Monday, June 07, 2010

4th of July dresses!
I am a total sucker for red white and blue dresses. A few of you have asked me today where I got them. I bought them in February at The Children's place. I looked online and they are not there anymore, but may be in the store. They were only $12.99 each
They have a full pleated skirt and make the best twirly dresses around!
Good luck hunting!


kara jayne said...

called all possible stores and luck. boo!! i'm so glad you got them. they are perfect for you, your girls, and your life in d.c.!!

Jill said...

The dress is darling, but why were they selling that back in February? Apparently they were rewarding the smart people like you who plan ahead, sheesh!

The Trammell's said...

if only kara would still wear dresses like these...ADORABLE!

michelle said...

You have the best way of planning ahead with darling dresses! What little girl doesn't love to twirl like that?