Friday, January 01, 2010

This holiday has been very lonely. I have had to take lots of deep breaths and counts to 10 to keep myself from crying and feeling totally depressed. A few times it even worked.
This morning when I woke up I thought "all I want is to go to Chipolte for lunch". I went to their wonderful website (which is so great) and found the above message.
They must have known I would come calling as they added in the "hope you can survive waiting a couple days".

I am sad to say that I will be so happy when this holiday season is over and Chipotle is open every single day for indulging opportunities.

Do you love Chipotle?
Do you have the awesome iphone app?
Anyone else ever feel lonely over the holidays?

after i posted this i got an email from Noodles and Company (who also has a great website) and they emailed me a free bowl of noodles for my birthday... hopefully they will be open so don't start rocking in the new year corner!


tootie said...

My husband LOVES Chipotle and he would be soo bummed if he went and it was closed.

I hope 2010 will be looking up for you!

Anna said...

Sorry for the lonely holidays. I LOVE both of those places to eat. You have exciting things coming in 2010.... (I kind of sound like fortune cookie, huh?) Good things to look forward to.

Melissa said...

I love Chipotle also- their pork salads are my favorite. Yes, I've been a little depressed this holiday season. My immediate family lives in another state, but I have many extended relatives nearby and always feel so left out because we aren't included in their activities. I keep telling myself that I need to not have the expectation that I'd be included and then therefor I won't feel let down when I'm not. My goal this year is to make my own memories with my kids and not rely on someone else's gatherings.

Jill said...

I'm so sorry that you've been depressed and had lonely holidays, what is up with that? You guys always seem like party-central to me, so how did this happen?

I've never been to Chipotle, I don't think we have those in Utah, but I would have been bummed if Cafe Rio or JCWs had been closed if I'd gone there thinking I was going to have some of their tasty food.

{natalie} said...

we were driving home from MT yesterday and really wanted some Chipotle for dinner. we tried calling and calling with no answer. too bad i didn't see your blog sooner. i love their tacos and their barbacoa burrito yummmmm.

deidra said...

We love Chipotle at our house. We make the drive from Northern Utah to Bountiful just for a fix sometimes. I think Chipotle easily beats out Cafe Rio or Costa Vida. So good!

michelle said...

I've never been to Chipotle but I am sure I would love it! Burritos always seem to be calling my name.

I'm sorry you've been feeling lonely and down. I didn't feel that way this year, but I have experienced that during the holidays before.

Here's to a new year!

Amanda :-) said...

Hello, Kristi! I'm sorry you've felt the disruption of the Christmas break so acutely. I get the impression your *head* doesn't have an OFF switch. Dear oh dear. I hope you feel energised soon.

I was saying to my husband only today that I am so thankful that certain 'regular haunts' of ours have stayed open all through the Christmas break (apart from, of course, Christmas Day and New Year's Day). One woman who works at one of these places told us today how the staff struggled to get through the snowy, icy roads to open up - and, blimey, I was soooo thankful for their efforts, but I felt silly saying so. I hope you can blog about your 1st Chipotle visit of 2010 soon.

Paige said...

Kristi, We had the same exact thing happen to us; only it was their Christmas party! I mean, how can Chipolte close early--and in the time I walked up to the door, because I just had to verify what I saw before my eyes, 3 other people drove by and asked me what the sign said and was it really closed. I think next time Chipolte needs to invite us to their holiday party!! We would knwo how to do it right. Hope you got your fix.