Friday, March 20, 2009

The other day I had Flat Stanley all to myself. Poor guy. He came to Nordstrom Rack with me. It was my first time going to the one where I live and I think the second time I have ever even been to one (the last time was 13 years ago) It had some great deals so I don't know why I have not given it more of a chance.
He was patient to watch me try shoes on.
I need some dress shoes, meaning shoes to wear on Sunday that are not flip flops or have holes in them. I do not enjoy spending money on shoes and definitely look at them as a necessity not an accessory.

I loved these shoes and if my name was Michelle, Annette Benning, or Kate Winslett then maybe I would have bought them, but I was not sure if I was classy or hip enough to buy them. They were made in Italy and the softest leather I have ever felt. The fact it had darling grosgrain ribbon to tie them shut made me happy but my fat wrinkle peeking out did not.
They were $71.90 on sale - ouch! I passed and felt I still needed something more universal
I of course went for the flip flop and loved this (now hideous looking) Born sandal. Price always speaks to me and they were only $20.00 so I felt like I should buy them because they were a good deal, but then Jeff's voice was in my head saying "that is no reason to buy something" I sometimes feel like I am saving a puppy from the pound when I buy something really inexpensive as if I can't just leave it on the shelf.
I just had to try these on. They were only $25. These are for sure way too hip for me and too high. It was fun walking around in them and they were not as uncomfortable as I thought they would be.
These shoes just made me sad.

White eyelet tennis shoes with a tread and large elastic mary jane band. (oh and dragon like embroidery) Oh my please tell me who is buying these? Maybe some freaky girl who only wants to wear tennis shoes on her wedding day
I really had high hopes for these to work out because they had a heel, which I think would make me feel pretty girlie and they were made by Born. (the ultimate in comfort)
I just don't think anyone can make three inch heels comfortable.
These yummy white leather driving shoes were wonderfully comfortable, but look how lop sided my stand is in them - My right foot is hanging off! (which is why I have to buy stability running shoes)
I thought of Doodlebugs Kacey and what she would say, "no white shoes till after Memorial Day" so I passed.
I ended up buying these for $38.00. They have a heel (ya me) and keep with my love for Mary Janes. Too bad they look just like a pair of shoes I had a few years ago and I just can't seem to embrace change.

Are shoes an accessory for you or a necessity?


Mary Elizabeth said...

I never have the right shoes ... i have 3 pair of rainbow flip flops .. tan, pink & black. I have to shoe boots in brown and black and also a pair of black dress sandals for church .. that's it. I don't have an inbetween spring shoe for when I sub at school and really need some , but like you hate to spend the money on it and I am too lazy to really go shop for any. If some fall in my lap that would be great. Is there a shoe fairy?

Mar5195 said...

Definetely necessity. My most expensive pair of shoes are my running shoes!

LJ and DC said...

ACK!!! I could die looking at all those shoes, I Love them so much. Love the pair you bought, and am crying that I don't own the first pair posted. I may need to go to the rack tomorrow. ooh how I love them. PS. Wedges are the way to go, they're sturdy and you're right, not as uncomfortable as you might think. That means I end up wearing a 5 inch wedge. Love love love love

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

No No No.... You can not wear white shoes or white pants before Easter or after Labor day. (I go by this rule but I don't own any white shoes or white pants HA!)

I loved this post but I loved all your different choices. Love the wedges.. but I would never wear those even though I do love them!

and Born does make some rather comfy shoes!

I live in flip flops and tennis shoes.

Julia said...

you are so funny! I'm sure that my husband wishes shoes were a necessity for me rather than an accessory, but I have to admit that shoes are my weakness. I love a good stiletto. I have 40+ pairs of shoes with at least a 3" heel. Yesterday I walked 2 miles home through Central Park wearing 4" heels (BCBG, they are actually pretty comfortable) because my husband forgot to bring flat shoes for me to change into. I really love shoes, and wish I had more excuses to wear fancy ones. I guess we are very different on this one!

patsy said...

I feel like sunday clothes & shoes are necessities-

I wish I wasn't that way- but I just can't shake it.

I LOVE the shoes you ended up with- perfect choice :)

tootie said...

Mary Janes are my favorite. Good pick!

I'm in desperate need of new dress shoes. My favorite black pair is literally falling apart! But I just can't find something as comfortable (and reasonably priced).

Jill said...

I was just telling Lori last week that I have had the same pair of black church shoes for about 7 years! I am so NOT a shoe buyer. I'm more about function than style, and sometimes that's disappointing.

I like the shoes you ended up with!

Elizabeth said...

definitely necessity
i wear slippers (flip flops everyday)

Stephanie said...

Just have to say - LOVE flat Stanley! I know your blog is about shoes.. but my heart melted when I saw him. My mother-in-law carried flat Henry all the way from Florida to Canada, he even came to McDonald's and swimming. Love them.

My name is Andrea said...

I would love to have lots of shoes, except I hate spending money on them. I ususally buy sensible shoes and wear them all the time. I loved those Borns with the heel...I hate heels, too, but those were adorable. Born shoes are usually so cute and comfortable. And I have seen those white eylet shoes on old ladies who are temple workiers...they must be comfortable!! I like what you got!!

michelle said...

Oh, man! I love shoes. Love them. Definitely accessories for me. I haven't been able to have as much fun with shoes, though, since developing plantar fasciitis, dang it.

I LOVE those first ones! You pegged me with those for sure. I liked the Born heels a lot, too. I bet they would be more comfortable than you'd think. I like the ones you got, too. Loved your thoughts on not being able to leave a good deal on the shelf!

michelle said...

p.s. I can't believe you didn't get those cork wedges with paisley fabric! They look like you to me.

Andie said...

Two things I LOVE! Nordstrom Rack and SHOES! Love your shoe fashion show! Wish we had a Rack closer.

Kim Sue said...

that's funny that you quoted Kacey on the white shoes and my bet is she has NEVER owned a pair of white shoes since she was old enough to buy her own shoes :o)

Anonymous said...

Go back & get the Born heels & the cute green floral heels. SO cute. You get used to wearing just gotta build the stamina for it. (kinda like running!)

Liz said...

Oh I love shoes, just not the price it is hard to justify buying cute shoes.

wende said...

i hate it when that little skin part of my foot by my toe peeks out of my shoes! it's a definite deal breaker whenever i try a pair on. glad to know i'm not the only one.

i definitely love the ones you chose the best. although those high heeled borns are super cute enough to consider twice.

Melinda said...

My husband and I are coming to Maryland next month. Got any good restaurants suggestions? He wants to live at the Smithsonian any other good ideas? We are also going to Philly to sight see there.

sweetfunkyvintage said...

I love shoes. And I hate shoes! I am a monogomous shoe person. I buy a shoe that I love, or I buy a shoe and then fall in love with it, and then I cannot bear to part with it. I will wear it almost every day and until it falls apart or it stinks to high heaven.
Like you, I don't love to buy shoes. I love to look at them and some people's feet look so good in different shoes, I am jealous, but my fred flinstone feet limit me to non-uber-hip shoes!

sweetfunkyvintage said...

I love the ones you chose, by the way!

Amanda L. said...

I have been wearing the same pair of Dansko clogs for over 10 years {well, same style, but I've but 2 or 3 pairs}. Every now and then I splurge and buy something different, but I just can't justify it!

I have a very hard time with shoes and would like to branch out more. We don't have a Rack anywhere nearby, but I'm so glad that Flat Stanley got to visit there with you! We just sent Flat Stanley to CA and Posey is dying to hear about his adventures!

The Francis' said...

wow, lots of shoe trying on... I get through 2 or 3 and I start to go crazy :)