold in. I never understand women who wear high heels (anytime really) when flying because there's so much walking to do, it seems like they're hurting themselves for fashion (but what do I know?).

Have fun!

Ashley said...

I promise most of those stylish women are flying for business and are totally jealous of you in your casual clothes!

michelle said...

I like it when you're opinionated. Airports are one of the best places to people watch -- so many people, such a cross-section of society. I like the Charlotte airport, too!

Have so much fun, Kristi.

melanie said...

I always feel under dressed at the airport. I want to fly in my swishy sweats and jacket especially if my plane is early. I guess that shows I've never been a 'professional', ha.

I'm so glad you pulled off a 4 day getaway. How nice! I hope you found some really great thrift store and enjoyed each minute. Knowing you, you did just that!

Shelley said...

I love it that you took a picture of your parking ticket. I picked up my parents from Dulles a few years ago and from the time of going in and coming out, I totally lost my ticket. Had to pay the maximum price, which was only $30-ish. (I assumed something much worse!) They gave me a number to call where they will track your license plate. What a joke. The lady "looked" for months but just couldn't "find" my car on their video. (even though I am SURE I was the only one driving a car with an Alberta license plate that day!) So I am sure your evidence will come in handy!!
I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures. I have always had a deep desire to live in Denver. Or at least visit.

Claudissima said...

oH MY. Loved this post. loved your descriptions...and I love love love airports..I always volunteer to take or pick up someone. I loved traveling...too bad it hasn't happend in OHH so long like it used to. I must say I was at one point one of those women. Clearly, I always insisted in looking the best, specially when i was off to visit the boyfriend....oh those days...miss them, miss the heels, but now I am more on the chucky heels than stiletto! I loved your comment on wide leg pants....I am such a lover of capris, but have been reminissing on those...they do have a style of their own.