Friday, December 18, 2009

Fairy Camp Friday

Sally Jane and I finished any Christmas shopping today. It is supposed to snow tomorrow and the whole town is buying out all the milk and water like it is the end of the worldwe went to Michael's craft store to get some of the Japanese erasers that are all the craze with the kids(they just got them in there for 4 for $1.00, they are usually $1.00 each) Then we walked down the block to Five Guys.
Can I just say In and Out Burger you have been served! These are seriously the best hamburgers on the planet.
Here is what I usually order on mind.
green peppers
all on the best sesame seed bun on the planet!

Sally Jane of course ate nothing and played with the erasers and we colored pictures on the napkins. I treasure these days we have just the two of us.

Caroline must have found out about fairy camp because the teachers had to literally pry her off my body when I dropped her off at the Kiss and Ride line at school today. She was a crying mess and did NOT want to go to school. She just kept screaming, "I just want to stay home with you"
I knew she was learning how to read, but how did she get my link to my blog?
Sally Jane had the best Christmas party of her Preschool career yesterday and all the kids came out with Rudolph noses (honey and tissue paper) - I loved it.

Elizabeth was so nice to send me a box of chocolates from Hawaii to welcome me back from Spain. Thanks girl!!!

my only kind of calendaring system is looking at the date on Milk jugs. I saw my first one with Jan 01 realizing 2010 is just right around the corner. 2010 has been a year Jeff and I have been dreaming of for 15 years - I can't believe it is coming.
I can still remember when I was serving a 18 month mission for my church and when I first saw my release date on a milk jug - thinking it was so close!

I took this Photo of Caroline Thanksgiving weekend her her Turkey smocked dress and Denver Broncos hat- we had to pry it off her before she went into church. Smocking and Baseball hats don't mix!my last photo is one I found on my iphone I had forgotten about. I had plopped in Caroline's kindergarten class a few weeks ago while they read some stories. I had kids all around me and the smell on their breath made my eyes bulge. I thought how does this teacher do this all day, with these kids and their stinky breath? My Caroline was one of them.
I told the girls the next day please, please don't leave the house without brushing your teeth AFTER breakfast not before.
We had a busy morning and realized I had not seen them brush their teeth, so I brought each of them a Wisp toothbrush to save those teachers from my kids stinky breath. I taped Caroline's on her desk while she was in art and saved Annie Kate any embarrassment by putting it in her teachers mailbox. I can only imagine how nutso I must appear to their teachers, but I am sure their fresh breath excused my crazy behavior. I wish they were cheap enough to put on in their lunch box everyday.

Do your kids rave about the erasers?
Have you eaten at 5 guys?
Do you send a toothbrush with your kids to school or
know of a breath mint tolerable for little kids?

Do you use milk carton dates as a way to gage your months activities?


Paige said...

Hmmm, I haven't heard anything about the erases from my girls yet, but when I lived in Okinawa as a girl (25 years ago) we collected them like CRAZY. I should see if my mom can find the box and maybe I can sell them on ebay for a nice profit. ;)

Tecia said...

No I have never heard of magic erasers, Im going to see if they have them in our craft store. What exactly are they? My daughter is ten and always forget to brush her teeth as soon as she gets in the car after school. I can tell and smell. My daughter cant bring toothpaste to school, does the wisp toothbrushes already include some sort of toothpaste. If so , Im getting them. :) I LOVE five guys, you have inspired me to get me a burger over the week-end :)

Tecia said...

ha ha! Meant to say japanese erasers.. see my mind is on cleaning .. lol "magic erasers"

deidra said...

We love Five Guys. They are spreading
like wildfire in he west, which means our DC memories (and seeing my Idaho hometown as the source of potatoes) aren't as special anymore. But the hamburgers and fries are still the best! My husband had his fist In-N-Out burger this fall (after eating 5 Guys for years and he was sorely let down. No competition!

tootie said...

I do the same thing with the milk expiration dates. I can't believe 2010 is around the corner!

Amy said...

I had to click on the photo of the milk...what the?! Our Costco milk containers do not look like that, no grocery does...hmmm, some kind of new-fangled Atlantic thing.

Have not heard of those erasers, thanks for the heads up! Maybe a great stocking stuffer & we can be first on the craze.

Sorry, In & Out is soooo much better to me. 5 Guys is too greasy and I just don't get it...the buns are always limp & soggy. Come to Texas & I can recommend some great burger joints.

Jill said...

I don't think there's an eraser craze here, but Whitney was rather excited to get a stocking-shaped eraser at art class this week.

I've only been to 5 guys once and didn't end up loving my topping choices, so I need to go back.

Kid breath at school is heinous!! I am militant about making my kids brush their teeth before school and have definitely been sicked out many times when helping kids at school. I have no idea how teachers do it.

Hilary said...

I love Five Guys... so good! And those fries!

My daughter's teacher says the classroom smells like wet puppies after recess. Can you imagine? Ick!

Holly said...

I fell head over heels (maybe I should say burger) lfor Five Guys last year (whoops-2008) in Alexandria where we ate after the Marine Corps Marathon. I scarfed mine down, it was shameless.

We have a Mooyah Burger which is very similar to 5G--but there is a rumor that 5G is on it's way to the Houston area. Praise!

I haven't seen those erasers, but they are quite cute. Annelise would probably love them--better keep my eyes peeled.

Poor Caroline wanting to go to Fairy Camp over Kinder. So sweet.

Traci said...

i just scored some knock offs as well at our wal-mart for stocking stuffers. i would love these myself if i were a little!
still have never been to 5 guys and we have one not too far either!

crystal said...

Oh, yeah. Kid-breath is lethal. Take it from a former teacher (me).

And I taught jr high! Yep...adolescent-breath is lethal, too.

I had a rule when I taught school that we opened the windows after lunch, because they smelled so bad after lunch recess! I fondly referred to it as "recess smell." There's no other smell quite like it. :)

That being said...TEACHING IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!! I love-love-loved it! Stinky kids and all :)

Liz said...

I remember you posting about these erasers last year. I've seen them in a specialty toy store here in my town.

What kind of milk is that? My Costco doesn't have milk like that.

I have had Five Guys and think they are pretty good, since we don't have In N OUt on the East COast.

I am cracking up about the stinky kid breath!! Can I just tell you it brings back memories from student teaching! This one boy in the Kindergarten class I was teaching always, always had THE WORST BREATH EVER! and his mother was a teacher at the school! The other student teacher and I would just die when it was our turn to listen to him read. I would LOVE it if a parent sent in a toothbrush for their child! So funny!

michelle said...

My mom said the same thing about people buying up everything at the grocery store in PA!

Our Costco milk doesn't look like that, it got my attention right away.