Saturday, April 08, 2006

oLd mAid
One of my favorite card games as a kid was old maid.
We have a bunch of card games for the kids from a company called Eeboo. their cards have such unique graphics. We love them.
You might be familiar with their Alphabet Cards that Pottery Barn kids have used in some of their magazines.
The above photo is my favorite character from our old maid set. tonight as i was cleaning them up today, I noticed that the old maid card has teeth marks in it. Thus, the card game is now ruined, because you will always know which one is the old maid. What made me laugh was that I can remember as a kid always trying to secretly mark the Old Maid.
So, my advice to anyone who makes Old Maid card games, it should come with a few extra Old Maids.
a few other favorite products from this company. job charts, maps, lacing cards.
What are some games you play with your kids?


michelle said...

That looks like the cutest Old Maid game I have ever seen! We like to play Blokus, Taboo, Monopoly, Carcassonne, Checkers, Slamwich, Uno, Catan. Max always wants me to play chess, but it makes me feel too dumb!

DeDe said...

i love old maid... i love candy land too... i just read your twister tornado story ... you are crazy.. i would have been under my BED.... glad your okay

Jill said...

We play Uno Attack, I SPY card game candyland, chutes and ladder, slap jack, and battleship. I love games and really should play them with the kids more often.

heather cook said...

We love eboo too. Have the cards up in the playroom that used to be around the nursery when they were babies. We love their eboo store bingo game-really cute, kids like to play hungry hippos, twister, dinosaur matching games (lots of card games) also have a great go fish for art game from Metropolian Museum of art in NYC where you learn about all the artists and collect their artwork (Monet, Van Gogh etc)

Amy said...

Kaitlin is too young to play games. We've tried Memory, and she sort of gets it, but not really. It's an attention span thing. Mostly we do puzzles. The Eboo store is going in my bookmarks, though. What cute stuff. How do you know all of the cool websites?