Thursday, May 12, 2011

Look what I got in the mail this morning! I am beyond excited.
Due to our state of new religious commitment (that sounds kind of weird but could not be more true)I have already watched General Conference about 3 times, but look forward to getting down to the nitty gritty with the testimony of my Savior.

So I am telling ya'll my General Conference Goal (you always have to have a GC goal) for Spring 2011.
I am going to write a thank you note to each speaker. Yep you heard it right.  It will surely take me 6 months.  But I am going to do it!

If you want to do it too then here is the address you can send any note to anyone who spoke.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Administration Building  
 47 E. South Temple St.  
 Salt Lake City, UT 84150  U.S.A.

What is General Conference?
General Conference is a worldwide meeting, broadcast through out the world for Members and non members of the LDS Church to receive instruction from a modern day prophet
What is the Ensign? Is a monthly magazine teach teach Members of the LDS church as well as update them on current news for the church
If you want a copy of this Ensign just to check it out then email me your address and I will send you a free copy.
These are the topics discussed in this months Ensign


{natalie} said...

you are awesome. good luck to you and your family as you embark on this adventure.

LJ, DC and ML said...

Kristi, you are amazing. I didn't even know you could do that. And ps. I didn't get my copy yet! :) I wonder when it will come? I think the mailman might be reading it before he delivers or something. Seems like mine always comes 2 weeks later than everyone else's.

Lauralee said...

your new state of religious commitment.. that's cute.
I am awaiting my copy.... surely it will come soon!

Christine said...

I got my copy yesterday but I never thought about writing the speakers! How nice of you!

michelle said...

You know, I have never thought to send a thank you note to the speakers! Great goal.

I can't wait for my copy to arrive!

Jill said...

I was excited to get this issue in the mail on Thursday and I love the beautiful cover! It's super surprising to me that I have never written a note to any of the speakers. I have thought about writing Sister Beck numerous times, but have never done it.

Tasha said...

That is an awesome goal! When I was like 7 I was able to go to Hartman Rector Jr, our area authority, 's office and leave him a box of chocolates. He sent me a letter back and I still have it. It was so amazing to me that I had seen him speak and then he wrote to me.
I can't wait to see what kind of good mail (GOOD MAIL for sure!) you get in return!

Francie said...

Thank you for posting again. We all understand you have a life besides this blog but you are a true inspiration to so many. I'm sure we'll see you one day, speaking at Women's Conference. Thanks again.