Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catch up

My friend Jill called me and asked where I was in the blog world. It meant the world to me, it was almost like someone calling me if I had not come to church in a month. I guess unless you blog you won't really get it - but I look at it as someone looking out for me. Thanks Jill.

I just get creatively crammed and have a million drafts but just am not a good finisher.

so here is my 2 week catch up

  • bought my Christmas card in January for super cheap and still don't even have them printed or a photo. Top photo was us taking one on self timer on Sunday in the RAIN, but since I am neckless, it did not make the cut.
I then was going to use this one from our trip to Spain in November, but Jeff vetoed it because of shadow's and being far away. Oh being picky is such a problem for me.

  • rented Julie and Julia. Loved, loved the movie and the blogging aspect was my favorite part. It made me dream of doing something big in my life (not that raising 3 amazing girls to share with the world is not amazing)
  • we saw the The Christmas Carol in 3D - when will I learn to read movie reviews before I spend $50 at a movie. I should have brought blindfolds for the kids so their hands would not have cramped up covering their face for 90% of the movie. Gee whiz!
  • I look back through our Spain trip daily and will be so mad at myself if I don't write about every day because it was so memorable. (oh ya and finish Belgium and France - I need to clone myself) This photo of the girls with Jeff in Ronda in the bull fighting ring could be my favorite picture from the trip.
  • I only put up a tree this year, a wreath and banister swag - not in the Christmas decorating mood, but totally in the Christmas spirit.
  • Denver is so on our brain. I feel like I just got a full time job and am on the phone constantly with moving things, but then want to be fully engaged in our neighborhood, church and friends- but feel this sense of sadness leaving the East Coast.
  • how cool is this basket we got from one of his new partners - baseball hats for all the girls
  • I am loving being a wife when I get to make all the gifts for the nurses and secretaries Jeff works with. I seriously love making him look good at work
  • speaking of work - Jeff has a really great job and gets to do really great things that are top secret and I can't write about them on my blog.... oops I have said too much.
Ok so hopefully that catches me up a bit so I can start anew tomorrow and feel like I have to catch up on so much.

And thank you to anyone who has sent me a Christmas card - I am in postal overload. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas cards.


Sherri Jorgensen said...

I love your blog!

Amanda L. said...

I have missed you too...!

I should have warned you about the Christmas Carol movie!!! Terry and I saw it on a date (we're super romantic, I know) and it IS scary!!

I wouldn't even have thought about your neck missing in the first's so great of all of you.

Love the bulls in the ring photo.

Totally understand you feeling in limbo between the east and west coast. You've got a foot in each place.

Glad you're enjoying your mailbox these days. I love getting Christmas cards too. Favorite part of the afternoon for me.

Anonymous said...

cute cute! I loved both photos....either would be perfect...!!! didn't see that movie, but I agree, I read the reviews and we are just starting to bring Scarlett to movies, so they have to be perfect or she is out!!!!
I am sure with move on the brain that Christmas is bittersweet...enjoy the time you have! You always make the best of every situation. Happy preparations, and a big hug from me...
love, heather cook

LJ and DC said...

OOoh! what kind of fantastic gifts are you giving the co-workers? I keep thinking we should send something to our Ob but have zero ideas. Love you!

crystal said...

Yay! A Kristi post at last! I stalk you daily, waiting for a dose of pink goodness.

I love that Spain photo! The golden light just LEAKS from the page. The light in that photo reminds me of the light in the movie "A Good Year."

Merry Christmas!

Christine said...

Love your blog, and I come over when I can. I hear you about picking the Christmas picture. We finally picked a couple from our summer trip and I had to ignore the fact that in both of them my hair is back in a ponytail and not looking pretty.

Know what you mean about the Christmas Carol movie. My Dad highly reccomended it but the kids weren't loving it. It was a long, expensive afternoon. :)

michelle said...

I have missed you, too, Kristi!

I think that top photo is fabulous! And the girls' dresses -- oh my oh my. LOVE. We ended up picking a picture with just the kids because we don't even have one of the whole family...

How sweet to get that Denver gift basket!

No wonder you're conflicted -- getting excited about your new home and all of its accompanying preparations and feeling sadness about leaving the great home you have right now, what a dilemma!

Liz said...


THat top pic of your family taken in the rain, is GREAT!!! Just use it! You look fabulous, neck or no neck!

Holly said...

You have definitely been missed!

I agree about not being in over-the-top (OTT)Christmas mode, yet feeling OTT spirit wise. Less frou-frou seems to be making me appreciate simplicity more.

Too bad you aren't in the bull picture--that could so be your Christmas card. I didn't notice your non-neck until you said...otherwise it's a really good picture!

Mindy said...

thank you for sharing your opinion on the Christmas Carol! We won't bother seeing it with the kiddos. I didn't learn the first time from reading your Wild Things review and David & I went to see it----totally the worst movie we've ever seen! And by the way....just your beautiful tree and wreath are good enough! They are amazing!