Thursday, April 06, 2006


This weekend i planted my planter boxes as a gift for the people buying our home. I had to take a photo because if they produce like last year when we move they will look so much different. I am really excited about them and am going to miss not having them when we move.

Here is my favorite planter box receipe.

Purple Trailing Verbena, white bocuba, red new guinea impatience, lime green sweet potato vine and any kind of tall spikey grass. this year i did try something new with this red and green leafy plant that i didn't write down the name.

i will take a photo when we move and repost to see the changes. Sorry to all my Utah friends who might read this, it might make your snowy day more snowy.


Amie said...

You are too much, how thoughtful to leave a gift to the new owners. It looks really pretty!

Jill said...

The window boxes are quaint and beautiful, how kind of you to do that even though you're leaving. I find it amazing how satisfying planting flowers is for me. I look forward to it all winter.

Anonymous said...

Those look awesome- I hope the new owners appreciate them as much as they deserve to be appreciated. I like your recipe too, I love verbena and sweet potato vines.

jenn said...

I am stunned at how beautiful those are and I would totally buy your house if those were attatched! what a treat for the people moving in and for us- thanks for sharing!