Friday, April 07, 2006

go jeff go!
Today Jeff is in Chicago taking his medical boards. All of us girls at home are so proud of him and rooting for him.

Annie Kate wore her locket today that has a photo of Jeff when he was about 5 in it. She let him take her 10 leaf clover with him for good luck (which is funny because she was worried she wouldn't do well on her spelling test because she didn't have it with her)
We will be thinking about him all day.
I had the girls and some of his family write letters to him that i put in a bunch of different envelopes and sneaked inside his suitcase. He opened them last night when he got there and was very greatful. He said David's was one of his favorite. So thank you for those of you who did that!
Keep your fingers crossed! And when you blow your nose today think of Jeff today taking a 2 day test on boogers and their production process.


Jill said...

Go Jeff go! I've been thinking about him all week and added you guys to my prayers. I know it will go well and I'm so excited for you guys to be done with the whole medical school process. It's a huge accomplishment for both of you to have survived and thrived.

SEC said...

We are thinking about him too and know that this has been a long road of sacrifice and work for both of you. Our prayers are with you all as well as our love.

mom said...

What a great picture of the good doctor. We have been praying for him as well as you and the girls. That is so sweet of Annie Kate to share her good luck charm. It will be good for her too to see that she can pass her spelling test without her 4 leaf clover. I love how you and Jeff support each other. Love you all.