Friday, April 21, 2006

Senior Quilt update!
I just had to post a photo of two of the quilts that we made the other night for the seniors in our ward. I forget how much i love to sit around with other women and make things. I always feel a sense of heritage pride when i sit around a quilt frame. My grandmother had a quilting bee with her buddies and made some incredible quilts.
I feel lucky to have been asked to help out with this project. Only 6 more quilts to go!


Jill said...

I know what you mean about that feeling of heritage and sisterhood. We tied a baby quilt at a shower my friend Dana gave me when I was pregnant with Landon. It was such a cool thing to do for a shower. We ate lunch and then tied the quilt that her mother had painstakingly prepared. We all sat around talking and all these women who were there as a gift to me worked on this quilt that Landon still sleeps with every night (ouch, this just hurt my heart thinking about it). A lot of love and friendship go into those quilts, it's great that you're a part of that.

michelle said...

I decided to learn to quilt because I wanted to be a part of that heritage. I don't have any heirlooms, so I decided to create some. I also thought maybe it was a dying art that I wanted to help preserve. Boy was I surprised when I found out what a huge community of quilters is out there! (especially in Seattle) There is a lot of love that goes into a quilt. How fun for you and those girls!