Monday, May 10, 2010


I think I may need to start carrying around an IV because I am going to cry myself to pure dehydration.

This weekend was so emotional and I am exhausted from crying - good kind of crying.

*The Savior of the World production was just amazing. I felt warm and fuzzy every time I watched it. Jeff's brother and wife came all the way down to watch it as well has his parents. I know it mean a lot to Jeff to have them there.
*Mother's Day! Annie Kate helped Caroline give a surprise talk in our main meeting in church. (A surprise talk to me) The two of them up there together was so sweet. A member of the stake presidency who was sitting on the stand said he almost pulled out his iphone to take a photo of their arms wrapped around each other.
*Our Bishop got released (also another surprise to me) I was a crying fool in the corner. My emotions still feel so raw on the subject. I learned so much from this man and have the up most respect for him. All of his counselors were released as well. Someone referred to them as the dream team and they surely were.
*One of my young woman received her Virtue value for personal progress. She had already completed her Personal Progress years earlier and I was so proud of her doing this weeks before she graduated from High School. I felt like a proud surrogate mother.
*The graduated seniors were welcomed into our Women's Program of the church, Relief Society. They received the quilts that the women made for them during the 3rd hour of church. My calling in Young Women's has taught me skills that I never knew I needed and I felt a sadness knowing that my calling must be coming to an end soon. (we are moving in 4.5 weeks!)
*Our basement flooded (and destroyed) hours before all of our guests arrived for the weekend. I have never been so happy to rent in my whole life!

We came home from church exhausted and recharged all at the same time.

I have told myself that this is the week that I must get in moving- cleaning mode!


Jill said...

Whoa, that must have been a ton of crying because you cry a lot when things are just normal!

I'm so glad some of Jeff's family were able to be there for his play and I'm glad all went well, what a cool experience for everyone involved.

Wow, a surprise talk from Caroline with help from Annie Kate, I want to hear more about this.

How did your basement flood??

michelle said...

Oh my goodness, that really is a lot of emotional things all at once!

I wish that man did take a picture of AK and Caroline with their arms around each other. More on the talk, please!

A ruinous flood before guests arrive? That sounds seriously stressful, even though you're renting!

LJ, DC and ML said...

The basement flooded?! Oh no!
That is the cutest image of AK and Caroline giving a talk. SO wish we had been there.

Nora from Chicago said...

Now I hope your crying isn't what flooded the basement!

What wonderful memories you are creating as you wrap up your time out East.

Claudissima said...

happy belated mother's day! hope you had a vonderful one!

Anonymous said...

If you were still here in Tennessee, it would have been your entire house! Almost all of Glastonbury was completely flooded. The destruction around Nashville is hard to put into words. It's the most incredible, amazing and saddest thing I've EVER seen! You need to see this video-
it's only a snippet of this mess. Franklin was one of the worst hit areas. Just wanted you to know you've been thought of- I'm so glad you weren't living at your old place although you & family are SOOO missed! =) love & hugs, Kim

Tasha said...

That is all so much to wrap your head around Kristi! I can't beleve you are moving in 4 and a half weeks!

The basement! What happened? Was your sewing machine and computer ok? What about all of your ribbon?

crystal said...

I think out of all of those happenings, the basement flooding would cause me to cry the very most. Ack! Disaster. And, of course, this happens right when it is time to pack. Hugs to you!

Moving surely is an emotionally wrenching time. You will leave an imprint behind, though, Kristi--as you do everywhere--especially with your Young Women.


shawna b. said...

Kristi - I wanted to let you know about a video on YouTube about the Nashville floods. It's called City of Dreams by Victoria Banks. The images are heart wrenching, but the song is beautiful.

Sorry about your own flood!

I just got called to be in our stake YW presidency and I am so grateful for all your excellent YW ideas. :)

Allison said...

THANK YOU......AGAIN. You have given me help and ideas for my last minute self. I have procrastinated planning my YW PP activity on Individual Worth. I came to your blog to see if I could find any ideas and I found your old post on advice for a 16 year-old self. I'm going to have the girls plan what their life will be like in 15 years, where they'll be, who they'll be, stuff like that. Then I'm going to have them pretend they are that older wiser person already and have them turn around and give their yw self advice. I hope it turns out, it still need polishing. I just wanted to tell you I love having your blog as a resource. Good Luck with the move, we're going to be going through one at the same time.

Mary said...

I clicked on your blog from Lara's, who is in my ward in TX. I saw your Savior of the World post and thought you must know my brother 'cause his ward (or was it the whole stake?) was doing it at the VC this month. Then I read your previous post and it mentioned the bishop was released. He's my brother. Small world.

Mary said...

Yes. Scott is my brother. I'm #9 he's #2.