Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fairy Camp gone bad.

Oh how I love being home with just Sally Jane, this Fairy Camp thing is awesome. She seriously floats around the house and talks in a whisper. She enjoys being the boss now that Caroline is gone even if it is just for her 8 stuffed animals.

This morning we went on a bike ride on our new toy (view below) to the lake. We watched the turtles and then pretended to fish with a big stick. We came home and then went to Bath and Body to try on as many lip glosses as we wanted. Sally Jane of course went for the lemon because it was yellow.

We came home and set up a free sticker stand out in front of the house and yelled "Free Stickers" to everyone that went by. It was great because I had just bought a brand new kids table at Costco and it was perfect. We only had a few takers who came by to get some but we were sure appreciate of the mom who stopped her car and let her two boys come out and get stickers from Sally Jane and even gave her $.15 cents.

The girls came home from school so we went inside for awhile and I made dinner. I was excited to make chicken enchiladas as coming home from Europe I crave Mexican food for weeks.

then the day went south. Jeff came home and we went outside to find no table. Also my brand new chair was gone too. We looked everywhere. We came to the conclusion that someone saw the sign free and put it in their car. Since we do live in a neighborhood where people throw perfectly good items on the street for trash. I have benefited many times from others throw aways, but they were always clearly marked as trash. This sign said FREE STICKERS and had stickers all over the table. Not FREE TABLE!

Oh my I was so mad. I can't remember the last time I was this mad. So we sat down for dinner and seriously the smell of the chicken enchiladas made me throw up in my mouth. I thought I was going to be sick. Between my mad state and the smell of the dinner that I spent all day on I had steam coming out of my ears. Annie Kate seemed to feel the same way as she said, "this is kind of gross" Jeff was just shoveling it in and told her she didn't have to eat it but not to say that about her mothers dinner. I looked at Jeff and wanted to say, "it's ok I know it is gross" Jeff kind of looked like a contestant on Fear Factor swallowing something slimey - I think he was afraid agreeing with Annie Kate would push me over the edge. So Jeff if you are reading this, thanks for eating my dinner, but I know it was gross.

The smell for me became too much and I went outside and made this sign and put it in front of our house.
I think my neighbors thought I had gone mad as I was pounding the stakes in the ground. I just kept thinking $60 down the toilet. How could the person not have realized they were both BRAND NEW!!

Jeff got all of us to regroup and go for a bike ride before I had Young Women's and back to school night.
So here is our new purchase off Craigslist! I double trail a bike. Oh my we love this thing. I had never seen or heard of one before and they sell online for about $500 so we were stoked to get this used. SCORE! (that will make up for my $60 table and chair- NOT!)

This is the effect of Amsterdam on our family. It made us come home and just crave going biking with our kids. The kids love it and cry when it is time to get off. Sally Jane and I have gone a few times by ourselves and Caroline wanted to go around the neighborhood before school. It is going to be awesome for our monument tour downtown.

Which if you have a minute you must check out this website for just 2.2 minutes if you have a chance. It is the best way to describe Amsterdam. It is a guy who took 82 pictures in 72 minutes of people riding their bikes in Amsterdam. You will be amazed- just scroll down and look at all the photos and then count how many bike helmets you see?
When we were there we saw men in suits with briefcase, women in high heels and 3 people on one bike - it was amazing. What I loved the most is that they were all beater bikes. No one cared what they looked like, the older the better the less chance it had of getting stolen.

The night ended with Annie Kate's back to school night and me leaving post it notes all over her desk and on the inside for her to find in the morning.

I still am steaming about my table but I think it is because I am the one that left a table out front with the word free on the paper - next time the stickers are going to $5o.00 each. That will show them.


Barb said...

I am so sorry someone lifted your table and chair, that is really rotten.
Tomorrow is meet-the-teacher night at our elementary school and thanks to you I will buy myself some post it notes to take with me. You are a great mom.

Hilary said...

oh, that is AWFUL!!! I'm so sorry! I hope it gets returned.

Love the post it notes and WOW on your fun bike-- I've never seen a double like that before.

michelle said...

Oh, man! I would be furious as well!

But, you do fairy camp! You are such a fun mom, Kristi. And I love your new bike, that is amazing.

Megan said...

I'm sorry about the table! That really stinks! As for the no bike helmets in the Netherlands, it's because since EVERYONE rides bikes, riding with a helmet is kind of like an adult riding with training wheels still on. Ya know? I hope things get better and someone brings that table back!

Holly said...

