Saturday, November 14, 2009

I will never forget today.

Today I was a lucky soul to be able to sit at the feet of Sister Elaine Dalton. She is the General Young Women's President for our church. She did not run for her job as president but was called by a living Prophet and after today I was even more sure than before she was meant for this calling.

I have heard her speak at Women's Conference and have always loved her talks. She has been one of my all time favorite leaders - right up there with Sister Okazaki. (you know how there are some that just touch your heart)

Sister Dalton has been on the East Coast doing some training for local Young Women leaders. Today we got to hear from her at our local church building.

When I walked in the chapel I felt a bit star struck to be sitting so close to her. Not star struck like I would be if I saw Gwenth Paltrow, Jason Bateman or Ricky Schroeder, but more of a respectful star struck.

I loved everything she said but one thing that really stood out was encouraging us to take notes of promptings we have from the spirit during her talk. I took two set of notes one of random thoughts I had of what I should do and one of snipets of her inspired words. (photo above. I am going to send her a copy with a thank you note)

She used an example talking about being connected and pulled out her phone. I knew I loved this woman - she had a iphone in a gold cover to represent the value of virtue. Well guess who came home and ordered a gold iphone cover to be just like her (yes that would be me!)

These were a few of my favorite thoughts.
"When I travel and meet with YW leaders around the world I feel like I am going to family reunions"
"Thank You! Thank You! for all that you do" (she must have said this at least 10 times)

"YW women are investigators of the church, some are converts, but most will be investigating for 6 years"

She asked the question "What were you specifically called to do?"

"Please remind the YW that the Savior loves them"

"You are unstoppable when you enable the spirit in your life"

"If you want to keep a secret put it in the handbook" (she was kidding in the sense that we need to use the handbook more!)

"drop all the fluff!"
"Don't waste time discussing the colors of napkins in a meeting"
"get you own homes in order so that you will have the time and energy to serve in YW"

100% invitation to do three things everyday.
1. pray morning and night
2. read the book of Mormon 5 min every day
3. smile every day. (she joked you don't have to smile 100% of the time or people may be specious and that she has never seen a grouchy person with the spirit)

Most personal revelations come in the form of a question. She encouraged over and over to ask more questions in lessons and less lecturing. Let the girls do the thinking and the talking.

She talked about the difference between power of women in the world and women in the church. Our belief of power is to be pure and feminine.

The new Personal Progress books will be pink to remind the YW of their feminine nature.


Tomorrow night is a mother daughter fireside at the Temple Visitors Center and I am taking Annie Kate. I can't wait.

Have you ever thought of taking notes on what you are prompted to do?
brilliant idea huh?


Kate @ Our Best Bites said...

That's awesome. I'm in the YW Presidency in my ward and sometimes the sacrifices we're asked to make, especially when we're not in an area with tons of members of the Church, are SO overwhelming. ESPECIALLY since I'm not the president and things aren't always going the way I think they should, lol! I love "cut the fluff"! Definitely something we need to hear from time to time.

Thanks for sharing!

Price Cream Parlor said...

How fantastic that you were able to go and listen at a local level! I love taking notes and being inspired to do good!

I miss being in YW!!!

LJ and DC said...

So totally jealous. Thanks for the notes! I'll keep those in mind for our lesson tomorrow!

amanda said...

I concur with you about how great Sis. Dalton is! We are lucky enough to have her in our ward! Guess what my brand new calling is? YW Pres :) She truly is an inspiration to not only be a better YW leader but to be a better person! Also, thank you so much for all that you share! I learn a lot from YOU! - BTW Anne got married today! She was beautiful!

Tatiana said...

