Friday, February 24, 2006

AnNie KaTe 4 pRes!
Today Annie Kate (age 7) brought home some projects from school they she been working on for president's day. One of them was what they would do if they were president. I had to retype it for you the way she wrote it.

I would like to gro up to be the president because I would make sure evry one would go to Chrch. And evry one is going to be safe. And foly laws. Nevr mis a day of school oly if ther sik. And kep your hans in the widw or it will get hrte! (she must hear this on the bus) And war modist clos.

So sweet! I guess she is learning something at home


Jill said...

Very sweet, I'd vote for her.

Mimi said...

Thata ws wonderful, Annie Kate. How do I vote? The angels in heaven are cheering for you.
You are getting to be a very good speller, too. I knew every word!