Monday, April 27, 2009

So Annie Kate went to work with Jeff last week for "Take your darling child to work day". I sent her with the camera and she came home with 3 photos.

1. She took a photo of their breakfast and got to see what Dad eats every day for breakfast and lunch. Jeff - slimfast. Annie Kate got a large glass of chocolate milk (in the fabulous Tervis tumbler with lid)
2. the rest of his days food. Gross spotty bananas and a granola bar.
3. this self portrait taken at 6:30 am. Is she a blogger girl or what?

She neglected to take a photo of one of largest Army Hospitals in our country. She didn't take a photo of one of his patients the residents tell me I would need to afraid of if she was not in 70's. She is the sweetest lady ever and was there last year when Annie Kate came into the clinic. She bakes 2 cakes for every appointment for Jeff because they are his favorite. She bakes 2 because she know he will share them with his residents and wants him to have some for himself.
She didn't take a self portrait when she walked into the patients room who was covered in blood. (now that is the time to take a self portrait)
She didn't take a photo of her lucky day of getting more food than a rotten banana and a granola bar. She got to go with Jeff to give oral boards with to his residents and someone brought in Chinese food. (yea Dad gets lunch)

She had a fun day and came home so tired. I asked her what she learned about her dad seeing how far he drives each day, how hard he works and how little eats during the day. She didn't say anything other than "it was ok". WHAT? I had to jump down her throat to teach her that just merely talking about it in some detail goes a long way in showing gratitude to your parents. She laughed and then went into more blood detail.

I hope she will get to do that again next year as I feel our time here is so unique to other medical centers Jeff will work in in the future.

On goodwill news, I found the miracle a few weeks ago.

Remember my punch bowl dilemma. Had been looking for a cool hip one for my southern friend. Found a punch bowl with 12 mugs but it was just not quite her style. At the same time the lady I visit teach had a baptism coming up and I wanted to give it to her as a gift to remember the day. I ended up giving to my friend who didn't really need on but would make a great gift and memory for the baptism.
Since January I have been on the hunt for the perfect one for my southern friend and wa-la I found it. scalloped top and glass polka dots, with matching 8 mugs. All for $5.00 . I have it all wrapped up for her birthday , i think she will be really surprised!!


Tecia said...

I always pass up the punch bowls when I see them in the thrift store, But your post has me wanting one.:) I'm still planning our family vacation to DC for June 18th-24th, so let me know if there is anything exciting going on around that time. Also, I am waiting to hear back from Florida's Congress person , to see if we can get tickets to tour the White House. Im so so excited about visiting DC..

michelle said...

Yes! I'm glad you found the perfect punch bowl and that your dilemma has been definitively solved!

AK's day with Jeff sounds way more eventful than my boys' would be with their dad on BYU campus...

Anonymous said...

I love the polka dot punch bowl. I know your friend will too -- how could she not!

I think Take Your Daughter to Work day is great. I am looking forward to when our Caroline gets to go with her daddy.

Jill said...

Wow, I can't believe you have found multiple punch bowls at Goodwill! What great gifts!

It's cool that Annie Kate got to go to work with Jeff even if she wasn't forthcoming with the details. I'm sure it's something she'll always remember.

T-minus 35 hours until you arrive!

Kendra said...

I've been a lurker for a while. I just wanted you to know I LOVE your blog - well mostly I just love your personality that shines through. I especially related to you a while back when you talked about breaking down at church. My husband is a "young" bishop and we have three kids that I struggle with and there are MANY Sunday's I'm dodging people in the hall so they won't see the tears in my eyes as I leave sacrament meeting. Anyway, I just want you to know you inspire me and I think you are amazing (the little bit I know) and I wish you good luck with the next phase of wherever you end up :) Keep up the happy blogging.

Holly said...

I love how she captured a few pics (esp. a self-portrait), as their day began--but then didn't snap any of the things you described. It's funny, sometimes I'll document a lot of events/details around me and then other times I just soak up the experience without taking photos.

Her reply cracked me up! Good for you for pulling out more details. :)

Holly said...

P.S. Have a GREAT time in Utah this weekend!!

Bahama Shores Mama said...

Love the idea of a polka dotted punch bowl....

My birthday is in January if you find another one and wanted to gift one to a total stranger.

Now THAT would be a surprise.

wende said...

if allie went with rich to work she would fall asleep in ten minutes. which, by the way, is also my trick at night when i can't sleep, "...honey, tell me about your day." "well, the tech guys put together this program that..." "zzzzzz". ya, bor-ing!

by the way, i think you should have JOB hunting for things for people. you could take special orders. if you do decide to go into this line of work - my special order is FIRST. :)

Liz said...

I LOVE AK's self-portrait! She is such a cutie! Jared's preschool teacher had her son with her last week..she kept asking me if it really was "Take Your Child to Work Day". I didn't really know, but sounds like it was fun for AK.