Monday, November 02, 2009

We are Halloweened out! Exhausted and full of treats. I am downloading all my 200 photos from the weeks activities but had to share my new all time favorite tradition I will do from now on ... i say that all the time.

my new FAVORITE website taught me how to make these.
This little guy in the back won our favorite.
A few weeks ago I bought a bag of apples and peeled them for the neighbor kids to sit on our steps and make some shrunken heads.
The shrunk up in our oven all month and came out perfectly.

I especially loved the ones we wrapped in shiny white tulle and tied up with the
Happy Halloween twisty ties from the Container Store.

Thanks Kate and Sara for my new fun, inexpensive Halloween tradition.


Lindsay said...

Our Best Bites is such a great site, isn't it!? I think I first saw the shrunken head idea in Family Fun magazine. Their website is always chalk full of fun things too.

Jill said...

That looks like a hilariously, fun tradition!

Anne said...

creepy. i'm having nightmares tonight.

Hilary said...

I love OBB too. Your apples are FREAKY! in a good way!

michelle said...

This is awesome! Now I have to go check out that website...

Nora from Chicago said...

Rice for teeth?
Great idea.
Will they last more than 1 year or, if not, do you think they can be varnished, shellacked or somehow preserved?

kelly said...

my dad made these for us all the time when we were little but made them look like little old men and women with kerchiefs on their heads, what a great memory that is!