Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Utah wish list

So, here I sit at the computer in my jammies. I have not done ONE thing to get ready for my trip in a few hours. Oh ya, I did buy some shoes yesterday but I am trying to erase that one from my memory. (and yes Mindy, good thing I was not wearing my thong that day!)

I have been crazy busy with so many things it is as if I have not had time to even think about it. This is one of the reasons we didn't do a blog party this year. I teeter back and forth but now know it was the best decision because I have no idea how I would have had the time or energy to prepare for it.

So in lieu of a party we will be meeting both days for lunch (Thursday and Friday) of Women's Conference on BYU's campus/ Wilkinson Center at 12:30 at the tables in front of the BYU Creamery (so I can have fast access to mint brownies). So if you are working at the Creamery and looking straight ahead the tables are straight ahead and to your left a bit. Remember it is mass craziness so if you don't see me look down I may have been trompled by a crazed woman racing to get in a long line for a class with her embroidered nylon messenger bag.

Here is my Utah Wish list - of course it is all about food

  • Training Table
  • fresh pink frosted cookie, key word fresh
  • shake that comes oozing off the top of the cup
  • eating mint brownies while we sittin in the amazing seats at the Marriott center for the closing meeting
  • hear a sewing machine running
  • walk through that great store that Michelle took me to last year
  • pop into the Beehive Bizzaar
  • sing into a microphone
  • Cafe Rio
  • great harvest bread and jamba juice
  • learn something new
  • go one day and not have a headache
  • sleep in
  • miss my kids a little bit
  • laugh till i almost pee my pants
  • appreaciate my great friends


michelle said...

I'm loving your wish list! (and the visual of the crazed women with their embroidered nylon bags is dead on!)

Now I can't remember what store you want to revisit... Archivers?

I hope I make it until tomorrow. And I sincerely hope you have one day without a headache as well. Have a good flight!

Jill said...

Hopefully getting ready won't be too bad since you only have to pack yourself right? (Who's taking care of the girls while you're gone?)

I'm glad you made a wish list for your trip and I'm so relieved we're not doing a blog party this year!

Kristy said...

Have fun! I wish I could meet up with you but life is too busy this week to get away. Patsy will be there so look for her!

Sharon C. said...

Have a great time! Will look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Alisa said...

Have so much fun- I was planning on going but needed to stay for a kindergarten program. Next year, I keep telling myself!
Oh yum- thinking of all the food- those would all be on my list too.
Can't wait to hear of your recap when you get back!

Price Cream Parlor said...

I am happy that you are not doing a blogging party this year as I had high hopes of making it this year and can't. Is that selfish? Ha!

I, too, plan my vacations around food and laughter! Perhaps you should tackle the headache before it comes? Just start self medicating as if you have one and perhaps ward it off?

Think that is is very brave to do a lunch while at BYU! I can see the woman with the nylon bag crazed because of you, Jill and Michelle! Forget the classes! HA!

Good food, good friends and plenty of pants wetting is always a wonderful time! :-)
Enjoy and be safe...

Autumn said...

I would so love to attend a blog party so I'm glad y'all aren't having it this year either. Love the story below and the wishlist

The monkey bunch said...

There are great Harvest Bread's here in Virginia too, you know? Have fun!

Mindy said...

have a wonderful time. wish so bad I could see you!

Amie said...

Darn... I wish I had known about the lunch meetings. Melinda called and told me today but it was already too late to make it to Provo and tomorrow I can't work it out. I guess that's what I get for not checking your blog more often.

I hope you have a great weekend and that you are doing well!

Tasha said...

Here's to having no headaches!

LEt me know when you are going to the Beehive Bazza? I'vr been wanting to go the the lat 2 of them. Maybe I will pop down and meet you!

Shauna said... in person one of your fans!!!!!