Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back to school traditions.
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So I was talking to Jill yesterday, thanks for the phone call, and we started talking about school starting up for many this month. I was realizing I better start posting some of our Back to School traditions early so everyone can share theirs too and you will have time to plan ahead.
Here are just a few to start off with I will post more soon.

One thing we do (which is only going to add to our therapy in later years) is that the "Magic School Bus" comes by our house the night before the first day of school and leave a gigantic lunch bag (paper shopping bag from the grocery) at our front door and rings the doorbell and runs. (my neighbor nancy used to do this for us) Inside is just some fun school supplies and a little gift. Last year, She got a silk eye patch to help her fall asleep. a labeler and a stuffed animal to sleep with. This year I am going to make her some new pj's that will be in the bag.

Jeff always gives her a blessing on that night. and lots of father hugs and kisses.

Then we take a photo of her and dad with the number of what grade she will go into. (for Kindergarten the letter k)

What are some of your back to school traditions, fun breakfasts, things to make it a special day, etc. We all want to know!


Anonymous said...

My mom used to take my best friend and I shopping together for our first day of school outfits. We always felt really "cool" because our outfits usually coordinated with each other. My mom also wrote notes on my napkins in my lunch. An modern version would be to use those cookie decorating markers to write notes on sandwich bread. Annie Kate might like some "business cards" to hand out to friends since they won't know her name or phone number etc. :)

Jill said...

I'm so glad you posted this a few weeks before school starts. We haven't had much experience with this yet, but Randy gave Landon a blessing the night before school started as well, then on the first morning of school I made a big breakfast for him, and took lots of pictures (of course) from the moment I had to wake him up, to him getting ready, to him with his new teacher. I love his kindergarten pictures. I can't believe Whitney will be starting in a few weeks!

Bevan said...

Ride my bike to school the first day, and then get a ride the rest of the year.

jenny said...

We get the list of school supplies needed, new lunch pales and sometimes new backpacks.

We too give father blessings. I get one as well which I love. Of course we take tons of pictures. For the first week I normally will walk my kids to their classrooms just to make sure they know where to go. From then on they just go themselves.

How funny that you posted this, I am so ready for school to start.

Elisa said...

We did the back to school pictures. We always got to take a big trip to University Mall in Provo for a full day of clothes shopping! We also received Father's Blessings.

I, of course don't have any traditions as of yet, but you got me to thinking that I should do something cute for Darin. He heads back the end of this month too.

Jana said...

I love the Magic School Bus idea. You are so creative! Your kids will remember that forever.

Besides blessings and new backpacks, we really don't do anything else. I'll have to get a little more creative and have fun sending them off.

Unknown said...

What fun traditions you have with your kids Kristi!

We take the boys to Park City to get their clothes and we eat lunch up there along with going to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for Caramel Apples. :)

Aaron gives them each a father's blessing the might before school.

Aaron comes home from work so that we can take pics and then walk them to school and meet their teachers that first morning.

I also fix them a home lunch and write them a love note on their napkin.

Not too many traditions yet but I hope to start a couple of more!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to stealing traditions from you. Can't believe Riley is off to kindergarten and emma off to preschool this fall....I will have to do the magic school bus. They will love that. Thanks for the ideas

Kari Lynne said...

I can remember when school was getting close that we would get to go to the county fair and then when we came home my mom would sit down with each one of us and we would order our clothes from the JC Penney Catalog. In northern WY there isn't really anywhere to shop unless you want to travel for several hours. On the morning of the first day of school we always had to stand outside and get our pictures taken together and then separately.

Anonymous said...

My mom is a beautician so she would cut our hair the night before or color it or whatever. I loved this when I was a teenager and my sisters and I would spend days and days looking at hair styles and colors.

Anonymous said...

My dad would also give us a fathers blessing. The fist day, we wore some of our new clothes and then stood outside for a picture of us on the first day of school. That's all I can remember. I loved the feeling of that first day of school or maybe it was just the thought of fall.

DeDe said...

I always remember getting a fathers blessing, and a new outfit.. and i loved the new backpack, and folder and new pens.. it made me so excited for the new year... i love the swimming video.. it is so cute...and the music had me dancing :)

becca said...

I love the idea of "the magic school bus"! I remember Father's Blessings and what a HUGE comfort they were! Thank you for the great ideas!

skbkmjfamily said...

Dang we already started school now I am going to have to do the magic bus next year, that is a way cute idea. You really need to publish a book, you are full of fun mom moments.

We do the blessings, and the day of school I take pictures, I make them a huge breakfast since i am not great at it during the year. I get them a special snack for after school.

I hope she has a wonderful first day of school.

Liz said...

The magic school bus idea is great! I am going to have to borrow it! We do Father's blessings here, and of course the new outfit and pictures outside on the first day of school. I also do notes in lunches, but not everyday, just occasionally to make it more fun and exciting. I loved reading everyone else's traditions!

michelle said...

Well you have me feeling like a slacker once again! We get new backpacks and Marc gives the boys father's blessings the Sunday before school starts. I take lots of photos, and that's about it! The magic school bus. You truly are amazing.

amy gretchen said...

Cute idea. You are so full of them. We also do the father's blessing at our house the night before. It' what I grew up with and definitely wanted to continue the tradition for my girls. I also make a good breakfest, whatever they want. After school when I always have fresh cookies waiting to eat. They have loved that. This year I think I will do something fun inside her lunch sack. So weird that my Bella is going to school all day.

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