Saturday, July 10, 2010

Calendar Help!!!

Really is it too much to ask to find a hip and pink desk calendar. Like the big ones that they use at a real work place. I need one for my kitchen and all I can find online are ones with
(Nora - by the way your Mother's day card and photos were so awesome. I am going to post about it because the world needs more of you and your creative hilarious mind! You have given me a new respect for cats, but still can't have them on my calendar)
Looney Toons

Wolves! Are you kidding me?
Where are the stylish ones that look like they were made by Kate Spade??

hey but in all my google searching I did find this awesome new plunger coming out on this site. So awesome! If you have anything that begins with the letter i - this is what I am giving you for Christmas.

So can you help me! Where do I find a cool desk pad calendar. I need to get my friends with Stationary bushiness to create one to sell on their site!!!

any suggestions??


wende said...

i am laughing OUT LOUD over that plunger thing - that is hysterical! why didn't i think of that? oh, because it's a plunger! which is kind of gross.

my favorite calendar for the last two years is from i've tried the "planner" looking version and also the big one. i love that everyone has a square for that day, and that there's a column left over for errands, and another for the dinner menu. not necessarily "kate spade" looking, but very very cool.

good luck!

ps thanks for your comments! i did not move far away, only to farmington, about seven and half minutes to be exact. the centerville girls TRIED to kick me out, but i said, NO WAY! just kidding, i got their approval before the house even went on the market! :) can't lose those ladies! i will post some good house photos as soon as i feel like i have my head on straight.

Jill said...

I don't think I've ever seen a big pink calendar like that, but I think I've seen cute ones that size at Target before.

It took me way too long to understand what the iplunger was for.

Amy @ OurScoop said...

Have you ever seen Russell and Hazel stuff? I saw Martha Stewart feature their products years ago and I bought the best filing system(which they no longer sell) :(. They have the cutest binders with dry erase boards on the inside cover. Love the idea!
They have a calendar pad but it is simple. I thought of you when I saw the cute pink and green binders on their homepage:

The calendar pad:

This one on Amazon looks fun too but it is weekly:

Best of luck!
amy:) said...

would 11x17 be big enough?? if it is i could make something special just for you!!!

Kristy said...

I hope the above link works but Office Depots has pink desk calendars. I also found some on Amazon too. Good luck!

I LOVE your new house and all your great finds for your new house! Looks like you moved into a great neighborhood.

Rachael said...

Have you tried erin condren? Its probably
Good luck!

Charity said...

I've got nothin'.

However, isn't it great that you can ask a question about something as simple as a calendar and someone somewhere has a fabulous idea that you might not have thought of?

I love the thought of people all over the country caring about others, even if they might not have ever met in person.