Monday, August 30, 2010

When we were house hunting - we fell in love with the house but not the oven. The owners had just redone the entire kitchen and had put the oven right next to the kitchen desk.
I had never seen this kind of oven before and thought it was old and left over from their previous kitchen. Silly Me!
Well much to our surprise when we moved in we realize it was "Super Oven". Made in Europe, super expensive and much fancier than we knew what to do with.
The oven goes on our long list of wonderful things about our house we did not discover until we moved in.

The best part of the oven is that it is a dehydrator. Which means making my old man apples this year are going to be easy and fast.

Check them out. This is after just one night in the oven!Annie Kate came up with the idea of the spaghetti this year and it looks great.

My plan is to come up with some sort of Halloween tree spray painted black, glitter and these guys hanging from every branch.

Now that I have a whole month to come up with making these, I may have my own army of Shrunken Heads.

Oh ya and did I mention my back yard neighbors have 2 apple trees that they do nothing with the apples so we have them all for Free!!!

(note my walking path in progress. My goal is to get rid of all the rocks in our back yard in 5 years. I have started planting "Stepables" around all our stepping stones in hope to green the place up a bit)

Are you going to make Shrunken Heads this year??
Have you ever planted stepables?


Melinda said...

What a score to have such an awesome oven! I love those old man apples. I need to try those. We have a neighbor with an apple tree who does nothing with them also! Half the tree hangs over our fence so I should just start collecting the apples to do this.

I love what you have done with your house. Everything has turned out so great. Every time I have seen your posts you have had that cake plate and I love it. I need to find one like it.

michelle said...

What an oven! You scored big time.

I love the shrunken heads. And free apples! I haven't planted stepables, but I love them. Especially when they have a scent.

Jill said...

Hooray for a new post! That's too funny that you guys thought the oven was lame and old, but how would you have known? Crazy.

The old men apples are funny. We have 2 apple trees in our backyard and many of the apples end up on the ground, maybe we should make these.

Carrie said...

I want some stepables!

We got your moving announcement today. Very cute! I didn't realize you guys bought in Highlands Ranch. Charlie and I went house hunting there a few years ago and really loved the area. We ended up staying put in CA, but Highlands Ranch is still on our short list of places we'd like to end up someday.

Natasha said...

Oh lucky you! I actually bought a dehydrator last year and we use it ALL the time. We dehydrate apples, bananas, kiwis, peaches, pineapple slices . . . I sprinkle cinnamon on the fruit, drizzle on some agave, and put in dehydrator for about 24 hours. My kids eat it up like candy! Griffin actually wanted to give out dehydrated fruit as party favors at his 7th b'day party. (We didn't, I wan't sure how kids would react to a bag of shriveled fruit). Oooh, you can also make your own crackers in there!

Liz said...

That's awesome. I am discovering really cool things about our new house too. In fact our oven, while it looks different than yours, does dehydrating too! How cool is that? I was just thinking yesterday that I wanted to make some fruit leather a'la Rebecca Swindle.

I love the shrunken heads, and think we just might need to do this too!

Nora from Chicago said...

Uhhhhh, what's a "stepable"?

Price Cream Parlor said...

I love that you discovered your OLD oven was something fantastic!

I love your apples! So clever and cute! Can't wait to see the finished product of your Halloween tree with handing heads!

HELLO! FREE apples? Applesauce, baked apples, apple crisp and shrunken heads! Love it!!!

I LOVE STEPABLES!!!! I re did our path in Oregon with flagstone and I did stepables all around! I tried several kinds. The one I loved the most had tiny white flowers in the spring and then green the rest of the time. Not only do they look fantastic! They are so soft and squishy!

Christine said...

I love the shrunken heads! Very haloweeny! I don't have any free apples here...but I might have to be on the look out for them ;)

Sweet about the oven.

jill said...

We're starting to prepare for Halloween as well. My girls LOVE it! Those old men are awesome!! How do you make them?

That oven is not only pretty, your kitchen counter is darling! I love your accessories, it looks so good!

Tasha said...

We have two stone patios that are planted with elfin thyme and irish moss around them to make them stay stable. I love them in theory, but weeds get through them so badly. Its quite a chore to weed them, but I love how they look so much i don't care...

I just ordered a dehydrater, maybe I'll make shrunjen heads this year...

Cara said...

WOW what a blessing! Those old man heads are the best!!! You seriously are the most creative lady in blogland!