Friday, July 28, 2006

Floam part 2
so I have now found that I am not the only one with a floam problem! Take a minute to watch the two homemade video's on the subject. If you have not seen the comericial watch that first so that video 2 will make more sense.
I took tasha's advice and wrote the company, we will see if I get a response back. It may be that they may be getting a load of emails like mine.
Floam video 1
Floam video 2

also, if your child has been begging for Heely's too and you want to save the money here is how you can make your own pair. What were we thinking purchasing them at the store.


Liz said...

Those homemade heelies were hysterical! Thanks for sharing!

amy w. said...

Thanks for the heads up on floam. I have often been tempted by the pleads of my children (thanks to nonstop commercials) I will stay clear!

Amie said...

The heely video was pretty funny.

We got them for our kids at the swap meet for $15. They aren't "the brand" but they work great and the kids love them.

LG said...

Yuck! That floam stuff is nasty!!!