Thursday, March 12, 2009

  • Today was the first day that Sally Jane wanted to go to school.
  • It was the first day since September that she did not cry once all morning in the process of getting ready (she let me put pony tails and ribbon)
  • It was the first time she went to the bathroom at school (she has some serious control)
  • It was the first day in circle time that she said her name out loud (she has been practicing all week)
  • It was the first day she was smiling when I picked her up from school
  • She had such a great day that when she got home she could not wait to do a few pages in her workbook.
I have been waiting many months for this day!

She also loved the new Homework Pencil I made for her, it made it that much more fun!

7 comments: said...

hoping this is the beginning of a new phase! i'm sure it was a great day for you too.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Hooray for success!

Rachel said...

I, too love the homework pencil you made! Super cute! Do you think my BOYS would like something like that? Maybe I should make one with a DINOSAUR on the end! :)

BIG steps for such a little girl! Congrats!

Jill said...

What a great day of firsts for Sally Jane (and for you)!!!

Kim Sue said...

yeah for Sally Jane and I think we need a homework pencit at our house too!

melanie said...

The patience this took for both of you! Good job SJ and mom!

michelle said...

Hooray for SJ! (Eva has never been to the bathroom at preschool either.)