Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spain on the Brain!

I stopped by the school today to bring Annie Kate's class some yummy donuts from Dunkin Donuts. (yea their White Hot Chocolate is back for the winter)

I got to use the Birthday tags and proclaimed myself to again be an awesome mom. Annie Kate chose not to comment when she saw it, but was so appreciative when I brought them in. She told me "I thought you were going to forget, but then I knew you loved me" Yikes. What if I would have forgot!
No fairy camp today as Sally Jane was in school so I stopped by Barnes and Noble to use one of my awesome coupons I got emailed to me. I went to buy "A Reliable Wife" I had heard good reviews from someone on the Today show who loved The Help. While I was looking a man and I started talking about books we had read recently. He was the age of my dad and reminded me a lot of him. We both shared recent book we had read on the table. I was shocked there were more than two that I had read (that is because of my virtue project of the year)
He suggest Still Alice (a women suffering pre Alzheimers and knows it) and I suggested for him the Alchemist. We both picked up each others book and agreed to read it. Then he said "see you same place here next month and we will have a book group to see how each other liked it". I laughed and said ok. He then went to the counter purchased the book I suggested and left. I felt this weight of what if he is at home tonight and not liking it.

As for tonight we are crazily packing for a Thanksgiving Get-a-way!
We have Spain on the Brain!
We are yet again Crazy!
We are milking our military benefits dry!
We are keeping our fingers crossed that this weekend
we will be on the beach soaking in the sun....



Elizabeth said...

How exciting!!

Esther said...

Que tengas un buen viaje (have a wonderful trip)! Spain, you're so blessed! :-)

Price Cream Parlor said...

Holy Cow!!! This is exciting!!! I say soak it all in while you can!!! What memories!

michelle said...

Kristi! What a fabulous idea to dash off to Spain! I really want to go there sometime, oh I hope it works out for you guys.

I am no less excited about you making a new book friend and having your own book club! Seriously, you have a gift and talent for making friends and influencing people.

kelly said...

have a wonderful trip...I am staring Still Alice today, I heard it was good. I will also check out the other two books mentioned!

TX Girl said...

There is no way he cannot love The Alchemist.

Have a great trip. I hope the stars align so you can make it.

Jill said...

Holy Crap, you're dashing off to Spain, what in the world??!

Don't fret about the man not liking that book, of course he will!

Liz said...

Fun! I hope you make it!

I've read "Still Alice" and I really enjoyed it. My book group read it and discussed it. I think it is very well written and definitely gives a fabulous idea of what it is like to have alzheimers. Check out the authors blog, she gives some good background and you will learn alot.

Liz said...

Ok, I need to edit my sounds like I am saying that it is fabulous to have alzheimers, which it is not...what I meant was that the author did a fabulous job portraying what it is like. She is a neuroscientist, so she really knows what she is talking about.

Carrie said...

How fabulous! Have a wonderful time in Spain and I will be waiting for an awesome trip review on your blog. We are going in March and we are SO excited! It will be fun to read about what you guys do there and see some pictures.

Lauralee said...

WOW! have a great time.. enjoy the sun!