Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This post is in honor of my husband Jeff. He is addicted to this ChapStick. Vanilla Mint. It is impossible to find. For his birthday I had it special ordered from our local drug store. It was his favorite thing that he received. Enjoy his birthday photos
He just loves knowing that there is one in every pocket of his jacket, drawer, car. But here lies my fear. About 5 years ago I was washing his scrubs and a red chapstick was left in his pocket. When it went through the dryer it ruined everything in there. (Don't even ask about the day he left a ink pen in there) So even though i have am not as worried because there is no color, chapstick in the dryer is a mess. I am now very cautious when doing the laundry. So Jeff be careful or your stash my disappear.
What was the worst laundry experience you have had? and the dry cleaner ruining a shirt does not count!


Ryan B said...

Every experience is the worst because in Arizona we do our laundry on the weekends to save on power. The problem begins if we are gone one weekend and we have to do 2 wks worth in one weekend cause it takes all weekend. Especially the folding and hanging up of clothes. Also our washer leaves greasey marks on our clothes cause the water doesn't rinse the clothes throughly. I know some people have it worse, like Philippinoes who do their laundry with bars of soap, dirty water and rocks.

Jill said...

It is surprisingly hard for me to think of a really bad laundry experience, but the thought that comes to mind is that when someone leaves a tissue in their pocket and it kind of disintegrates yet manages to cling to everything making it really hard to get it off and basically causing me to have to rewash the whole load. (I have washed a chapstick before and that was awful too.)

michelle said...

This is a near laundry disaster: we went for a drive to look at Christmas lights and Lucas threw up all over me just as we pulled into the garage. I stripped off my clothes and took them directly to the washer and started a load. I didn't realize until the next morning when I went to put them in the dryer that my cell phone was in the bottom of the washer! Amazingly, it still works just fine. It's my little Christmas miracle. :)