Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fairy Camp

today for Fairy Camp** we took our recent $2.99 Goodwill purchases and
gave them a good polish.
I don't know why I never thought before to have the kids help. Sally Jane loved it!
Here is a before and after.
The one on the left has not been cleaned, the one on the right has.
Sally kept calling them princess cups.

** Fairy Camp. Someone asked me once what fairy camp is. It is the best way I can describe spending the day with Sally Jane who has the girliest sweetest voice and talks about rainbows and butterflies all day.


Anne said...

I'm still sad I never went thrifting with you. :(

I miss that sweet voice!

michelle said...

Seriously cute. I can't believe you got those for $2.99! You are the master.

SJ's hair looks like it's growing nicely!

Lauralee said...

beautiful! oh I wish I could go to the goodwills you get to go to! those are beautiful!

Amber said...

Stupid question, but do you have a post about the do's and dont's of shopping at thrift stores? The one's near me don't seem to EVER have anything cool, or perhaps my eyes just don't recognize good stuff?

Elaine said...

Polishing silver was always one of my favorite jobs growing up. My kids like to do it now too!

Price Cream Parlor said...

What a great discovery! Finding out that she loves to polish silver!!! Win win!!
Love that you do fairy camp! This is something she will remember forever. Another great Mom thing you do!

Amanda said...

Terry bought a big box of silver for $20 at a tage sale last fall and our kids loved polishing it for Thanksgiving. We didn't however, use toothbrushes would I'm sure would have doubled the fun!

Beautiful princess cups!