Monday, April 10, 2006

Last week was a big test week for our family.
Jeff returned home from Chicago, exhausted, tired, brain fried, happy it was over, excited to see the girls, worried (results don't come for 2 months). He feels good about what he did and a weight lifted off his shoulders for sure. I of course have all the confidence in the world he will pass and do great. But i have learned something about Jeff from all this. He has never not done well in his medical training, in fact he has done very well, but he never thought for a minute that because he aced one test he would do the same on the next. He never assumed because he takes tests well that he was just going to do fine. He always studied, even if it was a subject that came easy to him. He studied smart (huge thanks to Jeremy J.) he spent time learning what he needed to study and then did it. He still just amazes me.
Annie Kate had her spelling test on Friday. it was pretty easy but the bonus words were really hard. Two weeks ago she got a perfect score and now that is all she wants to shoot for. (oh please turn out like Jeff and not me!) The students get 4 bonus words that are harder than the regular words. We spent a whole hour the night before the tests going through these. These are what they were.
Are you kidding me?? this is parent torture trying to go over these with your kids. Anyway she got 100% and was thrilled.
So I am happy to report that both Cutler Students did well on their tests!
Way to go!!


Jill said...

Good news all around eh? I'm so glad Jeff's tests are over and that your life can calm down a little bit.

Kristi Brooke said...

oh i wish that is what it meant. he will sleep at home two nights this week, we are just hanging on until July! by a thread

Jennifer said...

Happy day! Studying for spelling tests has become a regular routine for us. Here's a favorite tip I've learned: write the spelling words on an index card each week and punch holes in the corner. Connect the cards with a hinged ring and keep them in the car. We call it "stoplight studying". We practice the current week's words at intersections and keep the old ones on to show McCall how many he has learned over time. He is so proud and it really works!

Rachel said...

Is that Annie Kate's handwriting? It is so good for her age. Is she in second grade already? I just can't get over how great that looks! My handwriting was so horrible when I was little. Great job to the two students!

Amie said...

How cute to post her test. We love spelling tests. We all have that personality that likes the one right answer and just memorizing. Good luck to Jeff too!

michelle said...

That does sound like parent torture. My kids remember spelling easily like me, so I'm lucky in that regard. I'm glad Jeff is back and feels he did well. Sorry for you to have to wait that long for results. It is the same way with Marc's tenure, and though we feel good about it, it is hard to wait! I was wondering where you were and if you were doing alright. It's so hard when that stress takes its toll on the whole family...