Sunday, July 12, 2009


I took this above photo a few weeks ago when Jeff and I were in Seattle for the weekend. We walked every morning to Pikes Market and had fresh pastries and watched all the vendors set up for the day. We had a great trip!

Jeff and I right now are on what we think is our last interview trip to discover where our next growing spot will be for our family ( and hopefully the last ) We have truly been blessed to go on so many alone trips over the past 6 months and discover new parts of the country, as well as each other.

I get a little emotional when I think of all that we have done to get us to this spot. 15 years of waiting, schooling, training, crying and working. I can't believe how different I am then when we started all this and I can't believe that what I thought I wanted is not at all what I want now.

We went to a congregation at the local church to get a feel for the church where we are interviewing. The building was beautiful - maybe the most beautiful building I have ever been in. The families so nice, friendly and we left with 3 invites to come to dinner. I feel incredibly blessed to have the choices we have right now. It is amazing to see life falling into place and wondering what it must be like to be Heavenly Father who knows the beginning and the end. He must have many times wanted to tell me "be patient you won't believe what is coming soon"

While we still don't know where we will choose, I feel blessed to have so many options to choose from and been given so many opportunities to grow and feel ready for what is next.


Anonymous said...

the suspense is...well, driving us nuts!

drop some hints! Where are you looking? Obviously, Seattle, Chicago, Denver are places you have been...maybe going?

Clue us in! For those of us that have been reading for years, we want in on the journey! If only to live life is dreadfully stale right now.

Anonymous said...

If we all promise to be good and do no poo-pooing?

Natasha said...

What a wonderful way to look at where you are in life now and positive way to think about the changes you face!

Erin said...

I served my mission in Seattle...if you go there you will love it. My husband is from there and we visit every year, so keep us posted! Good Luck Lady!

Jill said...

I'm glad your trip went so well, it's wonderful that you and Jeff have been able to go on all these trips together. They must feel like a wonderful reward after all these years of school!

I absolutely love what you said about Heavenly Father wanting to tell us, "be patient you won't believe what is coming soon."

tootie said...

I'm so excited for you! We're military, and it's fun to dream about where we might end up when we can choose where we want to go!

Good luck! I can't wait to hear where you'll be!

denise said...

I thought this was a beautiful post - thanks for sharing your words.

eve said...

I also served in Seattle. I'm curious what ward you went to. I'm guessing it was the red brick one that I used to know so well and now have forgotten even it's name...Ok, you either went to the Magnolia Ward Building or...The Avenues Ward (is that right?).

Jeremy and Karen said...

thanks for your perspective on all of this, it's hard sometimes to realize how much you're growing and learning during a challenging time... i needed to hear what you wrote today :o) thanks kristi!

wende said...

your fourth of july photos are so gorgeous, i'm in love with all the colors!

the peas are beautiful, i wanted to snatch them out of the photo and eat them right away!

i think back fifteen years, and there's just NO WAY i could've predicted how my life would be. and... I'M SO GLAD. it's way better than i imagined, even with the hard stuff.

good luck deciding, even though i really just want you to be my neighbor. :)

michelle said...

This is just beautiful, Kristi. I love that what you thought you wanted way back then is not at all what you want now. Heavenly Father was probably saying "be patient you won't believe what is coming soon" back then, as well as now. I love your thoughts on this!

Mindy said...

I get emotional thinking of the journey too. I think because I met you at the "beginning," we can admire everything you and Jeff have done to get to this point. We love you and are so proud of you.

CAW said...

Ok. I am still at a loss on what you and your husband do- military/ missions but that is besides the point. Your post reminded me of one of my favorite Christian artists and your journey reminded me of her song. You may have heard-Francesca Battistelli I'm Letting Go
Her recent journal entry says this: "I am beyond thrilled and so incredibly excited about what God has in store. It's funny--things don't typically turn out exactly as planned, but if you live a life of obedience to God and trust Him even when you can't see the promise being fulfilled, He will fulfill it in due season.

I hope you check out the song here is a link to youtube- its words match your post and it is likable in every Pinkalicious way :)
love love love it!!

Megan Morton said...

I live about 20 miles south of Seattle, and really think you should move here! Seattle is where my heart is anchored, and it would be a great place for your little pinks to explore!

Keep us updated! :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I can't wait to see where you end up, too, Kristi. I often think of your bishop's advice in (I think) Tenesse about ending up where you really want most. Good luck with your decisions.