Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Birthday!
Today is my moms birthday. She was born in Price Utah and lived in the same house her whole life... which I think is so awesome and amazing. (my daughter who is 7, this summer will be moving into her 4th home and 3rd state) She has two older sisters and one younger brother. She makes the best eggrolls, homemade rolls and baklava of anyone i know. She loves to read, likes the color purple, and hopes someday to go to New York City. She had 6 kids... yes 6 kids! And all of seem to be functioning well in society! She always had the best decorated Christmas tree of anyone I know. Every holiday in our house was special and done perfectly down to every detail. (that is where I get my love for the holidays) Our birthday's were the most special day, i always felt like the world stopped for me on my birthday.
So, Mom i hope today you feel like the world stops today for you! Happy Birthday, cha cha cha!
we love you mimi... Ak, CB & SJ


SEC said...

And a Happy Birthday from us as well.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Ruth!

Heather (Schroeder) Cook said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Buchanan! You were always so fun to have as a neighbor mom growing up. I remember how you got all (or most) of the kids in that little rabbit car and I never knew how you could do it. I was also always envious of your Easter egg hunt where each child had their own color to find- your creativity has been passed down for sure in your wonderful daughter- I hope you are doing well!

michelle said...

Happy birthday Ruth! Hope you have a great day and feel as special as you made your children feel on their birthdays.

mom said...

I know this is late so no one will see it, but I was overwelmed to see my picture on Kristi's blog tonite when I got home from Salt Lake. I haven't been near a computer since last Wenesday. Thank you Sharon, Jill Heather and Michelle for your birthday wishes. And thank you Kristi Brooke for the compliments and the tears in my eyes. I love you!