Tuesday, May 23, 2006

End of the year shirt.
I just finished Annie Kate's end of the year t-shirt! This will be her 3 year doing this. Here is photo from last year. It has been a fun tradition. I send her to school on the last day wearing a t-shirt, a fabric marker on a string for everyone to sign the shirt and a disposable camera to take photos.
You can see close up photos here.
I used a $3.33 t-shirt from wal-mart. I buy the iron on transfers (i use these all the time for things, Annie Kate's special pj shirt that she slept in before her first day of kindergarten. more ideas to come) from Avery. Walmart has the best price. If anyone has any other great resource for these let me know.
I used my grapics program and printed out photos from the year with kids in her class.
Some of the things i typed up are:
I love Huntersbend.
Mr. Tom is the best bus driver
I will miss you Ms. Coppins (the principal)
First grader today, Second grader tomorrow
Best first grade teacher sign here! ______________
Class of 2006
you get the idea....

This is such an easy project and fast! Let me know if you have any questions or need some help.
I then just sewed a gingam ribbon on the bottom.
I have a few more end of school ideas, and again am sorry you are getting these late, with not enough time to do them, but you will be prepared for next year.


TX Girl said...

Seriously- you are freaking me out. Do you actually sleep? Did your mom teach you to do these things? You totally need to write a book with all these amazing ideas and sell it to those of us that are completely toast when our kids get to school. You really are the COOLEST MOM!

Jill said...

Hey Lara, I was about to say the exact same thing. Kristi, you are so out of control it hurts. Here I am leaving my one preschool teacher gift (that's all I have to do) to the last minute and feeling at a loss for that (I made her personalized cards for Christmas), and you're out there making a gazillion gumball jars and painfully cute t-shirts. You're a machine.

Tasha said...

That is the best idea! You could honestly market those! In fact, you should!

Amy said...

The whole ting is cute and really cool, but I expecially love the ribbon at the bottom! You do the best little embellishments! That's the difference, I guess, between thinking of ribbon as an embellishment for paper projects and thinging of it as an embellishment for sewing projects! OK, now I want to sew ribbon onto the bottoms of Kaitlin's cheepie Old Navy t-shirts. Are you prepared for the barrage of questions you're going to get at the blog party?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow woman! How do you do it??? Do you have some magic energy drink we all need to try? You are the best mom ever! Thanks for always letting us see into your awesome mom world and giving us ideas!

Kristi Brooke said...

i have to say what i see your girls do with paper amazes me like what you must think of me with fabric. as many times as jill has explained the book making, i still seemed overwhelmed by the whole idea.

Jenny said...

What a great idea. Taylor always wants to have her friends sign her school shirt (which she wears for spirit day every Friday) I always tell her "no" because I am not in the market to buying a new one every year. You are outta control girl!

Liz said...

Great idea! You are amazing with all this creativity coming forth! Wish I had time to do this for Lindsey, but since I am going out of town all day tomorrow and her last day is Friday, it won't happen. I guess there is always next year. Her teacher is putting together the cutest book for her though, individual pics of her and all her classmates and pics of all her favorite teachers and aides! How sweet is that!

Angie said...

I can't believe it! You wear me out just reading about all you do. If I get my kids fed three meals a day, bathed, clothed, chauffered everywhere they need to be then I'm doing good. Where do you find the time and, more so, the energy?