I haven't stopped by for a while, but I'm glad I did today. You are a lucky ducky to get to meet with her. We had an amazing experience 2 summers ago when we took our YW to SLC for a day focused on the temple. We made a big deal about the girls making sure to dress modestly because we would be on temple square all day. We had arranged a stop by the RS building to get a little history lesson of the YW and had a small tour of the building. While downstairs in the YW/Primary museum we heard a voice say "This must be the group of modestly dressed young women who I've been hearing so much about today." Sister Dalton took the time to seek us out and spent a little time with our 14 young women who we love so much. She looked at every single one of them individually and asked them to tell her something special about them. Us leaders were in complete awe at the time she gave and the genuine love and care she showed to each of the girls. After this experience we all loved her even more and were so excited and I know I felt the spirit testify to me that she is who the YW of the world need right now. Yes, you truly are a lucky ducky to have spent some time with her.

michelle said...

This is wonderful, Kristi! I'm so glad you were able to have that experience.

I quite often will make a note of a prompting I receive while I am taking notes, but I have never thought of keeping two different lists. I LOVE the picture of your notes, so very you! Mine are always just boring old lists of writing.

I love what she said about asking more questions. That is really information we can use when teaching.

My favorite thing you noted was: "You are unstoppable when you enable the spirit in your life." What if we all could catch that vision?

Jill said...

It sounds like a great meeting! I love it that you send speakers a copy of your notes, that must be such a great gift for them!

The gold iphone cover is a great idea!

There is way too much fluff!

Alisa said...

I love her 100% invitation. Last Saturday my daughter and I listened to her talk giving that challenge from last spring.(our daughter turned 12 this summer) I told our family about the challenge and we have accepted it. In one week I can see the small ways that each one has benefited from in accepting the challenge.
I love your notes, and copying them to give. I love her idea of taking two sets of notes. I had never thought of that, but makes so much sense! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. I loved reading about it.

Denise said...

I love your idea to send the speaker a copy of your notes--that is the ultimate compliment indeed. These are great notes; thanks for sharing.

Lauralee said...

oh that is awesome.. I can imagine the respectful star struck feeling...
I take notes during sacrament meeting, it helps me to focus and to try to feel the spirit... and to feel those promptings of what it is I need to hear..
oh I would love to take my girls to something like that.. enjoy! and share! please!

bryn said...

what a great post and i loved your notes. enjoy the gold cover, too cute!

Shauna said...

This morning, I actually wrote in my journal that Elaine Dalton is one of the people I would like spend time with one on one.

I have pages and pages of notes from my meeting with her...they are pages and pages that I actually refer to often.

Sitting at the feet of Elaine Dalton was life changing for me. Her spirit is so pure and sweet.

We are blessed to live at this time with her example and influence.

Allison said...

Wow you got to be in there with her. Ours is scheduled to be a broadcast, now I can't wait to hear what she has to say and what I feel prompted to do. Thank you for reminding to send thank you notes to people like this. It is good for them them hear they are appreciated too.

crystal said...

I loved reading your notes, Kristi, thank you! I could feel Sister Dalton leaping right off the page. These were all amazing tidbits.

I really liked:
"drop all the fluff!"
"Don't waste time discussing the colors of napkins in a meeting"
"get you own homes in order so that you will have the time and energy to serve in YW".....! I LOVED that thought of putting our homes in order so we have time to serve. That was incredible. And very apropro for me.

The Trammell's said...

Thanks for sharing your comments Kristi! What a great experience for you. Wish I could have been there w/ you :)

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing. Now I want to be called into Young Women's :). Maybe by the time my daughter is 12...

michelle said...

I had to come back and look at this again. The best part for me is about putting our homes in order so that we have time and energy to serve -- I feel like that was just for me!

Juli said...

Thanks for posting your notes. I needed to hear what she said. About taking notes on promptings: last year we had stake conference and I felt as if I should learn to speak spanish. I wrote it down. I signed up for a class once, but I had a schedule conflict - long story short, I never learned to speak spanish. I just moved to Australia. No one speaks spanish here - except my visiting teaching companion and two of the sisters I teach. I wish I had learned. Better late than never, eh.


Nicole said...

BEST fireside I have ever been to. I SOOOO wish I could have sneaked into the training because I need it, and I wanted it!! Hope you had a great time in Spain!