Monday, March 02, 2009

Saturday we took Flat Stanley downtown to see the sights. He was great and never cried about how cold it was and posed for every photo.

I am starting to feel this panic that we have not taken enough photos in Washington D.C. and when we move from here I will say, I should have taken more. I also want the kids to look back on our time here and think I was there with them.

I mean really is it just too much ask to smile and take a photo with your mom (yes this is me doing the fake wrestling gut punch - Caroline, or course she just laughs!)
Sally Jane is still pretty agreeable
Annie Kate must be growing up because it is not as cool to sit on your moms lap and take a photo
at least this guy will always take a photo with me!
don't you love my hat my brothers gave to me for my birthday!
so then after we went to the Air and Space Museum we walked past the capitol and I tried to get a photo of each girl in front of the Capitol. This was Caroline's best one.

Annie Kate still thought this idea was goofy

and leave it to Sally Jane to take about 5 great shots!

So then I ask Annie Kate to take one of me in front of the Capitol and this is what I get. Great photo but I can take this in my back yard!

Annie Kate listen to me! Take a photo of me AND the capitol
Then she starts taking random photos laughing her head off and I then say no put me in the photo too! I was pointless, I may have to hire our to Clawson photography if I want any documentation that I lived here too.
Cool fire hydrant I saw by the Board of Education Building.

and if your eyes are googling over Sally Jane's sweater, well it is one of a kind made by Grammy, I love her in Yellow!
we all took turns jumping over her before she gets any bigger
I couldn't do the splits as well as Jeff
My favorite Flat Stanley photo of the day was at the National Gallery of Art. I had not seen this in there before, I think it may be new, but then I again I had not been there since January. It is by Chuck Close a photorealist painter.The kids were exhausted which proved we did our job once again of pushing it to the absolute limit on our Saturdays in D.C.

Flat Stanley was able to see:
  • Jefferson Memorial
  • Washington Memorial
  • The Capitol
  • Air and Space Museum
  • Albert Einstein memorial
  • National Gallery of Art
  • National Museum of the Native American
  • Iwo Jima - Marine Corps Memorial
  • Arlington Cemetery
  • FDR Memorial
  • National Archives
  • Department of Education Building - "No Child left behind" red Barn


suzy said...

Looks like fun!! I love the pictures you take, you are so creative!

Amanda :-) said...

Wow, I've just read what's felt like a huge amount of info on your last couple of posts! No wonder you get tired on Sundays!

The pictures are so funny. We must try leaping over Isla. Your pictures just emphasize how tiddly Sally Jane is, and tiddliness must be coveted while it's there!

Listen, on the Sunday thing. I said 'No' to things from last November onwards. There's an initial 'are you alright?' phase from people (meaning 'are you having a mental breakdown?') but once they hold back for a while and see that you ARE still happy, then people will appreciate that you're flesh and bone and need sleep and breathing space. Do LDS do retreats?

Anyway, you look extremely healthy and happy in your latest images, and YES! the hat is a winner!!

Jill said...

I can't imagine you leaving D.C. feeling like you didn't take enough pictures downtown! You have totally taken the city by storm and taken advantage of everything. I have been so inspired by your get-up-and-go-ness, and sometimes when I'm debating whether to do something or not think "Kristi would go" and then I agree to go too. How about that?

Anne said...

Your photos are great, but Clawson Photography (c) is ALWAYS ready and willing to help document your DC adventures!

michelle said...

I love these photos!! Please tell me you did not do everything on that list in one day...

and yes, I was totally wondering about SJ's darling sweater!

The 5 Bickies said...

What a hostess you are....and to Flat Stanley. Next time Flat Stanley visits you I want to be in his suitcase.

The picture of you, without the capitol, is FANTASTIC! Well done Annie Kate.

wende said...

i can't believe you went to all those places in ONE DAY! holy smokes! IIII would be sleeping in the car too! :)

i'm so glad you're taking so many photos of your life in DC, we didn't take anywhere near enough. what were we thinking?

Tecia said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures in DC. I have never been there , but just book flights to take my family in June. Thanks for the list of all the places you visit, now ill have a better idea of where to go. Any advice or sites that you would recommend a must see? Any tips?

Liz said...

Love this post of your days in DC. I really love your hat. When we took the kids into NYC the other day to a museum, I saw two women wearing a similar one to yours in a greenish color. I really wanted one, and still do. Now where to find it?

I love the photos of you, you look great, even without the capitol behind you. :)

Kath said...

You are such a fun mom! I can believe your kids were exhausted after such a busy day...I'm tired just reading about it!