Saturday, December 05, 2009

kids jumping high out of bed
screaming, excited, no need for breakfast

mismatched gloves come out of the storage bag in the basement
snow bibs are shrinking or kids are growing

wool stripped socks, no time to take off pajamas
can't get out the door fast enough

making use of every flake
wishing Dad was here to see it too

a Saturday snow is better
than chocolate cake for breakfast

snowmen, snowballs, snowwhat
if we get wet

grateful for neighbors who don't buy precut
carrots, so a snowmen can smell

starts to get cold. the strong ones don't notice
the little ones snuggle back in bed

good thing we didn't take time to take off our jammies

first snow


Amanda L. said...


We are supposed to get it this afternoon!

Natasha said...

We actually got snow in New Orleans last night! I woke the kids up at 11:30 and we had a snoball fight! It's amazing that we have had snow here 2 years in a row now.
The best part was having a fire afterwards at midnight, drinking hot tea with peppermint sticks in it in front of the fire with my kids.

Dani Stolworthy said...

AHH! I love it! darling pictures!!

p.s. my mom needs your home address for Christmas cards!! Could you email it to me por favor? Thanks!

michelle said...

Wow! My kids must be spoiled by snow, because they don't even get that excited about it...

crystal said...


Jill said...

This is my favorite line:
"a Saturday snow is better
than chocolate cake for breakfast"

It seems like our biggest snow falls are on Sundays, so the kids don't end up getting to play in it.

Sharon C. said...

Great blog and adorable pictures. We have had some really cold days--just want to stay inside to keep warm. Snow days were always special for our kids growing up -- especially if they happened to be a week day when there might be no school!

Christine said...

Love it!!!

From a California girl who only get to experience this vicariously! :) :)

Cute pictures.