Monday, March 20, 2006

Love - Hate!
I have a love - hate relationship with the Doodlebops. (kids show on the Disney chanel for all of you lukcy people who get to watch the Today Show.) My kids love them, Caroline and Sally Jane love the music and move around while the show is on which makes me love them, but they are so freaky looking and drive me crazy, which makes me hate them. (i can't believe i am typing the word hate, we are not allowed to say that word in our house so typing it is making me feel guilty) They have the cutest song about Cauliflower but the most annoying song about getting on the bus. They just moved the time slot to be the show right before Annie Kate gets on the bus for schoool, which is usally the time the TV is on to distract the babies so i can finish helping Annie Kate get ready for school.
Oh i dream of the day i get to watch the news again and feel like i know what is going on in the world!


Amy said...

And now with their new costumes (I still can't decide if that's the same Dee Dee?) they freak me out even more. My little girl loves them too, but I usually try to check the channel guide before I blondly turn it ti Disney. I already caved on Dora, I'm not going to do it for the "Bops."

Jill said...

I feel your pain. Fortunately my kids don't watch that show, but we've gone through years of annoying shows that I endured.

I think anything positive that will entertain the kids is a good thing.

Also, we don't say "hate" either.

Kristi Brooke said...

amy, i am so with you on the dee dee thing. my oldest daughter is on a mission to figure that one out. we are pretty sure she is a new gal. i do love that they got rid of those freaky fake ears on everyone.

michelle said...

I've never seen it, but it could very well be in my future... I really don't like creepy kids' shows.

Tasha said...

I'm with you, they freak me out, as do the Lazy Town people, and the Wiggles give me the creeps too. Luckily Evie likes Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin, and I do too..

Midnight Show x0 said...

I see people are wondering if they got a new deedee. The answer is NO, Lisa Lennox still plays Deedee Doodle. They DID replace Mazz with Jazzmin, but thats it. They gave the doodles a make-over, thats all :)

-- steph*

Midnight Show x0 said...

Hi Kristi!

It's great to meet you. I hope im posting this in the right thing. I'm new to this whole thing so I'm still trying to get everything set up and all. Bare with me haha.

Anyway, yeah I think the Doodlebops are great! I actually discovered the show by babysitting. You know, channel surfing trying to find something good for the kids to watch? haha. I have to first reaction was "whattttttt?" but then i just couldnt stop watching!! I started to wonder what they looked like out of make-up and what these performers did before the Doodlebops so back in April 05, I got online and started doing research. I realized that there wasn't a decent doodlebop fansite and knew it would be such a pain for everyone to have to do what I did...sit there and google for days :S so I decided to put together a fansite for them and wa-la, it became a hit! I get exclusive information from the doodles so I try my best to update all the fans with whats going on...

I've been to Canada two times already. My first was back in July and that was actually for the concert tapings for Season was a blast! If you look closely you can spot me in the audience for some of the concert scenes for this season. So far, out of the ones that have aired in the US, the best one to spot me in is the "mighty moe machine" except I had curly hair at the time.

I went back up in November to a few shows for their mall promotional tour...i made thousands of stickers to pass out to all the children. They loved them and I loved seeing the smiles on their faces :)

The Doodlebops will begin touring the U.S. Mainland this fall… starting in late September or early October. This concert tour will include some comedy but mostly singing. The songs will be the most popular songs from both Season One and Season Two of the Doodlebops. Each concert will be approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes long including a 15-minute intermission.

At this time, while I don't have information on exact cities to be visited, I can say that the plan is to go to every state on the mainland and play in each major city. This tour will last 35 weeks, and will probably begin on the West Coast.

When I get information on dates, cities, venues, etc...I will post it on my fansite: so just keep an eye open on there.


-- Steph*