OH NO! I'm so upset for you too! I can't believe someone just took your table and chair--what on earth? How much do I love your staked sign? Hope they see it and return your table--even if under the cover of darkness.

LOVE the double trail a bike thing--so cool. Is it hard to steer/balance? Do the girls pedal too so the main bike doesn't do all the work?

Sorry about supper--I've had those nights around here too--I call them disposal dinners.

patsy said...

OH my... Ya- I think my head would have exploded- seriously!!!
dinner going bad alone, puts me over the edge.

that bike!! wow- what a fun family you are :) I the guilty party sees the sign & brings it back....

Lauralee said...

I hope whoever took the table, decides to return it! that is crazy... the whole fairy camp gone bad, just makes me laugh...

love the bike! how fun!

is your sign still out?

Lisa said...

Sorry about the table/chair :(

Your Amsterdam cycling pictures truly capture the feel of that wonderful city. Hopefully you saw the great multi-story bicycle garage in Amsterdam as well - it is quite a sight.

Cara said...

I am SO sorry about your table. The dirty rats - taking a little girls table. On a positive note - I so, so, so love your new bike. It's amazing! I want a 3 wheel bike with a big basket in the back. Every time I see one I have to go sit on it and dream. I know I'll look like a grandma but I don't care - I want one♥

LJ and DC said...

Boooooo! Free Stickers, not Free table. That's lame. I'm very sorry.

Charity said...

Love your new bike...sad about the table and chairs...I would be just as frustrated.

As for dinner, I tried to make cake in the microwave (I saw a recipe online)for after a pretend BD party for my son's stuffed elephant. It was dubbed "elephant poop" and eaten by no one. Even after my husband did the obligatory "eat your mothers food and like it speech."

Hope your day goes better tomorrow.

melissa's life said...

I'm so sorry your table got stolen. Where I live things get taken whether there is a sign on them or not. Hopefully it was a mistake and not intentional and whoever it was sees your new sign and returns it. I love riding bikes with my kids also. The weather here in AZ is starting to get good enough for bike rides. I can't wait.

Price Cream Parlor said...

I can't believe someone stole your table AND chair! Seriously! I do love that you pounded a sign in the yard telling everyone...

I love your neighborhood photos! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bike! Holy spokes! Love it!

Sorry to hear that your dinner was a bust too! I have the best recipe I made up with TJ's green sauce. I will email mail it to you. No fail recipe for Chicken Enchiladas! I, too, am crazy mexican and I haven't even left the country!

CRAZY video on the bikes! WOW!

(made a decision on where you want to establish roots next year?)

Price Cream Parlor said...

I am not a crazy mexican. That is not nice.
Oh dear!

TX Girl said...

seriously- they haven't brought it back?

Mindy said...

ok----that completely stinks and would ruin my day and dinner too! Great idea about the sign and I hope it works. It reminds me when David had the kids make a sign saying "SLOW DOWN" and he stuck it out in front of our yard......the next day our front door got egged. Good luck!

Mindy said...

ps--it may have been taken by the same people that took our stroller (new that is...from Scotland) just outside the Library of Congress!

Jill said...

Oh my, what a story! I'm so sorry about your new table and chair, that's just crazy! (It makes for great blogging though.)

Why were the chicken enchiladas gross? At first I thought you were just sick of smelling them and upset because of the table, but then it sounded like they didn't turn out well. Poor Jeff! Ha.

Your new bike set up is so cool, what a fun thing for your family! I cannot think of the last time I rode a bike.

mimi said...

What a bummer of a day. I hate when that happens. I do love the bike though and the blondie sticker girl.
What a great husband you have there to support you in your meltdown.

elshmobelsh said...

I don't understand how people can live with themselves when they take things that belong to other poeple. Don't they feel any guilt? I'm really sorry about your table.

I also want to thank you for all your work in writing the power of one. That must of taken forever- but it is so beautiful and profound and you will HAVE to publish your blog. I just met a freind who did publish hers and it is so cute finished!!!I know yours would be a family treasure and heirloom!!!

crystal said...

Stupid Sticker Stealer. I am positive they are now burdened with some seriously bad karma.

crystal said...

And! Forgot to say! You are the FUNNEST mom to leave post-its all over her desk!

I am swiping that idea for next year. Chalk that up as the 172nd Great Idea Crystal Has Swiped from Kristi. Thanks!

Alisa said...

Just curious if you have had any luck with getting your table back-
We have had several things taken from our yard, and it just bugs me.
Love the fairy camp. So fun!