Sunday, May 02, 2010

Welcome Wagon

Our first morning of Women's conference we drove to the Marriott center and I was determined we would just magically find a parking spot up near the front so I pass all the hundreds of parked cars as well as the hundreds of women walking the half mile from their cars looking for our spot.
I pulled up into the house across the street from the Marriott center, where the family sells some spots to park in their backyard. Best $10.00 ever spent. We know had front row joe seats to Women's Conference - I could feel it the day was going to be great.
As we walked into the masses of women going to Julie B. Beck's opening talk for the conference, Jill, Michelle and I got one of the greatest gifts and the best welcome ever.
We got to meet Buggs Mama. She welcomed us to the start of our day and weekend with the biggest hugs her genuine smile. If you don't know Buggs Mama, then that must mean you don't know Bugg and if you don't know Bugg then you "got to know Bugg" Here let me introduce you to him right here.
My meeting Buggs Mama is one of the many things that happened this weekend that made me say "why am I not blogging any more". She does not know this but she gave me the warm hug of encouragement to just live life, make the most of every day and not worry so much about what every one else is thinking.
She met us for lunch on the second day just to come and share with the three of us what our blogging has meant to her. She was not at the conference that day but just came to see us. She had her little wiggly girl with her and could thought of a million reasons why she didn't want to fight the crowds and find a parking spot at BYU to come. How amazingly brave. Her example makes me want to write those notes to people that I always think I will but never do - to tell them how they have touched me.
Bree meeting you was a highlight of my trip, I needed to hear everything you told us this weekend. Thank you so much for stopping us, meeting us for lunch, sharing your life with us on your blog. You were the best Welcome Wagon BYU Women's conference could have hoped for.

See you next year!
(and seriously take a minute to meet her, you won't regret it!)


michelle said...

Yes, thank you, Bree! You made our day, it was the perfect start to our weekend together!

Bree was a delight, a highlight for sure. And that video of Bugg – seriously so sweet.

Jill said...

I totally agree, what a gift it was to start our conference experience by meeting her, and then to get to talk at lunch the next day as well. I love how blogging brought us all together, what a gift! Bree is wonderful!

Erin said...

I love you. I'm sorry that you have been so ?whatever? lately and that you haven't felt up to par. Did I mention I love ya, yep, I did!

You are the best Mrs. Pink. I think you are more wonderful, brilliant, sweet, thoughful, talented, creative, terrific and super than you even know. I know. I do.

I'm glad that you got to get away. Husbands always know. I'm glad that you were forced to join your bestfriends and get a reboot.

Isn't it nice that we are programmed to reboot. Heaven knows that I shut down quite often.

I love you...remember? I told you so.

Chin up. You are going to be in Colorado soon and flights from Colorado are super cheap. That means that you are going to be able to take those REBOOT trips WAY more often. (Who says monthly couldn't be done?)

Hang in there.

I still love you.

(Thanks for the intro to Buggs mom. She is swell)

Bugg's mama said...

Who? Me? I did all that? Oh, my. I feel like a rockstar.

Wow, what an honor for me to be on the pink blog! You know what is also cool about that? So many more people can get to know my special Bugg! Thank you ever so much, Kristi. And Jill. And Michelle.

You sweethearts.

Love, Bree

Grammaduh said...

So, I am Bugg's Mama's Mom! And yes, she rushed right into Women's Conference as tickled as can be to have just met you all. I just love that all of you girls can be an inspiration to each other. Coming from another member of the family....Bree is an inspiration to all of us and our special Bugg is truly the joy that she blogs about. Saying that we all feel completely blessed to have him in our family seems like such a gross understatement given the deep gratitude and love we have for him. Thank you to all you wonderful women who inspire and lift us all!

Brooke said...

Oh, yes. I'm Bugg's Mama's sister and she is a wonderful inspiration. Thanks for sharing the highlight of your trip.

Mindy said...

I look forward to your WC recaps every year!!!! I love the new look of your blog, and I have missed your posts! I can almost taste that mint brownie now!!! love ya, Kristi!

wende said...

so glad you're back - i've missed you. and your photos makes me want to eat sour pink grapefruit balls. makes me happy!

and what a cute husband.

Elisa said...

Every year I think I am going to go surprise you at Woman's Conference, and every year something comes up...or out in this case, I think I was having my baby that day!

Maybe next year.

Love ya cuz

Brittany said...

Why didnt you see me???? I'm so sad. Next time you come out tell me and I will find you.