Saturday, April 22, 2006

Garage Sales!

there are very few things I love more in this world than a good garage sale or even a bad one for that matter. I love garage sales! With Jeff being home today I was able to go without the kids. luxury for me!
What I got this weekend.
The above camel game. it is so cool! not a piece missing it is from 1964 $1.00
An origianl Sorry game $1.00
A wooden Jenny Lind high chair. Mint condition $15.00
Fake sleeping cat for the kids. $2.00
purse for caroline and annie kate $1.00
Awesome orange hat and scarf from the gap $.50
Incredible table that opens up it is realy old $30 (more than i wanted to spend but it is so awesome and old but great condition)
a lime green sofa for our basement. it is so fun! i can't believe jeff went for it. $30
bag full of old jewlery for the girls ... free.
More than more normal $10. limit for one day but some fun stuff. I have not taken photos of everyting yet but here are some of the fun items.


Jill said...

How did you get the couch home? I trolled past a couple garage sales on Saturday, but didn't end up stopping. I'm looking for a slim, rectangular sideboard-type table and didn't see anything like that as I drove by. I would definitely like to form some good garage-sale skills for the summer. You have a gift for that.

michelle said...

this stuff is so cool! How great for you to get to go without kids and to find all these scores. love the couch.

Amy said...

So cool. I checked out your gallery. You're really making me want to go to some garage sales this spring.

cyndyfairbanks said...

I can hardly wait until Garage sale time!! The season hasn't quite started up here yet.... It wasn't until we moved to Indiana that I realized the fun of it!!! I have a munchkin with a May B-day and it is the perfect time, the last two years I have found the best stuff(Bikes,electric car, wagon etc)!!!!