Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our best family photo from the trip

Once again our Space A luck got us on the first flight out of Germany. We had never flown on a C-17 before and were thrilled to do so.

What made the trip even more exciting was when the crew said get your cameras and lets take some photos. I am not sure if they knew who they were telling it was ok to take photos, but I am acknowledging I was given permission to take these photos.

The pilots let each of the kids come up and sit with them. I have never done anything like that before and was sure that I was much more excited than the kids. Being up there looking over the ocean gave me teary eyed moment number 4 from the trip.

1. seeing the room of the yellow house at the vanGogh museum (which lost its value when I saw another one at the Musse d'Orsay a week later - only to find out he made a few copies)
2. when we were on the Eiffel tower. It kind of hit me then I was in Paris.
3. When we walked into Musee d'Orsay. (i thought of Michelle and Jill and much I appreciated being there because of them)
4. looking over the ocean

They let Sally Jane go onto the Pilots bed over looking where we sat (and played) during the flight. You can see Jeff and the girls waving to us. You can also see the jump seats we sat in during take off and landing. It kind of felt like a roller coaster ride and you lean side to side when you take off and land.

At one point when Sally Jane and I were laying on the ground she looked up and said "why is the roof like that" I should have told her we were flying on C-3P0's cousin.

our checked luggage was in the center of the floor which was great in case we needed to get anything out.
how is this for luxury. plugs! Yes I charged my iPhone and the computer.

this video was taken during the 9 hour flight when everyone was asleep except me and the girls. they started one of their throw down wrestling matches and I was laughing so hard. You can't hear me because the sound of the plane is so loud. Near the end of the flight I was listening to music and singing at the top of my lungs - it was so fun. the other people could see me singing but could not hear me.

So, it was an amazing trip and the getting to and fro is just as exciting. We are beat and thrilled to have come home a day early to adjust back to this time zone.
on top of the Arc de Triopmphe in Paris

I just have to say how grateful I have been to my friends interested in our trip, it really means a lot to me. I didn't know if I was going to even blog about our trip, but am so glad I did. Thanks to all the people who sent us emails and comments, we tried to do almost everything that you suggested and it really made our trip fun to get up to the minute ideas. I don't even know some of you - so thanks! It has motivated me to finish blogging about the adventures that I didn't have time to do while we were traveling. We have truly been blessed with this opportunity to do this kind of travel for a few years and hopefully will look back on in with fond memories.

Can you believe how amazing this plane is?
Should I have done a cartwheel in the air? (darn why didn't I think of that!)
How would you have liked flying on C-3p0's cousin?


tootie said...

Sounds like a perfect trip! My husband and I have not flown Space A yet, but I definitely want to, especially after seeing your pictures!

deidra said...

I think being able to wrestle would make our flight to Paris in January seem a lot shorter. I would love that kind of space to move around in!

What a great trip. So amazing, please do post more about it!

LJ and DC said...

OOoh Kristi, I am SOOOOO excited about the pics inside the plane! I never thought we'd get to see that! Hurray! So glad you had a great trip.

LJ and DC said...

Seriously, SO cool! There's some definite perks to flying in such a loud plane, let the kids wrestle and keep themselves occupied. Hurray!!!

Amanda L. said...

You make flying on that aircraft look so much more fun than flying commercial! SJ with the pilots? Wrestling? Charging your electronics? All very cool. So glad to see a picture of you on the Arc de Triumph!

melissa's life said...

I loved (!!) that you blogged during your trip. I was so excited to read each update. It brought back so many memories! I love how you describe things and your photos are amazing. I want to hear more (and I'd love to still read about last years trip).

Jill said...

I feel like I'm gushing with happiness for your family that you got to go on such an amazing trip, that you got to do so in comfort and style, and that you got to experience all those great places! It's also wonderful that you could take pictures on the plane this time! It is beyond cool that the girls could be loud, run around, lie down and everything on such a long flight. They have no idea how lucky they are!!

I am so excited for my upcoming (yes, I'm going in October) trip to Paris! It has been so great seeing your photos and reading your posts. I hope you'll post more in detail about your trip (the way you did last year).

Shauna said...

I LOVE the photo inside the plane!!!!! It is the best. I had to call my husband in to see it.

patsy said...

Oh this is so cool!!
I am so happy you got to take pictures inside even- wow- I'm not sure if I could handle that plane right.... it looks so great though-

I have loved reading about this trip & I am thrilled you will post more!

what a great opportunity- HOORay it all worked out.

kelly said...

so cool

NPS said...

Awesome pics! Looks like the flight home was almost as fun as your time in Europe. Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip.

michelle said...

WOW! It's so cool to be able to see all of those pics from inside the plane! Even better than in my imagination. Being able to run around and lie down and sing to your heart's content would definitely make the time go by faster!

I'm thrilled that you all were able to have this adventure. I just love the way you drink in what life has to offer, Kristi. You look so happy on top of the Arc de Triomphe!

lelly said...

i am thinking that flying in C-3POs cousin would have been jack's favorite part of the trip. i don't dare let him see these photos... otherwise, he might rebel against our commercial flight to disney in a few months!!

Laura said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your trip! I'm amazed at all you were able to do with three little girls. And the plane was absolutely amazing. What a fantastic life experience!

Liz said...

That is a really cool plane! Now why can't they have such noisy planes like that when I am flying with my kids??? It would be so helpful to know that no one could hear all the screaming!!

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip! Glad you are back safe!

Lauralee said...

are you sure they couldn't hear you kristi? :)

amazing.. that just is an amazing trip, one I am pretty sure I wont' ever get to take.. it is fun to live it thru you!

that plane is huge! the loudness would have gotten to me I think, but so worth it... I am sure!

love all the pictures!

Chanel said...

The plane is VERY cool. I would love the opportunity to lay down and sleep for a 9 hour flight.

The fight video has me literally crying. The last few days my girls have been at each others necks going for blood... I keep thinking what have I done wrong?

So I am crying because your video made me realize how normal it is and laughing at that fact.

Thanks for sharing.

Claudissima said...

amazing adventure girl. you are one lucky girl. My dad is a retired General in the Military (he became a doctor in the military school of medicine) and he couldn't wait to get out of the military, he doesn't like to see people abuse power, and since then he reads D&C 121 every day.... wished we had had the opportunities like this, but after he paid his dues, he really did not want to do anything with the military...(maybe if it was the US it would have been different in some level.....)So this is tooo awesome for me! and looking at the ocean from the pilot's views....that would have melted me away! I love your zest for life! It is amazing and you never seize to surprise me. Remind me, I have 2 great YOGA poses that will help you with your fibro.....condition! They say wonders of them......

A Happy Heart Blog said...

Thanks for showing us those photos of the plane. You've talked often about your trips and getting onto the plane and I've always wondered what your experience is like. Pretty neat! So glad you got to experience Paris and all those fun European places! I would love to go back with my children someday!