Friday, October 08, 2010

One of my dreams come true of moving to our new house is that I finally have a house big enough to host baby showers and such. I have been collecting old glass dishes for years (from Goodwill of course) I have enough right now to serve 40 with glass tea cups, glass rectangular plates and real silver. (I just bought a full set of silver the other day at Goodwill for $4.40! that was a score)
Even better than having a house big enough was having a back yard that at one time had 21 kids out back during the open house luncheon (with their own kids lunch) and you would not even have known they were there. Oh the joys of space!

Last week a threw a baby shower for a girl having a baby that I get to visit teach (watch over, take care of and love) in my church congregation. It was so much fun. The invites were some of my favorite that I ever made. I used the graphics from one of my new favorite websites, Free Pretty Things For You (thank you!!!)

I made cupcakes with pretty pink polka dotted liners (I always buy my icing from the grocery store bakery, it is cheap, fast and much better than I can make at home) and my favorite fall drink of Spiced Fruit Punch. The recipe is from my friend Liz H who really should make a cook book because she has a great collection of yummies. Try it this fall you will like it.

Spiced Fruit Punch

Liz H.

1/3 cup of sugar
12 inches stick cinnamon, broken (buy these with the Mexican food at the grocery store, you can get a bag for $2.00)
1/2 tsp whole cloves
4 Cups apple juice, chilled
1 12 ounce can apricot nectar, chilled
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 liter of Sprite

In a saucepan combine 12 cup water, sugar and spices. Bring to boiling: reduce heat. Cover and simmer 10 minutes. Chill, covered, 2 - 24 hours. Strain spices from sugar and water and discard. Combine with fruit juices. Pour into punch bowl; add sprite.

I am slowly but surely fitting in and finding my spot. These women have been too good to me so far - I hope the more they get to know me they will be just as nice!


LJ, DC and ML said...

How fun, and those are the cutest invites!!!
I have the world's best frosting recipe. At least that I've tried so far, and you know if I can make it anyone can. I'm such a bumm in the kitchen. :)

Anne said...

What a beautiful view!

Kelly said...

Kristi, I think I see my friend from college Michelle W in your group picture. Back row, red hair. She was my next door neighbor at BYU, and about the nicest person you could know! How fun!

Your shower looked just lovely! Settling in to a new ward takes such patience. It looks like you are well on your way, though -- hooray!

everything pink! said...

Kelly you are right. That is Michelle W. She is so great and an amazing mother!

Price Cream Parlor said...

So funny that Kelly found someone from her past in your photo! Love that about blogging!

Fun that you were able to do this for her. YEAH for space and entertaining! I still am given' it a year and a half before "I" feel planted. It's great to feel like you are moving in that direction though.. Glad you are on your way...

Scott & Tami said...

You are freaking hilarious....and amazing!!! It was a spectacular party!

Sharon said...

Glad to see you post again. It was way too long waiting. I follow each post to see how you are coping. Looks like you are doing better...keep it coming.


Shauna said...

Very fun! I love you are so proactive in reaching out, even though you are the new kid in town!

And.... we totally have the same shirt!!!

Claudissima said...

Kristi this is soo cool and fun, to see your home full of wonderful girls. What a great and noble manner you have in expressing your feelings for the SPACE acquired. I love it. Keep on going....and they will all find out what a wonderful brilliant and beautiful girl you are.

Jill said...

How glorious that all of your brilliant, bargain collecting can now be put to good use and shared with others! I'm excited for you to have so much space in your home and that you're easygoing enough to share it (not everyone is). Woohoo for you!

patsy said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray!!!
I love that you are entertaining in your new house!!
And OH that colorado sun coming through the window... love it!

Thanks for the recipe & great tips- you are the best!

michelle said...

How wonderful that you can share all of your goodness with so many! I too hope that your new friends will be good to you - you totally deserve it.

Michelle said...

You knew I had to find your blog after hearing that you know my lovely friend Kelly! The shower was so much fun; I loved all your fun dishes and the amazing food. Three cheers for more space! Your house and yard are perfect for entertaining and you are such a gracious hostess.