Thursday, March 23, 2006

Best Wedding Gift Ever!
This is one of my favorite wedding gifts. It was the card that held a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. But the card was the true gift. It was handmade by Randy and Jill Stuart. Randy drew it and Jill wrote it. Here is what is says on the front..

The Salt Lake Tribune

Thrusday, August 4, 1994
Freshman Wins Dream Date
Sources told this ace reporter that Kristi Buchanan of Farmington, New Mexico is to marry Jeff Cutler, a fine young man from Issaquah, Washington. Rumor has it that their whilwind romance had is beginnings in a pubic speaking class at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, the town once hailed as the "Most Liveable City" in the United States. Talk of a reception has Salt Lake City buzzing with activity. Inside reports place the alleged reception at the Josesph Smith Memorial Building, Empire Room at seven o'clock pm on
Thrusday, August 4, 1994.

Talk of open houses, to be held in the couples' home towns, is also in the air. One can only hope that the rumors are true. As for this reporter, I wish them the very best of luck in their new life together.

Girl goes Gah-Gah, gorgeous guy glad
Sources, which can't be revealed, have confirmed the reports of a giddy young woman in Provo, Utah. The young lady, appropriately named the "Gah-Gah Girl," was seen about town with a huge smile, battering eyes, and a visibly palpitating heart. The girl, last seen wearing a blue denim shirt, khaki shorts, and Birkenstock sandles, was unavailble for comment.

Jeff and I do have quite a story of how we met and then how I stalked him for 5 years and then begged him to marry me. It is kind of dreamy

Thanks Jill and Randy for the treasure.

*****What is one of your favorite wedding gifts??


Jill said...

Wow, that's a flash from the past, it's so fun to see that again, thanks for posting it. You and Jeff are so cute together and I love the way you met and then ended up together.

As for wedding gifts, we seriously got the shaft since both our parents were nomads and practically friendless. I can't even remember anything particularly good. I think our friends Matt and Christine gave us a black torchiere lamp which seemed cool at the time.

collette said...

What a fun, innovative, creative and all-around best wedding gift. That Jill...Gotta love her!!

Sadly, I don't remember any great wedding gifts except for the handmade quilts/afghans that were hand-made (we received three).

Amie said...

Cool card...I will have to think about the favorite....the least favorite stands out more...a BIG (like a foot squared) cheesy plastic clam bowl. Jimmy pretended it was biting me and my dad decided it would be best if we turned off the video camera for the gift opening (we didn't need any evidence of our ungraciousness).

Tasha said...

I love the Little Mermaid Story (that was the first movie (right?)...
Favorite wedding gift? hmmm, my aunt & grandma made us a log cabin quilt. Its forest green, which was my favorite color at the time. I wish it was tan, but I still LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

One of the best wedding gifts we got, came from my uncle Zade, who was an artist in New York. He was well known for his watercolor paintings. Anyway, he took the wedding invitation I sent him, and painted a watercolor of Steve and me on the invitation. He had it framed, and sent it to us as our gift.

Not only was is sentimental, but beautiful! If I had any idea how to take a picture, and post it, I would show you. I thought it was a neat idea.

ps I had to sign this as anonymous, because I can't remember my password to sign in--too tired! Sorry, Kim;-).

michelle said...

That is so darling! I've never seen it before. You gotta love Jill & Randy -- what a force. What a treasure.

I'm trying to think about my wedding gifts - that was a long time ago! We got 6 place settings of our china, which I love, but we never added to it and now it's discontinued. Oh well, I guess there's always Replacements, Ltd.! My parents gave us a TV/VCR. We got a LOT of crystal bowls. And someone gave us a bar of Nu-Skin soap! (no joke)

Amy said...

Thanks for the laugh! I would love to hear that story someday. I'll bet we could trade some good stalker stories, but I never got close to having one of my "victims" marry me!